Serial 2568

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is Lester Kinsolving, who wrote articles criticizing Jim Jones and Peoples Temple for the San Francisco Examiner. Other subjects known to the editor include members of the Hunter family – newspaper publisher George, his wife Kathy, and their son Michael – and Steven Katsaris. The final name in this serial who is deleted is FBI Special Agent Donald Hale, whose name appears more than 25 times in RYMUR serials. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

United States Government
Date: 11/19/80
TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89A-4286)

SA [Donald Hale] reviewed all records maintained by the San Francisco Field Division for any information identifiable with Reverend Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. The following is a synopsis of information obtained:

SF FILE 7-855
BUFILE 7-15200

Serial Number SF 7-855-2136 is a Bureau airtel to San Francisco, dated 2/20/74, furnishing San Francisco Division one xerox photograph of Jim Jones and one rough draft article entitled, “The Ukiah Messiah.” Airtel sets forth information furnished by [Lester Kinsolving] who suggests that Reverend Jim Jones, pastor of the People’s Temple Church, should be considered a suspect in captioned kidnapping case.

San Francisco serial 7-855-2135 is enclosure to above airtel and is a rough draft of an article that [Kinsolving] plans to publish concerning Jim Jones.

Serial SF 7-855-1A-128 is an enclosure to the above airtel and is a xerox photograph of Jim Jones.

Serial SF 7-855-2298 is a memorandum dated 2/25/74, setting forth information from anonymous phone caller who suggests that the person responsible for the kidnapping of Patty Hearst might be one “Jim Jones.”

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SF 89A-250

Serial SF 7-855-10440 is a memorandum dated 5/16/74, concerning a telephone call from an individual who requested the identity be protected. Source advised that a Negro female, [name and address deleted], Ukiah, California, telephone number [deleted], had an envelope in her possession in which the following was written: “Jim said not to discuss Patty Hearst with him as he was an outsider.”

[name deleted] – VICTIM
[name deleted] – VICTIM
[name deleted] – VICTIM

San Francisco file 9-3277 initiated from telephone call from California Assemblyman and former Special Agent of the FBI Lou Pappan, who advised he was calling on behalf of victim [Steven Katsaris] who was attempting to have his daughter returned to the United States from South America, and in the course of same, his life had been threatened. Pappan advised that while he was aware the FBI may have no jurisdiction, at least [Katsaris] should be interviewed. A date and time for interview was set. On 6/7/78, memorandum was dictated relating that [Katsaris] failed to appear at the appointed time and date and numerous attempts to contact [Katsaris] from 4/7/78 – 5/2/78 met with negative results. In view of that, case was closed. On 6/26/78, [Kathy Hunter] telephonically contacted the San Francisco office and advised she would like to furnish information she knows concerning the People’s Temple. On 6/26/78, [George Hunter] telephonically contacted the FBI to advise that his [wife, Kathy Hunter] recently went to South America to conduct some investigation concerning the People’s Temple and to write a story regarding that organization. He advised since [Kathy Hunter] returned to Ukiah, she has received harassing telephone calls and threats. He stated these facts have been reported to the Ukiah Police Department, who advised that Ukiah Police Department had heard [words deleted] complaints, which they considered misdemeanor violations regarding harassing telephone calls. No telephone traps have been placed because she had not requested them. [Sentence deleted] The Ukiah Police Department stated that there is no

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SF 89A-250

federal violation of extortion laws to date, but if any are noted, he would immediately advise this office. On 6/28/78, FBI telephonically contacted [Kathy Hunter] and advised her of the elements of a violation of federal extortion statute and she stated that the only threat of bodily harm was a note [Michael Hunter, adult son of Kathy and George Hunter] had received, placed under the door of his apartment. She advised that she would deal with Ukiah Police Department and stated they were requested on 6/27/78 to place a tap on her telephone. Case was continued in closed status and on 8/2/78, memorandum was placed in file reflecting that on 7/27/78, the Ukiah Police Department advised that [line deleted] and former associate of the Temple, was going to come to the San Francisco Office of the FBI to furnish information concerning the People’s Temple. On 7/27/78, [Katsaris] was telephonically contacted, and he advised that he has a daughter in Guyana at the People’s Temple Church outpost and he was attempting to have her returned. He advised the Guyana authorities would not cooperate with him, and the US Department of State was sympathetic but unable to assist him. It was explained to [Katsaris] that if it did not appear that any violation over which the FBI had jurisdiction existed at this time, although the FBI would be alert for any information and immediately notify [Katsaris] should he be in jeopardy. [Katsaris] advised that he did not feel the FBI would have any action that could be taken at this point, but that [Katsaris] wanted to make the above a matter of record so the FBI would be aware of the possibility of harassment or threats against him. File was continued in closed status and information file for review if [Katsaris] contacted the office. On 8/22/78, FBI Lab sent report to Chief of Police, Ukiah, California, concerning submission by that department of two pieces of paper bearing cut out letters and words. No prints were developed, and the specimens were returned to the Ukiah Police Department. File continued in closed status. On 8/28/78, memo to the file dictated reflecting interview of 7/28/78 of [name deleted]. At the time, [name deleted] supplied Deborah Layton Blakey affidavit, Yulanda D.A. Crawford affidavit, various newspaper clippings, copy of radio broadcast between church in Guyana and the United States, and one copy of code names used in the broadcast. [name deleted] explained that he had previously been associated with the People’s Temple and that he, along with other people, are attempting to obtain the return of some of their relatives in Guyana. [name deleted] described the community as being close to the outside world and under the complete domination of

