Serial 2284

United States Government

Date: 12/27/79

To: Mr. Moore
From: D.W. Gow
Subject: RYMUR

PURPOSE: The purpose of this memorandum is to request that Engineering Section, Technical Services Division, duplicate approximately 672 audio tapes from Jonestown, Guyana.

DETAILS: It is anticipated that four cases of audio tape recordings will be arriving at FBIHQ from Georgetown, Guyana, during the week of December 26, 1978. In order to more efficiently review these tapes, they should be duplicated as soon as possible and sent to San Francisco Division. The originals could then be preserved at San Francisco and the San Francisco Agents could work only with the duplicates. It would also be advisable that one copy of each original be maintained at FBIHQ in the event that any of the original and their duplicates were lost or destroyed en route to San Francisco.

RECOMMENDATION: That Engineering Section, Technical Services Division, immediately make one copy of each tape recording received from Guyana, and that a master copy of all tapes be maintained by Engineering Section, Technical Services Division.