Serial 2402

P 272149Z FEB 80
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQD 10)

For information of the Bureau, [name deleted] confidentially advised that at approximately 9:30 PM on February 26, 1980, Al Joseph Mills, a.k.a. Elmer Joseph Mertle, born July 28, 1928, and Jeannie Mills, a.k.a. Deanna Mertle, born July 2, 1939, were fatally shot and their daughter Daphenie [Daphene] Mills, age 16, critically wounded in their residence, 2731 Woolsey, Berkeley, California. Present in residence at time of homicide was a stepson Eddie Mills, age 17. Eddie Mills was unharmed and disclaims any knowledge of homicide. [Name deleted] conducting homicide investigation and no indication that murders were a result of People’s Temple hit squad. [Name deleted] furnished above on confidential basis.


Al and Jeannie Mills are known to the San Francisco Office as having defected from the People’s Temple in 1975. Al and Jeannie Mills true name is Mertle, which they changed at the time of their defection because of fears of retaliation from the People’s Temple. Both Al and Jeannie were high ranked members in the People’s Temple at the time of defection, and Jeannie Mills is author of book released in 1979, under the title “Six Years with God.” Book is expose of Al and Jeannie’s association with the People’s Temple from 1969, to 1975.

Federal Bureau of Investigation has offered cooperation and [name deleted] advised that they will keep Bureau advised of significant developments.

Armed and dangerous. Suicidal tendencies.