Testimonials on Healings and Miracles – Statements


[An early draft of this affidavit appears on this page at FF-12-A-45]

I was having severe pains in my breast & under my arms. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about this. Although one night Pastor Jones sent his nurse to me and told me exactly where my pain was and of my secrecy about my pain. He gave me a cloth and told me to rub it over my breast. The pain was gone immediately. I have no more problems in my breast or under my arms.

Tiny Solomon

FF-3-3A – 3B

Thursday, July 28, 1977

I, Carol Kerns, was operated on both my feet which was a Kindler procedure. Before going into my first operation my doctor, Dr. Norman Asher on Post St. in San Francisco and two other doctors one was a ligament specialist and my mom, Ellen L. Kerns DuPont was there, examined my foot. The ligament specialist and Dr. Asher had me sign more papers because they were going to have to do more extensive surgery than planned because of a slipping ligament further up my foot.

I was really concerned because of the seriousness. I had been told before I went in by Pastor Jones that everything would be all right. When I came out of surgery all the doctors came to me and told me how surprised they were because when they did go into the foot they couldn’t

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find the problem that it had just disappeared. I thanked Jim Jones for saving me from an unnecessary extensive surgery. Because he had told me not to worry.

Carol Kerns


Another time Pastor Jim Jones and his wife Marcie and a few of the children including me were taking a walk around the grounds. All of a sudden Jim stopped and asked me if a [I] swung on a pole at any time. I realized that he was talking about a Post stop sign I used it to swing on every day after school waiting to cross the street. He told me not to swing on this pole anymore that he saw me in great danger if I did.


Two years ago in September of 1975, one Thursday as I recall, all that day my eyes were burning terribly. (I always had heart trouble.) And I was very tired but I proceeded to go to service. All through service I was feeling bad. I was trying to sing & clap along with everyone but I kept getting dizzy two times I sat back down. The third time I stood up, I fell over. The nurses said all vital signs were gone. From the time I fell over all I can remember was Pastor Jones touching me and told me I’ll be alright. I was alright. That night I went home fully restored.

Eartis Jeffery


One morning a terrible pain was in my side. I went to the Doctor, he took x-rays of my body and stated I have gall stones. I was to have surgery the next three days, I went in for surgery, they took x-rays again to be sure and to their surprise, the gallstone was gone. I was healed by Pastor Jim Jones. Thank Father.

Amanda Fair

I was taken to Ukiah General Hospital with Prostate enlargement the size of a grapefruit. My Doctor knowing I had an enlarged heart, thought it best to take pictures of my heart to see if it was all right to give me gas for the operation and after taking pictures found my prostate was to be the size of a quarter. I called on Pastor Jim Jones and he healed me. Thank Father.

Sylvester Fair


One time Pastor Jim Jones saved me from a heart attack. I was having pains in my chest and I would have passed of a heart attack.

A Dr. at U. C. Medical Center told me he could see where I had heart damage.

My knee was hurting so badly that I could hardly walk on it. I had to have x-rays taken, painful to walk on.

One day Pastor Jones called me out, and told me of the trouble I was having in my knee. I could for the first time jump up and down on it.

I was saved from a car accident because Pastor Jones called me out and warned me about it. I was saved from certain death. [Notation in margin: “Do not include”]

In March of 1977, my Dr., Dr. Edelson told me I had a blood clot of the brain. My speech had become slurred and I was unable to walk by myself.

Jim Jones called me out, and told me the weakness I had would go away. I soon began to get stronger, and my loss of memory returned.

Gladys Jackson


In 1971, in Los Angeles, Pastor Jones called me out and told me I had cancer of the Bladder and have no control of my urine. [Following words crossed out: “It was unbelievable to me when he told me these things. I didn’t know my urinary problem with cancer but”] which is true because I had this condition about six months. I couldn’t hold my water after I started. It seemed as if I had no feeling once I started to urinate, but it would keep flowing, sometimes after I would get up. [Following words crossed out: “Now I have full control over my urine.”] No one knew this problem except myself, no one at all.

Luella Brown

For years, as long as I can remember I had terrible pain in my back. I went to the doctor, and was receiving cortisone injections twice a week. The medication did not help the pain. The pain was so bad I couldn’t hardly get up. I went to a church meeting one Sunday night. Pastor Jones sent a nurse to me and told me my every symptom. He told me he was healing me from cancer of the back. Today I feel beautiful, I have no pain whatsoever.

Luella Brown


When I first joined the church 1972 I had arthritis so bad that I could hardly make one day at work. The doctor gave me shots every three weeks to relieve my pain but he said that was no cure. I was walking by Pastor Jones and he stopped to talk with me. He asked me where I was having my arthritis pain. I didn’t even have time to tell him about my arthritis, but he knew. He asked me where was my pain most severe. I told him in my hands and neck. Then he rubbed his hands over the back of my neck and both hands. I never went back to the doctor again. My pain was gone, and still is gone now in 1977.

Marshall Farris

Pastor Jones healed me of heart ailment. I would feel a little pain now and then, but I’d just ignored it. He sent his nurse to me and she told me Pastor Jones was saving me from a heart attack. He gave me a cloth to wear, and I haven’t felt that pain anymore.

Marshall Farris


I, Diane Marshall, was in a meeting last year. I will never forget. I was having a terrible headache that night. I didn’t talk about it to anyone. Pastor Jim Jones said, “Everyone who has any pain raise your hands to me.” I did that and at that second my headache went away instantly.

Diane Marshall


[Notation at top of page: “Affadavit”]

The second week of November 1976, I was roping a trunk, the rope broke & I fell back against the wall, I heard the bones of my thigh crack. I was in so much pain I couldn’t move. I placed a picture of Pastor Jones on my thigh, the pain left & I was able to move freely.

In the year of 1976, I attended Pastor Jones’ meeting. He called me out & said, “L. Bee Reeves, L. Bee Reeves, you will be taking care of, you don’t have to worry about a thing.” No one knew about my problems except me. I needed an increase in food stamps, I was getting $30.00 a month. After he said everything would be alright my food stamps were raised up to $50.00 a month. No one could have possibly of known this.

L. Bee Reeves


In June, the year of 1971, I Michaeleen Brady, attended a meeting of Pastor Jim Jones. It was the first meeting I had ever attended. He called my two daughters names, Georgianne & Michelle. They were only 4 & 5, so I stood up.

He told me that they had a blue bicycle that was going to be painted pink by an uncle named Don. It happened exactly that way.

He told me to rub the bicycle, with a cloth that he had given to me. That it would prevent my children from a fatal accident.

Soon after my children were riding the bicycle & lost control. They went into the street, & fell. Thanks to the protection from Pastor Jones, they were not even hurt from the fall. I thank him.

Michaeleen Brady


Dear Mom, Guy & [name crossed out]

I had suffered a severe foot and leg cramps 1964, 65, and in spring of 66 Pastor Jim Jones healed me – I have not been bothered with cramps since –

In the fall of 76 – I spit up a growth that was literally cutting off my breath – It was spreading rapidly in my throat – Pastor Jim Jones spoke the word and it came out – The pain stopped immediately –

In 1966 we had been in Calif about six months – Jim Jones called Cleave out and told him that our oldest son Robert and his wife had been in an accident, one that would have taken both life’s but Pastor Jim said that he saved their life because at the time he said that Cleave or I couldn’t have taken his death at that time – He said we would receive a phone call verifying the accident – Next day we received a call from our daughter Joyce telling us about the accident – Saying Robert & wife had a very narrow escape from death – Our son telling Joyce about the narrow escape said it was like slow motion, a car had pulled out in front of him he was traveling 75 miles per hour – He said as far as he was concerned there was no escape from death, said he could see him and his wife layed out dead – Said he never knew what saved them – I had the privilege of telling them about Pastor Jim Jones and how he had saved their life.