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SF 89A-250

Jones, who would not allow anyone to leave. [name deleted] stated he is not aware of Jones having done anything illegal, and he has no evidence that Jones is actually plotting against his or anyone else’s life. He advised that he was aware there were no grounds for the FBI opening an active investigation in this matter, but he did want to make, for his information, a matter of record with the FBI in the event something did happen that fell within the scope of the FBI. [Half line deleted] has advised him that she was sorry she has become involved in the controversy about Jones, and she does not desire to speak to the FBI or the police. File was continued in closed status.

[name deleted]
SF FILE 47-8501

San Francisco file 47-8501 was initiated on the letter from FBI, Los Angeles, to FBI, San Francisco, enclosing two self-explanatory letters. One enclosure was a letter from Michael J. Prokes, Associate Minister, People’s Temple of the Disciples of Christ, Jim Jones – Pastor, dated 8/6/76, sent to FBI, Los Angeles. In the letter, Prokes alleges that one [name deleted] described as mentally disturbed, had been harassing the church with threatening telephone calls. In the letter, Prokes advised that [name deleted] claims to be working for you (FBI).

On 9/1/76, Mike Prokes was contacted concerning the letter he had written to FBI, Los Angeles. Prokes advised he was unable to provide specific information where [name deleted] claimed to be working for the FBI. Prokes stated it was his understanding that [name deleted] had made such claims while in counseling. Prokes advised he would attempt to determine specific instances and the identities of people involved and would furnish such to FBI, San Francisco. Unsuccessful attempts were made to contact Michael Prokes on 9/29/76 and 10/13/76. On such contacts, the secretary answering the call advised Prokes was out of town or unavailable. Messages were left for Prokes to call, however, no calls were

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SF 89A-250

received from him. On 10/20/76, Prokes was contacted and he advised he could lend no further specific information to this matter other than what had been previously related. Prokes stated that the counselor originally making the allegations regarding [name deleted] had caused no further problems within Prokes’ organization. FBI, San Francisco, determined that the original complaint in this matter, Mike Prokes, has furnished no specific information regarding his original allegation and has further advised that there have been no recurring instances involving [name deleted] it was recommended that the case be closed. File also contains letter forwarded from FBI Headquarters from Richard D. Tropp, English Instructor, Santa Rosa Junior College, dated 4/20/77, addressed to the FBI Intelligence Division, Washington, DC. Letter is typed on People’s Temple other Disciples of Christ, Jim Jones, Pastor stationary. Letter, which appears to have been sent to a number of government agencies, states the church’s concerned that they may be under some federal investigation. File also contains a letter from FBIHQ, dated 5/6/77, addressed to Richard Tropp, acknowledging receipt of his letter and advising him that we are not conducting an investigation into the People’s Temple.

[name deleted]

San Francisco serial 62-7088-8 is San Francisco letter to Director, dated 10/18/77. Headquarters was advised in this letter that on 9/26/77, FCC advised they were conducting an investigation re captioned Subject and that Subject had been cited for making transmissions “out of band” and transmitting without call sign. FCC, San Francisco, advised they are not conducting any current investigation regarding the Subject at this time; however, suggested that US Customs Service, San Francisco, be contacted as FCC was aware that Customs had conducted an investigation regarding Reverend Jim Jones, an associate of captioned Subject. On 9/26/77, US Customs advised that they were conducting investigation regarding Jones. Both FCC and U.S. Customs advised that

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SF 89A-250

their investigation had developed no information indicating that [name deleted] captioned Subject, had committed any violations within the jurisdiction of the FBI. FBI, San Francisco, conducted no further investigation in captioned matter.

[name deleted]

San Francisco file 62-0-26382 is a memorandum dated 4/8/76, reflecting telephonic conversation on 4/7/76 from FBIHQ relating that Headquarters had received a call from captioned individual, who identified himself as an ordained minister and the son of [name deleted]. [name deleted] called FBIHQ to advise them that he had information relating to one Jim Jones of the People’s Temple. [name deleted] would not go into detail, but requested to be contacted.

