Serial 2283



To: SAC, San Francisco (89-250)
From: Director, FBI (89-4286)

Re San Francisco airtel dated 8/16/79.

Bureau authority granted for San Francisco to pay [name and address deleted], Redwood Valley, California, in the amount of $506.30 for damage caused to his range feeding land.

Insure appropriate receipts are obtained from [name deleted] that this amount satisfies his claim and that no subsequent claims will be made.

Note: On 8/20/79, RYMUR case Agent Don Hale, San Francisco, telephonically advised at least six People’s Temple (PT) members furnished information regarding this shaft on the property of [name deleted]. One of those PT members showed San Francisco Agents exact location of the shaft, and stated PT leader, Jim Jones, had shown it to him. Jones stated to the PT member that he used it to hide weapons, money, and records associated with PT activities.

SA Hale stated the hiding place was more a straight shaft down rather than a cave that one can walk into. In order to search the bottom of the shaft, it was necessary to bring heavy equipment across [name deleted] land in order to construct temporary platforms, probably, and winch machinery by which a search party could be safely lowered to the bottom. SA Hale stated nothing was found at the bottom of the shaft.