Helen Swinney


I Helen Johnson was healed of asthma by Pastor Jones in 1972. I was in so much pain at that time I could not get my breath, I couldn’t speak. Pastor Jones said someone by the name of Helen Johnson cannot breath [breathe]. He told me to stand to my feet witch [which] I did. Then he told me to take a deep breath. It was like ice water going down my throat. He said [“]believe, jump up and down 3 times.” Of course I jumped up and down. I never felt so good. I had an appointment with the Doctor at County USC Medical in Los Angeles California. The Dr. found nothing wrong with me, he said to come back in 6 months where before I have been going every 2 weeks.

Helen Johnson


Just this year in 1977 in June I witnessed an astounding thing. A member like myself had a heart attack right in church. His name was Carl Irvin. The nurse checked his vital signs & established he had none. Rev. Jones came down & touched him right over his heart. He immediately regained his vital signs. Within an hour or so he was as strong and healthy as ever, as was attested by the nurse in our Medical clinic.

Lexie Davis


Los Angeles, Calif

Pastor Jones saved me from a hart [heart] attack in 1975 that would have took my life witch [which] did take place. 2 weeks later I was sitting in my car waiting to go into work. The Doctors at County USC Medical or Dr. Nicker at 1105 W. Veron Ave. never told me about my hart until J. told them about this pain in my hart and that the blood seemed to drain from my body them bofe [then both] Doctor Verry [illegible words] had a hart momer.

Helen Johnson


I, Michelle Touchette, was told be [by] Pastor Jones on December 29, 1974 that I had leukemia. That day I went to the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Guyana, S.A. & my white blood count was grossly elevated. When I came back from the hospital he said everything would be alright. I then went to Pomo Clinic in Mendocino County, Calif, N.A. for a complete workup. All test results came back negative and the once grossly elevated white blood count returned to normal. My physical fatigue and debilitated condition resolved and I have no longer any medical disability.

Michelle E. Touchette


Back in 1975, I, Ida Albudy was attending a service. He called my name. At this time I was having acute pain in the neck and shoulder area especially around C-7&8. When he called my name he told me he was saving me of a stroke. He gave me a cloth to put on my neck and the pain immediately went away. I have had no pain since then.

Ida Albudy


For years at least 15 or 20 I had horrible painful constipation. One day in 1975 Pastor Jones touched me while I was working. He told me I would never have terrible [pain] again. Since that day I’ve been fine.

Ida Albudy


I could not dial my telephone without eyeglasses. I consulted Dr. Rice who suggested glasses. Pastor Jones rubbed his hands across my eyes. Since [then] I have not had to use glasses, can dial without.

Rose Shelton


I had arthritis in my right arm, could not raise it up. Pastor Jim touched my arm. All pain left, have not had arthritis since, thanks to Pastor Jones.

Rose Shelton


I had headaches constantly. Dr. Goodlette [Goodlett] said it was due to high blood pressure. Pastor Jim told me my pressure would go down & stay around normal. When I went to my Dr. the following week he found my pressure normal and was amazed I do not have high blood pressure.

Rose Shelton


Dr. Goodlette [Goodlett] wanted to treat my left leg for varicose veins. I refused to let him do so Pastor Jim called me out in service told me to walk down the aisle which I did he said turn around your veins will disappear they did I have no varicose veins my legs are smooth.

Rose Shelton


I had a stroke which paralyzed my left side. I went to my Dr. (Goodlett) he made arrangements to put me in a hospital on the following Monday when I returned to him I was in perfect condition. Pastor Jones told me I would be able to walk again perfect. I returned to my Dr. I was in perfect condition he said it was amazing I have no symptoms of ever having a stroke my body is normal.

Rose Shelton


7/17/71 [77]

I, Tommie Keaton, joined People’s Temple in 1971. I knew it wasn’t the same as other churches. The healing power of our Pastor Jim Jones overwhelmed me. It was like one nite he touch me I was made whole, before that I was diabetic & diagnosed by Dr. Ludlow [balance of paragraph crossed out] and one Sunday he called me out. Saved Rosa & Tommie me from a car wreck that would have left us crippled for life, thanks to Father.


One Sunday Pastor Jones called me out and saved me and my wife Rosa from a car wreck which would have left us crippled for life.

Tommie S. Keaton Sr.

One Sunday I was having a lot of pain in my chest, and Pastor Jones sent a nurse over to me and told me the pain in my chest was caused by my heart. He sent word for me not to worry, everything would be all right. The pain went away. I have not had it since.

Tommie S. Keaton Sr.


[An early draft of this affidavit appears on this page at FF-12-A-44]

Pastor Jim Jones told me about a severe back pain that I was having early fall I had had several years ago. The pain was so bad Pastor Jones gave me a cloth & as soon as I got the cloth I put it on my back and my pain stopped. My brother had sugar [diabetes] so bad, he went into a coma. Pastor Jones was not there at that time, but the minute I thought on Pastor Jones, my brother came out of the coma. Pastor Jim Jones healed me of sugar instantly I would have went into a coma but not now. The cloth was instant healing for my body.

Bessie Dickson


I was attending Pastor Jones’ service at Peoples Temple in January of 1974. I was packed ready to move to Vancouver, BC & no one knew this but me. Pastor Jones called my name twice, my first cousin, Christine Bates said he’s talking to you. I said, “no he’s not, he don’t know my name.” Christine said, “yes he does.” Then he repeated my name again, I jumped up in amazement & said, “Yes sir!” Pastor Jones told me I was all packed & ready to go to Vancouver. He said, “you’re not going to Vancouver, you’ve been having a lot of trouble, you have a son by the name of David that you adopted at the age of 6 months old. You’ve been having a lot of trouble, things you’ve gone through you don’t have to go through no more.” I was completely astonished, no one could have possibly known I was going to move, or of my problems, not even Christine. I’m so glad to be a member of Jim Jones’ Temple.

In May of 1977, I was walking down Sutter Street to Divisadero in S.F. All of a sudden I got extremely hot & week, I felt myself falling to the ground. I blacked out. When I came back, two men were holding me up, I immediately thought about Pastor Jones, my strength came back & I felt a lot cooler. The two men told me I should go to the hospital & get a checkup. But of course, after I called on Pastor Jones’ name I was fine & refused to go to the hospital.

Katherine Domineck


[An early draft of this affidavit appears on this page at FF-12-A-46]

[Paragraph crossed out, illegible]

I have had asthma all my life. One night I had an asthma attack and Pastor Jones appeared before my mom and said for me to think on him which I did. I thought on him and immediately I was healed. I’ve never suffered from an asthma attack anymore. That was four years ago. I can run, play & work having no problems at all.

[Paragraph crossed out, illegible]

I was having problems with my heart. I went to my doctor in LA to get a checkup. My doctor said I did have a bad heart. I set in service one night and Pastor Jones said anyone with any problems think on me. I thought on Pastor Jones. I went back to the doctor. Doctor Schear at Children’s Clinic said I have no more heart problems. To this day my heart hasn’t bothered me yet.

