Serial 2672


Date: 11/13/81

To: Mr. Bayse
From: [name deleted]

PURPOSE: To request the transfer of custody of the Jonestown Peoples Temple tapes from Technical Services Division (TSD) to Records Management Division (RMD), FOIPA Section.

DETAILS: Currently the Jonestown Peoples [Temple] tapes are in the custody of the TSD, Signal Analysis Unit. The FOIPA Section of RMD has received numerous FOIA requests for all or parts of the tapes and is currently processing one such request. It is anticipated that the necessity for regular access to the tapes by the FOIPA Section will continue in the foreseeable future. In the interests of expediting the handling of such requests it would be feasible for the FOIPA Section to maintain custody of the tapes.

RECOMMENDATION: That custody of the Jonestown Peoples Temple Tapes be transferred from TSD to RMD, FOIPA Section.