Serial 2576x


Date: 11/19/80

To: Mr. Revell
From: [name deleted]
Subject: RYMUR

PURPOSE: To advise of the San Francisco Division’s request that the Engineering Section, Technical Services Division (TSD), make efforts to develop quality still photographs from the Sony video cassette depicting the Port Kaituma assault on Congressman Leo J. Ryan.

RECOMMENDATION: That the Engineering Section, TSD, undertake the necessary efforts to fulfill the San Francisco Division’s request.

DETAILS: United States Attorney (USA) William Hunter, Northern District of California, San Francisco, California, is currently directing the prosecutive considerations in regard to RYMUR. USA Hunter has requested that the San Francisco Division attempt to have developed quality still photographs of the Port Kaituma assault from the FBI’s video cassette of the assault. The San Francisco Division has briefly discussed this matter with [name deleted] Operational Support Unit, Engineering Section, TSD, and [name deleted], Personal Crimes Unit (TCU), Personal and Property Crimes Section, Criminal Investigative Division. The PCU is in receipt of the Sony video cassette of the Port Kaituma assault and will make the cassette available to the TSD.