Serial 2607x

FBI Airtel

Date 3/31/81

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
(Attn: Criminal Investigative Division)

Enclosed is an FD-515 re captioned matter.

In addition to statistics in category A and D, claim is being made for recovery in the amount of $5,526,958.64.

During the course of the FBI investigation of the assassination of Congressman Leo J. Ryan, the FBI received 26 crates of documents and evidence recovered by the American Embassy in Jonestown, Guyana. These documents collected by the American Embassy or furnished to the FBI for review, identification, and duplication. During the initial review of evidence, the FBI located certain documents identifying cash deposits in the Union Bank of Switzerland, Panama, and Central America. FBI also located negotiable bearer bonds in the amount of $250,000 drawn on the Union Bank of Switzerland Account. The FBI interviewed witnesses resulting in identifying bank account and responsible signatures on the account. This information combined with documents located by the FBI, as well as negotiable bonds, were handcarried to the Department of Justice, Civil Litigation, and the People’s Temple receiver in California, who was subsequently successful in transferring $5,526,958.64 from Panama Bank to the Superior Court, State of California.

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Personal Crimes Unit (PCU), Personal and Property Crimes Section (PPCS), has reviewed this matter and concurs with San Francisco Division’s statistical claim for a recovery of $5,526,958.64 in the Rymur investigation.

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Originally posted on November 16th, 2020.

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