Dorothy Harris


[An early draft of this affidavit appears on this page at FF-12-A-26]

Pastor Jones has saved me and my baby from dying. While was in labor having my child, the doctor told me that my baby’s heart rate went down to 20’s, I thought on Pastor Jones & after I thought on P. Jones. The Doctor said my baby’s heart started beating normal. [Last four lines of paragraph deleted]

Teresa Cordell

[2 lines deleted: “’Post Partum Hemorrhage’ & the bleeding ceased”]

Pastor Jones saved me from bleeding to death. I was having a “’Post Partum Hemorrhage,” the bleeding kept increasing. I thought on Pastor Jim Jones. The very next day the bleeding ceased.

Teresa Cordell


[An early draft of this affidavit appears on this page at FF-12-A-43]

I, Beatrice Dawkins, I’ll never forget a 1-1/2 [year] ago, I had a fall and injured my back. I then went to the hospital and I received a spinal tap. The doctors told me 1/2 of my spine was deteriorated. The Doctor said, “I can’t promise you anything. You’ll probably be an invalid for the rest of your life.” Before I went to the hospital, my sister stuck pins all in my thighs and feet. It was no feeling at all. I was paralyzed from the hips on down. That’s when my sister rushed me to the hospital. Dr. Yang kept me in Long Beach Hospital for 5 1/2 weeks! Pastor Jones sent word to me that I’ll be O.K. & don’t worry. At first I had no feelings in my legs whatsoever. After I got that message, I got up and was able to go to the bathroom for the first time by myself. Soon I was able to walk in a walker and sit up in bed. Now I can walk around just fine. I will always be grateful to Pastor Jones.

Beatrice Dawkins


[An early draft of this affidavit appears on this page at FF-12-A-39]

Pastor Jones has done so many things for me since I have been with him. It is going to be 5 1/2 years. I have been going to the doctor for manys [many years] because I was very ill. The doctor never told me what was really wrong with me. But in one service Pastor Jones called me out – through revelations and healed me of cancer. I felt so much better that, I was really overjoyed. I also couldn’t see out of my eyes that well. I have poor vision. My vision was becoming worst, until Pastor Jones told me of this problem, also healed me from being blind.

Most of all the doctors told me I would never walk again. I would be an invalid for the rest of my life, because half of my spine had deteriorated. But thanks to Pastor Jones I am able to walk around. I feel 100% better. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me. It is so much to tell. I will always be grateful to Pastor Jones.

[Marginal note: “Dr. Yang in Long Beach Hosp.”]

Beatrice Dawkins


[An early draft of this affidavit appears on this page at FF-12-A-83]

Before I came to Peoples Temple I was suffering from chest pains. It felt like my chest was caving in on me. I felt as if I was dying. I had heard of this Church through my companion. I joined and started coming regularly. I was called out in the service and I was healed of lung cancer. I had started feeling much better and notice[d] that I wasn’t having chest pains anymore. [Next four lines deleted, illegible]

[balance of page crossed out, words legible] Thanks to Pastor Jones, I have been saved from many accidents, and my baby’s life was also spared. We were in Fresno and my son was sitting on the sits [steps]. He fell down and hit his head so hard that it sounded through the entire building. Pastor Jones looked up to him and said there will be no dying here and he will be alright. I went upstairs to see him and he was playing like nothing was wrong with him. He didn’t even have any bumps on his head. I am so grateful for what he has done for me. There are so many miracles that have happened to me it leaves me overwhelm[ed].

Rhonda Fortson
/s/ Rhonda Fortson


[An early draft of this affidavit appears on this page at FF-12-A-36]

One day as school let out I was looking through my pockets I found a special picture of Pastor Jones that was perfectly new without any imperfections. I put it back in my pocket on my left side and proceeded to walk to the bus stop. As a traffic light turned green and I walked across the street I saw a white van coming towards me at great speed. I froze right in front of it and it stopped with a jerk as if it was stopped by some invisible force. What was so strange was that there was no screeching from his brakes. When I got to the curb I reached into my pocket for my wallet and felt the picture, so I pulled it out. 15 minutes before it was a perfect picture but now an area in the middle of it had faded as has happened in connection with many healings before.

[Note to “rewrite” overwritten by “OK”]

Gary Tyler



My mother had gone to the doctor for chest pain, but she didn’t know what was wrong. The next night she went to one of Pastor Jim Jones meeting and he kept her from having a heart attack.

Viola Backmon


In 1972 I met Pastor Jones and I had had a severe pain in the lower part of my back on the right side where two other doctors had told me I had two kidneys but Pastor Jones called me out and I passed a cancer through the rectum. I saw this cancer with my eyes. I haven’t had pain again.

I had a heart attack also in 1971 in June, I could not do anything for myself. I just had to have complete bed rest for about six or eight weeks, then when I went back to church Pastor Jones saved me from having a fatal heart attack. He has saved me from having several heart attacks. Pastor Jones has saved me from having a stroke which would have left me a vegetable because I was lossing [losing] all of use of myself.

In 1976 I had spinal meningitis and didn’t know when I got to the hospital, who had taken me there or how long I had been there but the nurses and doctors told me that I was lucky to be alive. When I got to the hospital the nurses said that I had a fever of 103° and it was still rising, but they would not tell me how high my fever did rise. The doctors or nurses didn’t see how I was able to think straight, because they said I had blood on my brain, but Pastor Jones, although he was in Los Angeles and I was in San Francisco, he said from the pulpit there that I would be alright and I was. After the meningitis attack I lost my hearing and the doctor said I would never hear 100%, all that he could do what was give me a hearing aid, but after Pastor Jones put his hands over my ears two or three times I can hear normal again.

Margrette Jeffery

in April of 1976 I had another severe heart [attack] that kept me in intensive care for 72 hours. During that time my heart felt as though it would jump out of my chest or turn over. The doctor when he saw the trouble he put a monitor on me and it was a show to everyone that entered the intensive care room, doctors, nurses, and visitors, because the monitor was going crazy and most people thought I was not going to live, but Pastor Jones sent me one of his messengers and for the first time I slept for the first time in 3 or 4 days and nights. I was discharged from the hospital the next two days and have been going ever since today I feel fine.


[paragraph crossed out]

I, Diana Marshall, was protected from being in a fire and killed by Jim Jones. He told me in a meeting that I would have been at home by myself and the house would have been on fire while I’m in it. I would have been screaming for help but no one would have been around to help me.

[paragraph crossed out]

I, Diana Marshall, came to Peoples Temple in 1973, and while I was there, Jim Jones called me out and he said who used to live on Divisadero Street and Ralston Street, and I was the only person in the audience that used to live on Divisadero Street and Ralston Street. Then he asked me who’s Juanita, and I said, she’s my cousin. He said that I would be saved of something too horrible to describe. I would have been murdered.

I, Diana Marshall, was in a meeting last year, I will never forget. I was having a terrible headache that night. I didn’t talk about it to anyone. Jim Jones said, Everyone who has pain raise your hands to me, I did this and at that second my (terrible) headache went away.

Diana Marshall


When I was three months pregnant with my son Tad Schroeder, I was having extreme pains in my stomach. As I walked by Pastor Jim Jones one night, he stopped me and put his hand very close to my abdomen and the pain left. I never had another pain throughout my pregnancy.

