Serial 2328

[Editor’s note: The original of this serial appears at Serial 2317. This version is complete, without the deletions made in the original.]

P 240950Z OCT 79
FM BOGOTA (89-4)
TO DIRECTOR PRIORITY (89-4286) 079-24

Re Butel 1013/79

The following was received by immediate teletype from Amembassy, at Georgetown, Guyana:

The following is text of oral confession of Larry Layton as received from Director of Public Prosecutions.

Begin text: Mortimer Kansin Ally sworn states: I live at Port Kaituma and am employed as a supernumerary Constable at Port Kaituma. On 18 November, 1978, I was at the Port Kaituma outpost. There I saw the accused (identified). The accused was taken into the outpost by one Clement Liladrie (identified) and one Joel Clementson. Liladrie told us that the accused was involved in the Port Kaituma shooting. He did not say anything more. I asked the accused if it was true. Then the accused said, “Yes, I was one of the persons involved in the shooting”. I said “What” he said “Yes, I shot the motherfuckers”. I turned and faced him and asked “What?” He again replied, “Yes, I shot the fuckers.” He did not say anything else. Then I searched him. He had on


yachting shoes, socks. I asked him to take them off. He took them off. I then placed them in the lockups. When I searched him I did not find anything on him. (Sgd.) M. Kansin Ally.

Taken by me in the presence of the accused and read over to the above named witness who declared the same to be correct and signed it at the court at Georgetown, this 29th day of December, 1978, the accused, the witness and I being all present together at the time of the reading and signing hereof and the accused having had a full opportunity to cross-examining the witness. K. [Krishna Veni] Chinta Magistrate Georgetown Magisterial District. End text.

FBIHQ requested furnish above to San Francisco.


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