Serial 2362

FBI Airtel

Date 11/13/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
FROM: SAC, SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQ. 2)

Re San Francisco teletype concerning National Coalition for Children’s Justice, White House demonstration.

Enclosed for the Bureau are six copies of an LHM regarding proposed demonstration.

Confidential Source utilized in attached LHM is identified in San Francisco file.

A copy of the LHM is furnished to Secret Service locally.

[Pages 2 through 5 is release of NCCJ]

NOVEMBER 13, 1979

White House Demonstration Candlelight Service
Washington, DC
November 18, 1979

A confidential source advised that the National Coalition for Children’s Justice, 1214 Evergreen Road, Yardley, Pennsylvania, is organizing a Candlelight Service in memory of the 276 deceased Peoples Temple children from Jonestown, Guyana, South America. Kenneth Wooden of NCCJ is soliciting Peoples Temple survivors from Jonestown and concerned relatives in the San Francisco Bay Area to attend and participate in the Candlelight Service. NCCJ also attempting to obtain national figures and Hollywood personalities to participate and speak.

Source advised that NCCJ originally planned to picket FBI building in Washington; however, plans were apparently discarded and will limit themselves to White House Candlelight Memorial Service.

Attached is copy of letters being circulated.

[Page 3]

Committee of remembrance
for the children of Jonestown and their loved ones

You, dear friend, as a shepherd of our young, are invited to light a candle and carry it in memory of 276 children of Jonestown whose precious lives were extinguished on November 18, 1978 in Guyana and all night, candlelight vigil will encircle the White House to protest the year long national silence on their murders and the barbaric bulldozed common burial of 210 unidentified flowers from the landscape of America. As our light gives way to the dawn, a Sunrise Memorial Service will echo from the Washington Mall in an Act of Remembrance and determination that it shall not happen again.

November 18, 1979
Washington, DC
The White House
Midnight to Sunrise

[Pages 4 and 5]

A Committee of Remembrance

Purpose: To stir the conscience of our nation for a humane remembrance of the children of Jonestown and their loved ones and to establish a fitting memorial in the form of basic reforms, so that their deaths need not be in vain.

Alex Haley – Chairman
Stevie Wonder
Julian Bond
Vernon Jorden [Jordan]
James Cob [Cobb]
Barbara Bode
Kaye Jarret
Kenneth Wooden
John Lewis

*Honorary Committee:
Pearl Bailey
Ed Asner
Carol Burnett
Joe Papp
Robert Redford
Woody Allen
Otto Preminger
Reggie Jackson


  1. Objectives
    1. Memorial Service
      1. Suggested participants:
        1. Speakers
          1. Martin Luther King Sr.
          2. James Cobb
          3. Alex Haley
          4. Reggie Jackson
          5. Kenneth Wooden
          6. Pearl Bailey
          7. Children with poetry and songs
        2. Singers
          1. Stevie Wonder
          2. The Carpenters (Bless the Beasts & the Children)
          3. Neil Diamond
          4. Leonard Bernstein
          5. Carol Channing “Hello Dolly” (The Jonestown children loved the movies)
          6. Roberta Flack
          7. Joan Baez
          8. Michael Murphy
          9. Hank Snow
        3. Possible Fruits of Memorial Service – goals toward which to work
          1. Meeting with the President, key White House and Congressional leaders for the Concern Relatives, who lost loved ones in Guyana.
          2. Convince the 1980 White House Conference on Families to include the problem of “Cults” on their agenda and to listen to the Concerned Relatives and other families whose children are entrapped.
          3. Establish through the National Council of the Arts and Humanities an art scholarship in memory of the children of Jonestown.
          4. Obtain active support of the HR and Senate Bill, to insure the rights of individuals locked in institutions
          5. Work for active support of the 1979 Foster Care Reform Act, as sponsored by Representative George Miller of California
          6. Press for Congressional Action to Protect the American Family from emotional and financial blackmail as now practiced by dishonest cults and organizations currently recruiting the youth of America for their own selfish gains.
          7. Mandatory public financial accountability of all religious organizations and churches.
          8. Demand a national inquiry, a Warren-type national investigation of the origins as well as governmental cover-up of the Jonestown tragedy
          9. Obtain Congressional help to prode [prod] the FBI to make positive identification of the remaining dead children of Guyana
          10. Raise funds to place a monument on the mass grave of the children of Jonestown so that their passing will never be forgotten.

[Pages 6 through 9 duplicates pages 2 through 5]

[Page 10 is an FBI FOIPA Deleted Page Information Sheet]

Originally posted on November 10th, 2020.

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