Debby F. Schroeder

FF-3-160, A-B

[typed, numerous typographical errors corrected]

I, Marvin Sellers, went to a doctor at General Hospital in Los Angeles and he told me that I had hearing problems, and that my ears ran with wax all the time. I was 9 years old at the time. One day in one of Pastor Jones’ meetings, Pastor Jones called my mother Alta Sellers out and told her that I had hearing and ear problems which I did. My mom did not tell anyone there in the meeting because she didn’t really know anyone there, she had only been to 4 or 5 meetings at this time. Pastor Jones also told my mother that she had an older brother in Miami Florida and that he had 12 children, then Pastor Jones told my mother to put her hands over my ears, when she did I felt a tingle feeling in my ears. When she took her hands off of my ears my hearing was OK. Things that [were] low in sound that I could not hear before I began to hear, and have not had a problem hearing them since then.

I swear under penalty of perjury that all of the aforementioned statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


[handwritten note: “Do over – Gloria”]

[affidavit part 2]

Hearing prob.

I, Marvin Sellers (Janaro), went to the doctor and the doctor told me that I had hearing problems, and that my ears ran with wax all the time. I was 9 years old at the time. So one day in one of Pastor Jones’ meetings, Pastor Jones called my mother Alta Sellers out and told her that I had hearing & ear problems which I did. My mom did not tell anyone there in the meeting because she didn’t really know anyone there, she had only been to 5 or 6 meetings at this time. Pastor Jones also told my mother that she had an older brother in Miami Florida and that he had 12 children, then Pastor Jones told my mother to put her hands over my ears, when my mother putted her hands over my ears I felt a tingle feeling in my ears. When my mom took her hands off of my ears my hearing was complete things that were real low that I couldn’t here [hear] before I began to hear from that day to this.

Signed, Marvin Janaro

FF-3-161, A-B

I, Lue Dimple Goodspeed, a patient of Dr. James Joto on 1st & Sanpedro St. in LA, Calif.

This was in the year of 1953. Dr. James Joto told me I had a weak heart, bad kidneys, and a nervous condition. I suffered with this up into the year of 1973. I was sitting in Pastor Jim Jones’ meeting & he repeated the same words that the Dr. James Joto had said to me, & Pastor Jones told me that I would be all right & that was true. I received perfect health at that very moment. I then went to Dr. Harmon C. Schoen, M.D., On 6200 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California 9048. He gave me a physical examination on July 31, 1975. He said my body was as sound as a stone, there was nothing wrong with my body.

Again in Pastor Jones’ meeting, he called me to build my faith, the names of all my family & my birthdate & year & all this was true and he told me that I was worrying

[page 2 of statement]

that by April 14 at 3:30 I would have suffered a heart attack. & This was on April 13th when he told me this & sure enough on April 14 at the very hour that he said it would happen it did happen and I felt his presence all over my body & felt much better. I would be truly willing to testify to the fact in person that all I have said is true.

I, Lue Dimple Goodspeed has been one of his followers from the past 5 years.

FF-3-163, A-B

I have always considered it a miracle that I left Texas, traveled to California and heard Jim Jones speak my third day in that new state. I had done five years in the drug scene and after 150 trips on psychedelic drugs and two years shooting speed I was wasted. Hopeless and without ambition I was received by Jim Jones and Peoples Temple as a friend and am grateful for the hard work I did and the structure that was provided for me my first few weeks in the temple. That initiation permitted my mind to heal and I soon started school. Living in the egalitarian college dormitories in Santa Rosa I studied hard and made straight A’s, received an AA degree and did a year of premedical study at UC Berkeley. I wanted to be a doctor but knowing how hard it would be to get accepted in the states and having heard Jim say that “two of our students have been accepted into medical school in Mexico” I went there and he was right; I was accepted just as he prophesied. I went to Mexico to study and learned a foreign language to do so. I made straight A’s and scored higher on the national boards. My success, being so far away and alone, was entirely due to the profound inspiration I received from the life and sacrifice of Jim Jones. The People’s Temple sent me hundreds of letters while I was there and I knew who my comrades were. One time soon after enrolling in Mexico’s medical school I was flying back to San Francisco and as the plane touched down there was a surprising jolt. Then there was calm and the landing was completed. Later at the Temple that night during service, Jim’s messages, which he called in from the vacation bus trip to the Eastern United States, stated that he knew the flight number and the time the plane touched down and that he had saved our lives. I say our lives because at that time there were two of us in school. Jim had spoken earlier that only one of us would make it through and it was but six months later that this prophecy came to pass, the other student deserted and I was left to do my job alone. During the second year in Mexico Jim landed a plane, which he chartered to the mission project in Guyana, at a city in eastern Mexico to pick me up. There had been a misunderstanding and the airport authorities would not let me board. Because he had concern that I would not be able to return to Mexico to study if I did not obey the authorities I flew separately to Guyana. Jim asked me if I had enough money for food and room during the trip and after I said yes he handed me 300.00 dollars. The ticket to Guyana cost 299.99. How miraculously well he anticipates our needs and how much consideration he showed to land an entire aircraft, on foreign soil, for one of his members. I recall once in Mexico I became ill and had shaking chills. I was under four blankets, had a heater aimed at myself but still had chills. I thought on his name and the chills ceased suddenly and I was calm and slept until I felt well.

[Page 2 of statement]

Then came the task of transferring to a US Medical school. He told me a full year earlier to contact a doctor friendly to our church and indeed it worked out that this doctor had an acquaintance on the board and put in a favorable letter. I made the second highest score on the transfer qualifying exam and was permitted in an interview. Jim told me the words of prophecy that I needed to say. I did so and was accepted. I did very well in Medical school and graduated a full year early. I was the only student to my school to graduate with such an accelerated course. Upon graduating I was accepted into a very highly sought after internship program in San Francisco. I performed well there until Jim called and requested that I come to the Agricultural mission. It was perfect timing to get me involved in this great and inspiring work.

Larry Schacht

FF-3-164, A-B

My name is Corlis Denise Boutte. I came to People’s Temple in 1970. I had scoliosis which is curvature of the spine. I was unable to bend my head forward. This motion pained me severely. This pain restricted me from touching my chin to my chest. Also my back pained me almost constantly. One Sunday night in 1975 Pastor Jones told me about the pain I was having. He told me to try my neck and back. I tried to move my chin to my chest and I did with no pain at all. From that day on I have had no back pain and I am now able to bend my chin to my chest. Dr. Preston James, after this, told me that he didn’t expect my back to come out

[page 2 of statement]

so well. Actually I am supposed to be lopsided but I am perfectly straight. Dr. James also said that I was one of his very best patients.

Corlis D. Boutte

FF-3-167, A-B

I, Cheryle D. McCall, would like to openly declare & verify beyond a reason of a doubt the miraculous healing that Rev. Jones gave my mom, Estelle McCall, before I became a member of Peoples Temple. I remember it as if it was just yesterday. He called her name, “Estelle,” Estelle,” then told her that she was from Houston Texas, & that he was concerned about a dog named Duke. Duke had been killed by my vicious step-grandmother, whom [who] was angry at Estelle because she wouldn’t let us come to stay with her that Summer & because Duke would not stop barking, she maliciously shot him in the head & killed him instantly. Rev. Jones also told my mom that she had come to the church that day in hopes to save her daughter, whom was heavily on drugs, (a drug addict). Being that he was speaking of me, it was a painful reality of truth, that so deeply touched my heart for I knew that in a few hours I would be sick for the need of drugs. He also told her that she had been in the hospital after hospital suffering from TB & that at 1 point the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her. By this time Estelle became totally hysterical because she knew as well as I knew that no man on earth could’ve known these things, being that we had just traveled 2000 miles & our 1st time being at this meeting or having ever set eyes on Rev. Jones. In college I had come in contact with Christian Science, but had never come in contact with ESP in this manner. Only

[page 2 of statement]

myself & mom could identify with the very painful truths of the things which happened in our lives from the past. Mom was healed of cancer of the stomach which would have spread & eaten her body until she would’ve suffered a terrible painful death. [2 lines deleted] She made an appointment with her doctor at the Diagnostic Hospital & had tests taken & through some great miraculous force, the cancer on the x-ray had disappeared & since then 6 yrs ago my mom has been in perfect health & I myself have been in a perfect state of mind with myself & peace of mind. I do not take drugs, smoke, nor drink & am raising my 10 year old son very successfully single, giving him as much love & understanding that he needs to survive in the world we live in today.

