“If we have no alternatives, blow up the boat”

I don’t think it is feasible to do mercy killing on such a large scale in an emergency. I would rather take a chance on getting to high sea, and if we have no alternatives, blowing up the boat in an act of Revolutionary Suicide.

CRL [Christine Lucientes] I agree JC [Jeff Carey]

There is a police post in Marawhana & Mabaruma. They had, last time I was there, 2 small speedboats. The Wiani [River] mouth is called in the shipping chants one of the most dangerous passages on the Atlantic coast. We have negotiated it many times, of course, but it requires a pilot familiar with the area and a shallow draft vessel. It takes us 6 hours to go down river. We are faster than the Damon or so close to the same speed that any head start & they couldn’t catch us. They might radio ahead from here to Marawhana & they might not even notice if we left at night.

It takes about 4 1/2 hours to the big river (Barima) where it would


be impossible to block us. I don’t believe they would call out troops to flank us on both sides of the river and all they have is light weapons anyway. Probably they would send the speedboat to intercept us with some armed policeman expecting no resistance and we can easily overpower them or run over there [their] boat – as long as we don’t run into any armed conflict up here or any threatening confrontations. We might even sabotage the radio in Kaituma and the telecoms before we leave though this would constitute an act of aggression. If we felled some trees over the road to the ridge they couldn’t get there before we were out to sea, and call for reinforcements, and nobody could hope to get here by sea from GT [Georgetown] in less than 23 hours. I don’t know what kind of air support they could call in, they could send a speedboat from Port Kaituma to intercept us if there’s one there. I think that with the element of surprise and bureaucracy we can make it.


I think that it [is] impossible to shoot everyone as well as OD [overdose] everyone. We can’t rely on a battle to finish us off – plus we would use up our ammunition in the battle and there would be people left, probably the most cowardly ones among them.

Also any form of mercy killing would be bad publicity and would be distorted by the media and defeat our purpose, and the chances of betrayal or accidental failure on the part of the executioners is too great.


Also with our RDF and keeping well away from land and possible obstacles we could make it to Cuba or some other place. Jimmie Jr. says that the boat thing was computed exactly from the weight records, what I turned in was an estimation. If we can get a properly phrased message to Fidel Castro directly thru the Cuban Embassy here enter the Soviets one of the two would have to help us.

If you still want another calculation we can do one.