Serial 2593

P 301911Z JAN 81
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89A-250) (P) (SQD. 10)

After two months conversation in negotiations between NBC and DOJ-US Attorney, San Francisco, NBC has agreed to furnish duplicate copies of NBC Jonestown, Guyana videotapes identified by NBC designation, “Guyana 78M0337, Reels 1-7”. These tapes are supposed to have SMPTE, time code generator converted to a time clock readout which appears on the screen. This request was formalized by the United States Attorney’s Office, San Francisco, through a letter dated January 25, 1981, addressed to [name deleted], NBC, New York, with instructions to furnish tapes (when duplicated) to Special Agent [name deleted], BQMRA, [word deleted]. It is suggested that receiving agent verify timecode at the time of receiving tape.


United States Attorney’s Office is anxious to view tapes with time clock and further to select certain frames and request FBI Technical Service Division to convert and develop 8 x 10 photos of selected scenes. Under agreement, these duplicates will be used at trial in lieu of originals and these tapes will be the second and final copy NBC will furnish, therefore, for purposes of custody, safety, and expediency, US Attorney suggests that BQMRA hand carry tapes to San Francisco for viewing and then transport to FBI Technical Service Division for stop action photographs.

BQMRA is requested to receive tapes ASAP, after being contacted by NBC and thereafter hand carry to San Francisco, UACB [Unless Advised to Contrary by the Bureau]. (BQMRA note tapes are sensitive to airport security devices.)


Originally posted on November 16th, 2020.

Last modified on July 17th, 2022.
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