[last line deleted]


I, Tommy Keaton, have been a member in Peoples Temple since 1971.

My doctor diagnosed me as having diabetes, “High Sugar”, which showed up in my urine.

I was taking medication daily and was on a special diet to control this condition. I had made no mention of this condition to Pastor Jones, but in one [of] his services he told me in detail of my condition, and he touched me and advised me to see my doctor and follow his instructions.

I returned to my doctor for testing, and there was no further evidence of any sugar in my urine. The doctor took me off my medication last June 1975, and the condition has not returned.

FF-3-170, A-B

I have had several remarkable healings that Rev. Jim Jones has healed me of. The 1st healing was a cancer growth of the throat 24 years ago. He called me by name, Esther & asked me if I knew about the growth. Before he even got the words out of his mouth I spit that mess up and he never even touched me, I believed him. I also got my hand in the washing machine. It was mangled. The doctor was amazed by the healing. They said they never seen a hand like it, and called in other doctors to see it. This was 15 yrs ago. Recently I had to go in for a checkup, July 22 – 1977. I had facial pains and sharp cutting pains in my head and tingling in my hands. The doctor was looking at that hand. I told him that it went through the wringer up to my elbow. He looked & turned my hand over & over & said it was the 1st perfect hand to go through a wringer. And after all checkups were in, he said I had no signs of a stroke. I was in perfect health. He gave me a cardiogram & every kind of a test possible. I was alright. I was also healed of blindness. I had a growth in my left eye. I have my eyes tested recently as times before by doctors – one doctor said

[page 2 of statement]

when he x-rayed my eyes. That where there had been a growth in the left eye – it was gone and perfect vision in that eye – and vision in both eyes were good. One outstanding miracle in my life was that I had an ulcer on my leg in 1937. The ulcer had eaten 4 inches of the main muscle, and no vains [veins] in that leg could be seen. Four toes were completely numb, no feeling at all. For one yr. I didn’t walk, seven weeks I was in the General Hospital of Indiana. All Jim Jones did was look at my leg and now my leg is perfect. Life in my toes and no sign of veins. I thank him. He has healed me so many times, sometimes only a touch or even a glance. I was blind, now I can see. I couldn’t walk once, now I walk. I’ve known this man for 25 years, he’s a man of his word. At the age of 75 years I’m in Perfect Health.

Esther Mueller

FF-3-172, A-B

I was working out of town some 60 miles and coming home one evening I noticed a strange sound on the left side near the front tire that sounded like the tire was rubbing up against something. Being quite concerned I stopped at a service station to have it checked. The man there told me there was nothing to worry about that all it needed was a little air. Feeling confident I went on about my journey home. The noise continued but I kept on driving assured that everything was okay. When I got home I got out of my car and stepped over to speak to someone in the yard. The entire wheel on the left front side fell off before our very eyes. Instantly I knew that it could only have been the power of Jim Jones that kept me safe during those 60 miles.

I had written a check that could not be covered by the bank and the business I wrote the check to made a complaint the local sheriff’s depart[ment] who when realizing I was from Peoples Temple call up Jim Jones to let him know that one of his members was in distress. Pastor Jones has done so many good deeds to help people in the community, to be law-abiding and a perfect example for his numbers to follow. The sheriff knew that all he need to do was to notify Jim and he knew that the situation would be taken care of. For indeed it was Jim paid the money to the business

[page 2 of statement]

that the check was written to and offered me financial assistance until I was able to get on my feet again.

I was extremely grateful because not only was I saved from a jail sentence which it would have been because I had no money to pay the bill and because of the financial assist I needed I was able to live comfortably until I got a job.

Irra Johnson

FF-3-173, A-B

I had a terrible bladder infection two years ago. I had to urinate every 5 or 10 minutes, and was barely able to move without crying from pain. My doctor told me that it’d be at least two weeks or even three before I’d be functioning normally again, and without pain.

On the following Wednesday, only three days later, I was in the Wednesday night service, and Jim said anyone with bladder infections think on him. He put his hands out and moved them around in the air. Before I knew it, the pressure on my bladder was gone, and Jim

[page 2 of statement]

said “Now the pain should be gone,” and it was! I’ve never had a problem with my bladder since that night.

Christine S. Bowers

FF-3-176, A-B

Penny Kerns healing

When I came to Peoples Temple in May 1968, I had cancer throughout my body & Pastor Jones called my name, told me things about myself that only God could know & healed.

Two years later I developed bone cancer. This was diagnosed by Dr. Kraft in Ukiah & I was hospitalized for cancer of the bone at West Adams Hospital in Los Angeles but Pastor Jones called me at the hospital & told me things he couldn’t possibly have known & I was immediately healed & released from the hospital.

In 1972 I was dying of intestinal blockage – but when I called when Pastor Jones, I felt my intestines immediately open up & I was made completely whole!

In 1974 I was bleeding from the vagina. I had a Pap smear which came back Class III cancer & the laboratory requested immediate surgery. But the doctor took another Pap smear &


[page 2 of statement]

the cancer had disappeared!

In 1975 I was diagnosed as having cancer of the uterus and bone. But upon surgery there was no cancer, an intestinal blockage was corrected & I was completely whole. Before this surgery, my blood pressure was 60/44 for weeks.

Pastor Jones has repeatedly healed me of cancer and at this date I am completely whole!

Ellen Dupont

FF-3-177, A-B

As a small child approx. age 4 yrs. 1950 I was followed by a Doctor Kim, Beech Grove Indiana, for rheumatic heart disease. The doctor had diagnosed me as having a heart murmur and subjective findings were shortness of breath, extreme fatigue and a general debilitated condition. My parents took me to the doctor for this problem and I was taking medication each day. At age 4 1/2 yrs. my father went to Rev. Jones meeting conducted in Rev. Price church and was told my condition in detail. Rev. Jones had never seen me at the time or knew about my medical history. After returning home I was taken back to the doctor and my heart murmur was gone and all physical disability disappeared.

While attending college in Santa Rosa, Calif in 1970 I was followed by a man for several days. I had never seen the man before and was scared to tell anyone because I thought they would think I was crazy. This same person kept hanging around and would say things of a sexual nature and talk of taking my life. I called my mom and told her to come pick me up and I was quitting school. I did not tell her anything about the threats – the next Sunday I was in Pastor Jones meeting. He called my name – told me about the complete experience and the exact thoughts I had in detail.

[Page 2 of statement]

In my last year of high school I was stung by a bee which caused such a severe reaction that I went into antiphilactic [anaphylactic] shock and was taken to the Canyonville Hospital, Canyonville Oregon. I was given adrenaline, oxygen and drugs to maintain a blood pressure. My parents were in Hayward Calif and notified of the problem. Pastor Jones was in Indianapolis Indiana at the time and knew nothing of my condition. About three weeks after my discharge from the hospital he & his family were in California on a visit. When he came to our house he told me & my parents of the incident and the exact place on my foot that I had been stung. He expressed concern about the allergy and advised me to contact my doctor about getting medication to carry with me in case I was stung again.

