“Hunger strike or burning”

Dear Dad,

I am definitely in favor of revolutionary suicide because of the children and those who can’t participate for their protection. When I worked in a cancer clinic I saw people dying & deteriorating for no reason. How much better to lay down my body for a principle.

Now, I feel that if we do commit revolutionary suicide we should do it in such a way that we will be heard in all quarters of the world & the most publicity we can get for communism. One way I think we can do this is by reference to food. Food & malnutrition is an emotionally packed subject. The idea that we could stop eating or cut down as we are in our heavy-weight program occurred to me last night in our meeting. This would be a different way to commit revolutionary suicide and I wonder how many people who believe in suicide would be willing to do this – a slower way but as much as effective. Choosing to do this rather than letting it happen. I have not thought out yet how this would come about or [a] way to do this – with the children suffering the least as my uppermost feeling is to protect the children & those who cannot, Dad.

I feel the war should be a verbal war – suicide – heavy PR all the way. I for one would be willing to do this, and I would burn up as [an] alternative. I have stood on the food line for about 2 mos. & see some who were very cooperative & some who do not & seemingly can’t do it yet.

Shirlee Fields

[Handwritten in margin: “Hunger Strike or Burning”]