Serial 2286


March 6, 1979

To: SAC, San Francisco (89-250)
From: Director, FBI

Examination requested by: Criminal Investigative Division
Reference: Memorandum D.W. Gow, Jr., to Mr. Moore, dated 4/27/79, captioned RYMUR
Examination requested: Duplication
FBI file no: 89-4286
Lab. No.: 90102044 E SH

Remarks: On 12/29/78, a shipment of four (4) cases of evidence was received from Legat, Caracas. This shipment included 44 video tapes, 26 movie films, and 725 audio magnetic tapes.

Examination and disposition of video tapes and movie films will be reported separately.

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For reasons of brevity, this report will deal only with audio magnetic tapes Q127 through Q143 and Q563 through Q815. Additional audiotapes will be described in subsequent reports.

For information of San Francisco, many of the cassette tapes had extensive writing on them and/or had 3 x 5 cards attached describing what the tape was supposed to contain. However, nearly all of the cassette tapes Q568 through Q815 were copied on high-speed duplicating equipment which precludes any monitoring during the duplicating process. Therefore, it is not known whether the cards or other writing accurately describe what the tapes contain. It is possible that many of the copied tapes are blank on one or both sides.

[Pages 3-10 list Jonestown tapes taken from the series of 127-815 in numerical order. None had any notes which may have been made by Temple members affixed to them. Page 10 also a description of which tapes were duplicated and how many were made of each.]

[Pages 12 through 43 are handwritten notes upon which report was based. Page 11 is a cover sheet for the handwritten notes.]