Joyce Parks
R.N., F.N.P.

FF-3-178, A-B

Re: Robert Johnson

The first time I went to People’s Temple I saw Rev. Jim Jones turn 13 pitchers of water into wine.

I had had an appointment with Dr. Carnegie at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland for 30 days to have [an] operation for cancer of the rectum. I went to People’s Temple and that Monday morning, after the weekend services, the doctor’s secretary told me my operation was postponed. I continued attending services at People’s Temple. One night I woke up about 2:30 in the morning – I usually use a bag water to wash myself out after a B.M. because the growth may me so sore. [marginal note: “check”] So this night I felt that growth pass right out of me. Afterwards I had no soreness whatsoever. And since that time in 1973 I have had

[page 2 of statement]

several checkups of my rectum. One dr. being Dr. Fong Wong at Kaiser on Geary Blvd. in S.F. and there has been no problems found whatsoever.

Another Dr. Gerald Roberts
2300 Sutter St., Suite 205
SF, Ca. 94115

Dr. S. L. Kampner, D.D.
2300 Sutter St., Suite 100
SF, Ca. 94115

Robert Johnson

FF-3-179, A-B

In the spring of 1972 I attended a Peoples Temple service in Redwood Valley, California. I had been having problems of my heart when I would walk fast or have anything exciting happen. I was doing nursing & this would occur frequently as I walked down the hall in the hospital. Pastor Jim Jones spoke to be [me] publicly in the service & told me to place my left hand over my heart & my right hand on the lady in front of me & to think of my own heart as normal. The Lady in front of me – Then was told she had heart trouble

[page 2 of statement]

& that she was now healed of a heart condition. At the same time I received a [illegible word] of whatever but [illegible word] I had as I [illegible word] and felt palpitations of the heart since.

FF-3-180, A-B

[1st paragraph completely crossed out, marked with the word “void”; next paragraph opens “start here”]

One Sunday afternoon I was feeling very down and out. I used to go with a girl who I really liked a whole lot. So that night she treated me as if everything was all right between us. So when that morning came she treated me very bad as if she could not stand me. So I took that very seriously to the point I had gotten so mad that I went home by myself. I went into my room and in my mind I was thinking crazy like killing myself, so I would not have to go through this anymore. I mean I was just plain tired of living. So what I did was drink at a bottle of alcohol the kind that everyone gets at home,

[page 2 of statement]

rubbing alcohol.

[Marginal note on paragraph: “needs clarification”] I decided to drink half a bottle of alcohol so I did. There was no one who knew about it for at least 4 hours & I had fallen asleep and my kidneys had stopped. I had turned a very pale color. I was so sick to the point I should have been a vegetable and would have died slowly, but thanks to father knew what I was going through. He did not let me leave this world. He told me that everything would be all right and that I was needed by many people. And this was not the way to solve my problem. So my strength and health was restored, and I was very grateful for that.

Ricky Johnson

FF-3-181, A-B

I, Lisa Wright, 7 years old first joined People’s Temple I had when [went] to the doctor and he told me I had a kidney infection which I could not hold my water a very long time and when I did I had swelling stomach with severe pain which lasted 4 to 5 hour. One day I was walking by Pastor Jim Jones and he grabbed my hand and he was look[ing] at me strange. The instant minute he touched me I felt the pain leave he told me I was cured of a kidney infection. I never had this pain anymore.

Lisa Wright

FF-3-186, A-B

[Notation at top of page: “No name”]

One morning in December of 1974 I awoke to cook breakfast. We had a gas stove. The gas had been leaking all night. I turn the burners on though I did smell the gas. It was a grill. I went to eye level with the grill and lit a match. I wasn’t close to the burner but the whole stove blew up with gas. The force blew me back 4 ft. Fire was all over my hair, face & top half of my body. My shirt was burned [parenthetical remark illegible] but the only thing that happened to my face was my eyebrows & eyelashes singed.

[page 2 of statement]

This happened at 7:00 in AM at 7:05 AM. Lew Jones call me, he told me Pastor Jones had woke him up and told him what happened to me – he told him to call me to see how I was. Lew repeated to me exactly what had happened.

FF-3-187, A-B

Cleave Swinney

I was climbing on the 24th of December 1967. I fell out of a loft onto a cement rock across a box and was paralyzed. Preacher Jones just come by me. I got up and walked. Then I went to the hospital for x-rays. They put me in bed, then later the Dr. Craft put a brace on me then he told me I would wearing the brace for 6 mo or longer, but by the help and love from Preacher Jones, the brace come off less than 6 mo. Then Dr. Craft told me I would be operated on sooner or later he told me it would not be very long the way he seen it or the way my back looked but when Preacher Jones does a good he does it well.

Cleave Swinney

In 1975 the doctors did not [want] to operate on me for cancer of the [illegible word] the reason was on the account of my past history of operations high blood pressure and artery operators. Preacher Jones told them to continue on with the operation. This is not near all that he has done for me. He would do it for you if you would just let him.

[page 2 of statement]

Cleave Swinney

I had a terrible headache. Through the love care and concern for each one of us or of people and their problems he relieved me of any pains then he told me what was wrong then. He sent me to the hospital. The doctor in General Hospital in Georgetown told me the same thing. Then he sent me to a specialist in Trinidad in Port of Spain. My arteries were hardening the blood vessels were closing up I have had four spells 10 to 15 minutes at each one. My right side was completely paralyzed. My speech was affected. The specialist said since I have had an operation on each side before that he doubted very much if I had any chance and he said put it this way just very little if any. But the answer for me was Preacher Jones I do thank him for this and other healing powers.

FF-3-189, A-B

I, Erma Winfrey, was told by Dr. Lapkass I had arthritis and should be in a wheelchair. My toes and fingers had begun to get stiff and I was unable to lift my feet & walk, but Pastor Jones touched me and I could walk again, my ankles were swollen and stiff.

I, Erma Winfrey, went to Dr. Winters in Santa Rosa Calif. He said I had a cataract on my right eye. I was unable to see at all, he said an operation was needed. Pastor Jones touched my eyes, I am now able to see. I can read, write, and sew. In 1975 I went to a Dr. Smith in Ukiah, he said I did not need an operation now.

I, Erma Winfrey, went to Drs. for many years for ulcers of the stomach, every six months, I would have severe attacks. Pastor Jones called me up about (18) months ago, and I have had no more attacks with ulcers of the stomach of any kind. I know that I was healed.

[Page 2 of statement]

I, Erma Winfrey, had severe pains in my neck and shoulder for many weeks, I felt like my shoulder was out of place. I was taken to Dr. Robert Kraft, he said it was arthritis he gave me a very heavy shot of cortisone it only helped for about twenty-four hours. Pastor Jones touched my shoulder and the pain immediately left.

I was unable to raise my head off the pillow or lie down to go to bed without help, it was the worst pain I ever had. Thanks to Pastor Jones.

I, Erma Winfrey, so many miracles healings in the “Temple,” such as these, people will get up out of their wheelchairs & walk, many times I have seen casts taken off of broken bones and healed. I have seen twisted arms straightened, people speak that had never spoken a word, because the mother had an illness before the child was born. The first word they spoke was, I love you, it was spoken several times and then it was perfectly clear and understandable.

