Serial 2599

FBI Airtel

Date 3/4/81

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
(00: SF)

ReBQairtel to Bureau with LHM, 2/21/79.

Enclosed for the Bureau are five copies of LHM classified “Secret”, captioned “People’s Temple Christian Disciples of God”.

The LHM contains information provided by [name deleted] referred to as the “Confidential Source” in the LHM as furnished to the BQMRA.

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US Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Queens, New York

People’s Temple Christian Disciples of God

During the period December 27, 1978 through February 23, 1981, a confidential source, in a position to furnish reliable information concerning the People’s Temple Christian Disciples of God (PT) and the Government of Guyana was interviewed by Special Agents (SAs) of the Brooklyn-Queens Metropolitan Resident Agency (BQMRA) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). (Unclassified)

The PT is technically known as a religious encampment in Jamestown [Jonestown], Guyana, South America.

In November, 1978, PT leader, the Reverend Jim Jones and 914 people were killed after the assassination of Leo J. Ryan, a United States (US) Congressman, and others in Guyana by members of the PT.

The source, a [2 lines deleted] left Guyana in [half line deleted].

[5-line paragraph heavily redacted]

Source advised that this contact was made by a clandestine intelligence organization based in the US.

[3-line paragraph heavily redacted]

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People’s Temple Christian Disciples of God

[All three paragraphs heavily redacted]