Serial 2475

July 7, 1980

Honorable Alan A. Parker
Assistant Attorney General
Office of Legislative Affairs
Director, FBI
[typed insertion: “By Lee Colwell, Acting Director”]

Assassination of Congressman Leo J. Ryan

I am enclosing for your information a copy of a June 20th letter which I received from the Honorable Edward P. Boland, Chairman, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, expressing the Committee’s interest in hearing the November 18, 1978, voice-enhanced Jonestown “last hour” tape, and in securing a transcript of that tape.

We have conferred with Director Frederick Hess, Office of Legal Support Services; Deputy Chief Roger B. Cubbage, General Litigation and Legal Advice Section; and US Attorney William Hunter, Northern District of California, who have expressed no objection to honoring the Committee’s request.

Accordingly, I am enclosing, for your review and dissemination, our response to Chairman Boland’s letter.