San Francisco file 62-0-26382A is San Francisco airtel to Director, dated 4/15/76, relating that on 4/13/76, [name deleted] was contacted by FBI, San Francisco, and he furnished information concerning an alleged homicide of a People’s Temple Church member and alleged stolen property. All this information had been previously reported by [name deleted] to the local authorities. No violation over which the Bureau as investigative jurisdiction was forthcoming from [name deleted] and his allegation of possible income tax violation by Mr. Jones was furnished to IRS Intelligence, Santa Rosa, California. No further investigation conducted.

[name deleted]

San Francisco serial 62-0-26735 is a letter from [name deleted], address of People’s Temple, San Francisco, California, addressed to Congress of the United States, Washington, DC, Congressman Biaggi. Letter is undated. In letter, [name deleted] it is critical of Tim Stoen in his custody matter against the Reverend Jim Jones. He alleges that Stoen is highly derogatory to the integrity of numerous public officials, including the Congressman, and is boasting that he has the Congressman’s support in the custody case. He describes Stoen

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SF 89A-250

as a devious person, a liar, [several words deleted] and who has threatened to destroy the church. [name deleted] defends Jim Jones and the People’s Temple.

San Francisco file 62-0-26735A is a letter from Congressman Biaggi, dated 4/17/78 to FBIHQ in closing above serial 62-0-26735.

62-0-26735-B is a letter from Director, FBI, to Congressman Biaggi, dated 5/3/78, enclosing the above correspondence. FBIHQ advised that on the basis of the information furnished by [name deleted], the child custody case appears to be a civil matter. The alleged misuse of the Congressman’s name does not appear to be a violation of federal law within the jurisdiction of the FBI. In the absence of any indication of a violation within the investigative authority of the Bureau, Biaggi was advised that no further action was contemplated at that time.

[2 lines deleted]
SF FILE 105-29557

San Francisco file 105-29857 initiated on the basis of telephone conversation from [name deleted] on 9/29/72. [name deleted] appeared in the FBI Office, San Francisco, and advised that Reverend James W. Jones, who operates the People’s Temple in Redwood Valley, California, is a self-styled prophet. He described Jones as a bogus faith healer, cult leader, who maintains control over his members through fear and misrepresentation. He advised that Jones may be of interest to the FBI because he has developed information that Jones regularly praises Fidel Castro and Cuba during his sermons. [name deleted] advised that Jones never criticizes any member of the Communist Bloc and is frequently critical of the US. [name deleted] also developed information that Reverend had been to Cuba. Among other materials, newspaper clippings, affidavits, and other information that he had developed in his [several words deleted] made available a copy of a songbook.

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SF 89A-250

[name deleted] noted some of the words in the song book, “Revolutionary way not planned for some far off day” and “Highway to Utopia” and “Walking in the revolutionary way.” [name deleted] also alleged that [half line deleted] had received a harassing phone call from [name deleted] of the People’s Temple. Memorandum in file dated 11/20/72, shows that a review of San Francisco indices re captioned Subject and organizations were negative. Contact with confidential sources listed on 10/4/72 and on 10/16/72 were negative. A review of newspaper stories concerning the Reverend Jones indicates that he is engaged in church work in one form or another. There is nothing in the articles or information that would indicate that he in fact visited Cuba or planned to visit Cuba. There was nothing that would indicate he was involved in any activities that fall within the jurisdiction of the FBI. In view of the above, no further action was taken. Sources were alerted, and if additional information was developed, case would be reopened. On 4/12/76, FBI, San Francisco, received letter from [name deleted], dated 4/7/76. In letter, [name deleted] identifies himself as a member of the People’s Temple and relates that members of the People’s Temple Christian Church of the Disciples of Christ desire to write letters to the USSR and possibly to the Russian Consulate in San Francisco. [name deleted] states in the letter that members have raised the possibility of writing to the USSR concerning their immigration policies for their Jewish and other citizens. They would request that the USSR establish a freer and more liberal policy. [name deleted] states that the Temple does see potentially some positive response from such communications to the USSR and their Consulates and they first wanted to check with our government to ascertain their reaction to such letters. On 4/20/76, SAC, San Francisco, directed letter to [name deleted], acknowledging receipt of his 4/7/76 letter. FBI, San Francisco, advised that he could be assured that any citizen has a right to express his feelings on any matters that may be of concern to him. Such right is guaranteed by the Constitution. [name deleted] was advised that from the facts related in his letter, this certainly appears to be no matter within the jurisdiction of the FBI. On 9/26/76, confidential source, San Francisco, advised that he had heard that [name deleted] was involved in an organization known as the People’s Temple located in Redwood Valley. This organization, headed by Reverend Jones, reportedly preaches nuclear holocaust and threatens any of its members who attempt to leave the organization. This information was made a matter of record in file. No action was taken.

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SF 89A-250

[Several paragraphs deleted]

SF FILE 89-250
BUFILE 89-4286

San Francisco file 89-250 is criminal investigation being conducted by FBI, San Francisco, into the assassination of Congressman Leo J. Ryan and the attempted murder of internationally protected person Richard C. Dwyer, State Department employee, on 11/18/78 at Port Kaituma, Guyana, South America.