Serial 2364

County of Ventura
Sheriff’s Department
Al Jalaty, Sheriff

31 October 1979

Ref: Case File 79-05792

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Identification [Investigation]
Washington, DC 20535

Attention: Mr. [name deleted]
Latent Prints:

Dear Sir:

This agency is investigating the disappearance of [name deleted] from this county, in May 1978. Persons who knew her told us of her interest in religious cults and believed her to be traveling to the Northern California area.

Because of her religious preference, and the fact that she has not been heard from or of, since that time, it is requested that her fingerprints be compared with those on file from the 1978 Jonestown incident.

Missing person data:

[Name deleted]
AKA last names [deleted]
Caucasian, 5-6, 115, brn, hazel, dob [deleted]
Soc Sec [deleted], Cal D/L [deleted]
Cal DOJ [deleted]
Possible capped tooth in front – not confirmed
Possible large scar right leg – not confirmed
Fingerprint card

Very truly yours,
[name deleted]
Investigation Division