FF-3-190, A-B

Thursday, July 28, 1977

In the summer of 1966, Jim Jones called me out in a meeting and told me about a young man named Allen Sonny Brown with whom I was corresponding at the time. He told me Allen’s full name and the contents of a phone conversation. Jim also told me that I felt that I was ugly. The details for things that I had communicated to no one! He also told me that I had been craving orange juice – something else that I had never told anyone about.

One day in 1958, I was riding in a car with Jim Jones and my parents. Jim awoke suddenly out of a sleep and prophesied the US involvement in the Vietnam War. He stated “For all the vain reasons for man to destroy – over a little place known as Hanoi.[“] He told us that Dean Rusk would be the Secretary of State and would be very much involved in this. At that time, Dean Rusk was not known in the political arena and no one even knew what or where Hanoi was. Years later, however, the US did become very much embroiled in the Vietnam War, and Dean Rusk had become the Secretary of State.

In early September of 1966, I was in a car with 7 other youths. It was late at night and we were driving north on East Road in Redwood Valley. We were hit head-on by a drunken driver. Some in the car suffered severe head

[page 2 of statement]

wounds from the broken glass. The front half of one girl’s scalp could be lifted up. Another’s head went through the windshield and back then out the side window. She appeared to have a broken neck, and she had no apparent vital signs. The driver’s arm broke the steering wheel and she thought her arm was broken. Mike Cartmell jumped from the car and ran 1 mile to Pastor Jones’ house to tell him about the collision. Jim told him there in the yard that everyone would be all right and there would be no broken bones, and no after-effects. Jim also told us this at the scene of the accident. At Ukiah General Hospital, the x-rays were taken of everyone involved and not one broken bone was found. The doctors said that Cathy Stahl would have brain damage and severe eye damage. Extensive testing was done and she suffered neither. The Hospital staff was truly amazed at this. The wreckers who towed our car away told us the glass slivers had to be flying as fast as bullets to become embedded so deep in the cushion of the rear seat, and that it was a miracle that the people in the car were not killed.

Anita Kelley

July 28, 1977

FF-3-191, A-B

[An early draft of this affidavit appears on this page at FF-12-A-42]

[First two sentences crossed out] father Jones has healed me of so many things I do not know where to begin first of all he has made a beautiful place for his children to have a place to live in peace and rest. April 4th he saved me from dying in my sleep.

Keep a bomb from blowing up my home. Thanks to Pastor Jones for also saving my son who lives in Portland Ore from being killed a white man shot at my son who had never be to his church but he missed today he give father the thanks.

He also saved me from a stroke and my daughter Betty from a tumor on her brain. Also the doctor rush my 7 year old grandson from his office to be operated on for acute appendix when they got to the hospital trying to find that they cannot find it had all gone the doctor could not believe what they had found and it was gone and thanks for so many more healings & would never be able to put on paper.

Sis. Lenora M. Perkins

[page 2 of statement]

[Annotation in margin: “Good”]

My grandson had pains in his side. Dr. Hunter said he had acute appendix after taking x-rays. They rush my grandson from the doctor’s office to the hospital. Once they got to the hospital, the doctors could not find the appendicitis. For 7 days they examined him looking for the appendicitis. The doctors couldn’t understand what happened. But I know what happened. I thought on Pastor Jones and my grandson didn’t have to have an operation and all signs of appendicitis was gone. I thank Pastor Jones.

Lenora M. Perkins

FF-3-192, A-B

[An early draft of this affidavit appears on this page at FF-12-A-25]

A couple of years ago I was having extremely sharp pains in my lower back and side. I let it pass by for a long time. I finally complained about it and was sent to the clinic.

The clinic staff said I have a serious kidney infection that was fastly destroying my kidneys. I was given medicine to take, but after a while I stopped taking it, thinking that it was all gone. It came back twice as bad. The clinic doctors were going to put me on a machine. I was so young I didn’t want to spend my entire life on a machine.

So I thought on Pastor Jones and immediately the pain left my body. On the next visit to the clinic the entire infection was totally cleared up. I never had another kidney problem.

Cindy Cordell

[page 2 of statement, rewrites page 1 statement]

FF-3-200, A-C

Nancy Sines

Jim Jones has healed my body and mind of so many things. Even from the first week that I joined Peoples Temple, I was healed 2-fold. Firstly, I was only 22 yrs. old, but so physically ill when I arrived that I could not even walk one city block without the pain and cramping in my abdomen being so severe that I would have to literally stop and rest on the curb until the pain went away. I knew I was very sick, but I had had abdominal surgery once before and had also been warned by my doctor about the possibility of my problem reoccurring, and I didn’t want to go through with it again. I did not tell anyone of the suffering I was going through because I knew they would bug me to see a physician. I had given up all hope and I just didn’t care. (My surgery before entailed the removal of one of my ovaries that had been eaten up by a tumor the size of a baseball.) Then, suddenly the first week I was in the Temple, all of my pain disappeared and I was able to run for the first time in a year! I had also been very involved in the drug world before coming to Peoples Temple, and was used as a guinea pig by two Los Angeles dope dealers to try out their LSD before they would purchase it to test its potency. Because of the effect this had on my mind and my added habit of swallowing any new drug I came across, just to get a little high so that I wasn’t face-to-face with reality and responsibility, my mind soon deteriorated. I would spend hours trying to solve a simple math problem that before would have taken only minutes. I was transforming from what I had been incapable of for years to my old self where my mind no longer wandered aimlessly, but could again think quickly, and clearly. I thank Jim Jones every day for this.

I have also seen the miracles of our animals being healed of all kinds of physical disorders. Jim Jones does not stop at his concern for the people around him, but goes on to include all living things. I remember one time in Capella, Calif. I chased a dog to get him to leave some cats food alone. The dog ran into the street and was hit by a car that was going 40 mph. It was a horrifying thing to see!

[Page 2 of statement]

The dog was thrown out in front of the car by the impact, and then the car hit the dog again, throwing it to be hit a third time in front of the wheels and bumper. Large chunks were being torn from the dog’s body every time it hit the bumper. I screamed and covered my eyes because I couldn’t stand to look @ it any longer. A friend of mine who was also present, named Bryan Kravitz, yelled at me to look as the car finally stopped. As I did so, the dog jumped up from the pavement and continued running across the street. When Bryan and I reached the dog, he was standing next to his owner wagging his tail and not a mark was on his body. [Inserted remark in different handwriting: “and Rev. Jones had warned us weeks before about [illegible words]”]

We also have a dog that had been bitten by a rattlesnake. It was three days before he realized that there was more wrong with the dog than a slight limp. We took him to the veterinarian’s who told us the dog should have died 2 days earlier with the amount of snake venom he had in his system! The vets were constantly being awed by our animals’ unpredictably impossible recoveries.

Miracles on the road were a daily reminder to me again of Jim Jones’ love. I was in my car one morning about 3 AM, driving from SF to Redwood Vly. A deer shot out in front of me and I swerved to miss it, and hit the guardrail. My head hit the dashboard splitting it open indenting the dashboard 3 inches deep. The next thing I remember, was coming to with the worst pain I have ever felt in my head. I immediately thought on Jim and the pain instantly went away. I sat up and realized that my arm was dripping wet. I thought of blood and went to feel my arm for the damage – and it was suddenly dry with nothing but a very small scratch. I and 3 other passengers in the car who also received not even a bruise. The inside of the car, from the back seats to the front windshield, looked as if someone

[Page 2 of statement]

had taken a battering ram to it where our bodies had been thrown around. Windows were broken out where our heads had hit. Pieces of the engine were lying all over the freeway and we had torn up 30 feet of guardrail before coming to a stop. One of the children felt their head being torn from his body – and coincidently he had a picture of Jim Jones 3 days earlier disappear from the head up. Only because of Jim Jones are the four of us alive today.

