Serial 2678

[Page 1 is photocopy of envelope]

Mr. R. S. Young
Inspector-In-Charge, Public Affairs
United States Department of Justice
Washington, DC 20515

[Page 2]

March 1, 1982

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, DC 20515

Attn: Mr. R. S. Young, Inspector-In-Charge
Public Affairs

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your reply to my letter. Enclosed are some personal thoughts regarding the Guyana Mass murder of 900 persons in 1978. I have reason to believe that someone very close to me was involved in this horrible affair.

I am sure that you are much more knowledgeable about this matter and consider it classified information, not for publication. The only person who would know of any “financial arrangement” was the Rev. Jones. The other one is the “father” of the young black who claimed to have been subjected to torture.

This does not require a response unless you have further questions.

Sincerely yours,
[name deleted]

[Page 3 consists of medical record, seemingly unrelated]

[Page 4]

When the Rev. Jim Jones took his religious followers to Guyana and the belief that the way of life would be “freedom from government taxes”, etc. i.e., away from political intervention in their “way of life,” it is believed that he was “fully informed” of the living conditions in that part of South America, and perhaps misinformed.

A “moving picture”, produced for television viewers in 1981, portrayed a “black boy” as being “punished” under orders by Mr. Jones for some inconsequential act and being told by his black mother that her son had disobeyed the “orders” of Mr. Jones and was violating God’s commandment therefore she concurred that “he should be punished.”

The story goes on about the “boy’s father” (who never left North America) finally getting through to the United States Congressman, L. J. Ryan regarding the “horrors” being meted out to the “son”. The senator was, of course, murdered, and the story has it that “blacks” and “whites” committed suicide.

The story goes on to relate what is known or witnessed and publicized regarding the Rev. Jones’ becoming “addicted to drugs” resulting in suicide and ordering his “cult” to follow.

The writer witnessed the “moving picture films” which were “taken at the scene” showing Congressman Ryan falling and his aides also included in a hail of bullets. The film also showed “blacks” running for the airplane but “no whites”; they were all dead.

It is the thinking of the writer that Rev. Jones was indeed on drugs, but not to his knowledge that it was “drugs” he was taking. Upon the realization that all “whites would be captured” by the “blacks” and the women and children “whites” subjected to possible torture and abuse, he “ordered them to take the pills which would kill them” rather than subject the women and children to unbelievable horrors. The guns were in the possession of the

[Page 5]

Africans. Were any “blacks” killed?

I am sure that you know by now who has been sponsoring “religious” cults and many other religious sects.

After the 1978 mass suicide, Burnham (a black?) became president on October 6, 1980, under a new constitution that gave the office strengthened powers as chief executive and commander of the armed forces. Guyana is the only South American country with a British cultural background. It is also the only communist country on the continent. Perhaps the above is already known to government officials.

[name deleted]