Serial 2477

P 011920Z AUG 80
FM OTTAWA (89-17) (RUC)
TO DIRECTOR (89-4286) PRIORITY 195-01

Please pass to San Francisco (89-250):

ReButel, August 1, 1980; Ottairtel, August 1, 1980.

Sales brochure, with interior design and technical data for deHavilland Twin Otter Series 300 airplane being mailed direct to San Francisco this date.

Ottawa deHavilland representative advises Twin Otter made in 200 and 300 Series. His opinion that Twin Otter in Guyana probably in Series 200. No material available at Ottawa on Series 200. DeHaviland main office and plant at Toronto on annual summer shut down with only skeleton staff in each department until August 11, 1980. Series of plane can be determined from registration number and it is suggested that deHavilland, Washington, DC, representative, Joe Gudy (Good-y), 4858 Chevy Chase Boulevard, telephone number (301) 656-5250, could be most helpful if more information desired.