Serial 2374

FBI Airtel

Date 1/7/80

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
FROM: SAC, SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQ. 10)

Re San Francisco Airtel to Director, 6/29/79.

Enclosed to Bureau for transmittal to US Embassy Georgetown via Legat Bogota is one package of Social Security Documents from People’s Temple, Jonestown, Guyana.

As set forth in reference Airtel, enclosed documents have been in possession of HEW (Social Security Administration) San Francisco. Documents were copied and returned to FBI, San Francisco on December 28, 1979. Documents originally furnished to HEW for their information after determination was made that they were not of evidentiary value to FBI. No copies of these documents are being retained by FBI.

For information Legat Bogota, with return of these documents, all evidence (documents, audiotapes and videotapes) recovered in Jonestown by Embassy officials will have been returned either in copy form or originals.

Bureau is requested to forward enclosure to Legat Bogota delivery to US Embassy to be returned to Government of Guyana.

Originally posted on November 10th, 2020.

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