Guyana – 1973-1978

In addition to the sources below, numerous other documents of Peoples Temple’s years in Guyana appear on the Jonestown Research page, especially the Jonestown Organization page.

  1. Resolution to Establish Agricultural Mission (October 1973)
  2. Government of Guyana Documents
    1. Guyana Legislation to Incorporate Peoples Temple
    2. Guyana Land Lease
    3. Guyana Articles of Association
  3. Power of Attorney in Guyana
  4. Peoples Temple Emigration Documents
  5. Guyana Packing Lists
  6. Lists of needed supplies
  7. Edith Roller Journals (1978)
  8. Jonestown Publications
  9. Jim Jones’ Autobiographical Statements
  10. To Whom It May Concern
    1. Memo “A quien corresponda”: A Spanish Translation NEW
  11. Angela Davis and the Six Day Siege
  12. “I Have Been To Paradise” NEW
  13. The Words of Marceline Jones
  14. The Tapes of Paula Adams
  15. Letters from Jonestown
  16. Poetry from Jonestown
    1. Barbara Walker’s Poetry
    2. Jonestown’s Young Poets
    3. The Poetry of Sandy Bradshaw NEW
  17. Letters to Dad
  18. “A select group would have to kill the majority” NEW
  19. Responses to “The Final White Night” Question
  20. Peoples Rallies
  21. Peoples Temple and US Government Agencies
    1. US Postal Service order on Social Security checks
    2. US Customs and the INTERPOL Report
    3. Peoples Temple and Taxing Authorities
    4. FCC Investigation of Peoples Temple
    5. Open Letter to Congress
  22. Peoples Temple and The Concerned Relatives
    1. Concerned Relatives Flyer
    2. Temple Victims of Conspiracy Flyer
    3. Accusation of Human Rights Violations Prepared by the Concerned Relatives
    4. Peoples Temple Responses to Concerned Relatives Accusation
  23. Letter to President Carter from Jonestown
  24. Jonestown’s Relations with Government of Guyana
  25. Peoples Temple and Joe Mazor
  26. Affidavit of Deborah Layton Blakey
  27. John and Barbara Moore’s trip to Jonestown
    1. “Notes and reflections on our trip to Guyana”
    2. The Temple edit of John and Barbara Moore
  28. Peoples Temple Radio Codebook
  29. American Embassy/State Department Cables on Jonestown, June 1978
  30. Instructions from Jim Jones
    1. Instructions for Jonestown Residents (March 1978)
    2. Medical Instructions (May 1978)
    3. Instructions to Jonestown Community (August 1978)
  31. Peoples Temple Letter to Guyana’s Religious Community
  32. Larry Schacht and Cyanide
  33. Broadcast after final White Night
  34. Dissent in Jonestown
  35. Peoples Temple and Gordon Lindsay
  36. Peoples Temple and Mark Lane
  37. Letter to LA District Attorney John Van de Kamp NEW
  38. Jonestown’s Final Months
    1. Instructions for October 1978
    2. Carolyn Layton’s Analysis of Future Prospects
    3. Possible Resettlement Locations in USSR
    4. Petition to Move to USSR
    5. Richard Tropp’s Dramatic Reading
    6. Phyllis Chaikin on Revolutionary Suicide
    7. Annie Moore’s Letter to “Dad,” Fall 1978
    8. Annie Moore’s Letter of October 25, 1978
Originally posted on February 17th, 2013.

Last modified on April 11th, 2019.
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