Serial 2474

July 7, 1980

Honorable Edward P. Boland
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
US House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Mr. Chairman:

I have received your letter of June 20th expressing the Committee’s interest in hearing the November 18, 1978, voice-enhanced tape made by Jonestown residents depicting the final hour of their existence and in securing a transcript of that tape.

Arrangements are currently underway to make these available to your Committee as desired.

We request that the transcript not be made public inasmuch as the tape in question is considered to be evidentiary in nature and pertinent to our ongoing investigation into the facts surrounding the death of Congressman Leo J. Ryan.

Sincerely yours,
William H. Webster

[Editor’s note: A list of 12 recipients, extending onto page 2, follows Webster’s signature line.]

Note: Director [Frederick] Hess, Office of Legal Support Services; Deputy Chief [Roger B.] Cubbage, General Litigation and Legal Advice Section; and US Attorney [William] Hunter, Northern District of California, concur with Bureau’s response to Chairman Boland. Committee Staff Member [name deleted] has been kept advised of Bureau’s interest in accommodating the Committee’s request.