Serial 2447

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date: 5/19/80

To: Mr. Mullen
From: W.D. Gow

Subject: RYMUR
00: San Francisco

PURPOSE: This is to advise you of the return of SA Don Hale (San Francisco), from Georgetown, Guyana, on 5/14/80, and the results of his debriefing by the Personal Crimes Unit (PCU).

RECOMMENDATION: None. For information.

DETAILS: On 5/2/80, SA Don Hale departed the United States for Guyana, re caption. His multifaceted purpose was:

1. To escort Vernon D. Gosney, by Department of Justice (DOJ) agreement with Gosney, in return for his participation as a witness in the scheduled trial of Larry Layton;

2. To accompany Assistant US Attorney (AUSA) D. Michael Nerney, as requested by G. William Hunter, US Attorney (USA), San Francisco, in order to observe trial proceedings and conduct police liaison;

3. DOJ was further desirous of SA Hale and AUSA Nerney’s appearance to reiterate continuing interest in the Guyana prosecution, as well as DOJ commitment of total cooperation.

SA Hale advised that the initial trial proceedings began on 5/5/80. From 5/5-14/80, the trial progressed with numerous delays, and currently has been adjourned until Monday, 5/19/80, in hopes that the final prosecution witness from the Guyanese Interior makes an appearance.

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Memo Gow to Mr. Mullen

During his stay in Guyana, SA Hale continually monitored the trial proceedings and met with the following individuals on numerous occasions:

1. Director of Public Prosecution [Emanuel] Ramoa;
2. Assistant Deputy Director Jamon;
3. Commissioner of Crimes Jagmohan [Jag Mohan];
4. US Ambassador Roberts and Staff, as well as numerous other individuals;
5. Assistant Commissioner of Police Roberts.

The Government in Guyana is anticipating the conviction of Layton based upon the charge of attempted murder and speculates a probable sentence of ten years confinement.

On 5/14/80, SA Hale and AUSA Nerney, concluding their presence in Guyana was no longer necessary, departed.