Serial 2454

O 051740Z JUN 80
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQ. 10)

For information of Bureau and Legat Bogotá conference was held between the United States Attorney, San Francisco, Assistant Attorney General’s office, Criminal Division, Department of Justice and officials of the US State Department on May 29, 1980 at Washington DC. Consensus of meeting was to discreetly encourage the Government of Guyana to prosecute Latent [Larry Layton] on outstanding murder charge and that if the Government of Guyana decided not to prosecute, request that they give Department of Justice and United States Attorney’s office San Francisco sufficient time to access prosecutive status in this country and time to consider extradition if determined desirable.


United States Attorney San Francisco through telephonic contact with DCM [Deputy Chief of Mission]. American Embassy, Georgetown Guyana requested Embassy to obtain the following: (1) Copies of both preliminary hearing transcripts, (2) Judge’s notes re Latent’s unsworn testimony during trial and arguments concerning admissibility of confession, (3) Any records of medical treatment received by Latent during confinement, (4) Copy of all consular visit reports.

Above being furnished for information Legat, no specific leads being set forth for Legat at this time in view of the fact that AUSA contacted Embassy direct.

Bureau is requested to relay to Legat Bogotá.

Armed and dangerous.


Originally posted on November 12th, 2020.

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