Serial 2487

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date: 9/5/80

To: The Director
From: R.S. Young


PURPOSE: The purpose of this memorandum is to advise you of a request made by the HPSCI in connection with the captioned investigation.

DETAILS: Reference is made to the letter of Chairman Edward P. Boland, HPSCI, dated 8/26/80, (copy attached) in which the Chairman advises that from time to time Ms. [name deleted] of his Staff will be making certain requests of the FBI in connection with the captioned investigation. On 9/4/80, Ms. [name deleted] telephonically contacted SA [name deleted], of the Congressional Affairs Unit and requested that the FBI furnish her with the addresses of Charles Touchette and Steven [Stephan] Jones, the eldest son of James Jones (deceased). Ms. [name deleted] further advised that she had attempted unsuccessfully to obtain Touchette’s address through his attorney.

RECOMMENDATION: it is recommended that the Criminal Investigative Division review FBI records related to the captioned matter; advise of any objections to release of the requested information; and provide same to Congressional Affairs Unit for transmittal to the HPSCI.

[Page 2 – Letter written on letterhead of HPSCI]

August 26, 1980

Honorable William H. Webster
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
Washington, DC 20535

Dear Mr. Webster:

On June 20 and August 1, 1980, I notified you that the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is investigating allegations that the Central Intelligence Agency was involved in some way with Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple and the tragic events in Jonestown, Guyana, on November 18, 1978.

Again, I wish to inform you that this inquiry is continuing.

From time to time, it will be necessary for the Committee staff to request from the Federal Bureau of Investigation information which is essential to our inquiry.

I am authorized Miss [name deleted] of the Committee staff to advise the Congressional Affairs Unit of the FBI which materials will be necessary in order for us to complete our inquiry. I trust the information will be provided whenever it is requested.

With every good wish, I am

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Edward P. Boland