Nancy Sines

FF-3-201, A-D

On July 9/1972 Pastor Jones told me things I had not said to anyone. He told me my landlord turned off my gas & water, & he was short & fat. Rev. Jones said everything would work out. Also Pastor Jones called my son, Davis, but that name Davis was not the name he was born with. He started using that name when he received his social security card but no one had known this. I had high blood pressure. I took medicine for it. I was an asthmatic. I couldn’t do my shopping, housework or anything. I had to take Hydrillion injections & stay in the hospital 8-10 days at a time from attacks, sometimes longer for I.V. I would be given 20 quarts or more sometimes on one stay. Pastor touched me and told me to run I had not run in some 10-15 years. I have not had any more attacks, no more high blood pressure medicine, no more shots, no hospitals. Dr. Bassett Brown at Central Medical Group,

[Page 2 of statement]

LA, CA and Dr. Ira Monesson of Midcity Clinic, LA, CA, was my doctor at that time. When Pastor Jones told me to run, I ran with all ease, no tiredness or out of breath. Also he told me of a thought that I had when I applied for ATD. He said you had a thought that you are not dead enough, when you go applied for ATD and that was just what I thought to myself. Also that my lungs was the weakest part of my body and it was Dr. Bassett Brown said that I had spots developing on my lungs. But since then I have had x-rays no one has ever mentioned the spots on my lungs. I later moved to Redwood Valley CA. I have not had to be hospitalized at all. Dr. Look and Mendocino Community Hospital, Ukiah, CA was my doctor there. Also Pastor Jones told me the names of teachers that my son had in school, Smith & Turner. He had just started to that school in that time. I didn’t even know his teachers names,
[Page 3 of statement]

I asked Davis (son) his teachers names. He stated Smith, Turner. And went on down the list. There is no way possible that anyone could have known this, no one had asked me any questions about anything. But Pastor Jones told me all these things. Also I have a nephew Joe Wilson, he lived in New Jersey at that time. He was an heroin addict, he was put in the hospital, where his mom was told that it would be a long time months before she could see or talk to him. Pastor Jones said all will be just fine don’t worry. This was in 1972. Later on Joe managed to get out of the hospital and went back to his mom. People there at the hospital told her that there was nothing wrong with him, to take him home. 2 weeks later he was in Redwood Valley, CA, a healed man. No problems at all. But the people at the hospital had said it would be months, before he could even be seen. But 1 week later he was in LA CA, 2 weeks in Redwood Valley CA, and now 1977 still a well man and I am

[Page 4 of statement]

still a well woman.

Dorothy Solomon

FF-3-202, A-D

I, Vinnie [Vennie] Thompson became a member of Peoples Temple sometime in 1972.

Pastor Jones told me prophetically about my first husband and the particular thought of my mind that I had always thought regarding my husband that he (my husband) was “a good man.” This particular refrain was always the exact thoughts I had about my husband. Pastor Jones also said my first husband was deceased. I married again in 1950 – also Pastor Jones told me

[Page 2 of statement, x-ed through]

I, Vennie Thompson [have] been a member since 1972 of Peoples Temple. One day Pastor Jones told me I had been married twice (which was true) & he told me about my first husband – he said that my first husband was “a good man” – he was deceased &

[Page 3 of statement]

(con’td) Vinnie Thompson page 2

my second husband was no good, that my first and second husband were totally different.

He also told me I had lost a daughter “Fannie Mae Johnson” who passed age 68 – my daughter passed several years before I knew Pastor Jones.

He also told me of the loss of my parents, named Fannie & Wallace Silvers – he also told me my mother passed on with high blood [pressure] & my dad w/ low blood and that I Vinnie had suffered

[Page 4 of statement]

with sorrow in my life & was a mother of 9 children, none of which are living!

Vennie Thompson

Also once I had terrible pain in my left knee and pastor Jones touched me & my pain immediately left.

FF-3-206, A-C

To whom it may concern:

Pastor Jim Jones placed his hands on my shoulder taking away the severe exhaustion when I was so tired I could hardly walk and I was able to continue working five eight hour days per week productively. This was in 1972.

I was also losing my eyesight from an infection that dr’s tests did identify the cause, their medication did not stop the fast failing of sight – Pastor Jones called me out in a service telling me of this condition, ministering unto me, and my sight came back to normal in 1975. Jim also spoke to me in one of his services, saying, “be very careful there is great danger around you.[“] Two weeks following a man blocks my driveway not knowing there was some[one]

[Page 2 of statement]

else on the lawn, seeing them he took off in a great rush. This was about 3 AM in the morning in 1974.

For quite a long time I had been experiencing much soreness and irritation in my chest, so severe when I move my arms – thought it was cancer and would not tell anyone. Pastor Jones called me out in a service saying, “that condition you have in your chest is lead poisoning that [you] got from painting that room turquoise blue.[“] That had been 4 years before I met him – the healing came instantly, I’ve never felt it since.

Jim also healed a toe that I noticed the sock was wet and I examined the pus coming out of it. He called me concerning

[Page 3 of statement]

that toe, and it healed immediately and has not had any condition since then and this was in 1973.

Inez Conedy


For a year 1/2 I wore a body length steel back brace. I had fell on my job and slipped two discs in my spine. Dr. Albert Thomas of Los Angeles gave me a choice, either surgery or wear a steel brace for the rest of my life. I chose the brace. The brace limited me from many activities. But one Thursday night in Los Angeles, Pastor Jones told me I suffered long enough, he told me to take my brace off. I left the brace at the church. I’ve been walking ever since, now I can do everything. I went back to Doctor Albert Thomas. My doctor was shocked, he looked up and asked me, “What happened? How can you walk in here w/o the brace.” I told him of Pastor Jones. He said, that man did a better job than surgery could have done. He wanted to see that man called Jim Jones. I’m thankful to be able to walk without pain & to be a healthy & happy woman today.

Pastor Jones has always advised us to see our physicians, so I asked him if I should have a surgery to remove my thyroid & a tumor. He told me to go ahead and everything would be all right. I was only in the hospital for three days. I went in Friday and was out Sunday. Monday I was walking around. The surgery went so well, I was back in the very next service. Thanks to Pastor Jones, five years later I have no signs of cancer (tumor) & I feel fine.

Annie McGowan

FF-3-213, A-B

The eye doctor at Kaiser Hospital in Redwood City, CA, USA, subscribed [prescribed] glasses for me. One day Rev. Jim Jones did a general audience healing for blindness. Immediately my sight became from 30-40 nearsighted to 20-20. It was like I was all of a sudden 10-20 feet closer to what I was seeing. I no longer wear glasses.

At the end of one of the services in SF, Ca, USA, Rev. Jim Jones touched me and told me “your life and the other person involved will be saved.” Later on that week one of the school buses I was on had a near accident. If it was not for Pastor Jones’ prophecy I and another member would have been killed.

When I was pregnant, Rev. Jones touched my stomach and at that time my body filled up with warmth. The next day I fell down right on my stomach and I know if it wasn’t for the love of Rev. Jones I would have miscarried my baby.

On a Wednesday night service,

[page 2 of statement]

I was getting terrible pains in my stomach & head as if I was going to faint. Rev. Jones smiled at me and instantly all of the pain left and my entire body became warm.

My little girl was born with the umbilical cord around her neck. It was difficult for me to push so I pushed her head out first and it was out at least 1-2 min before her shoulders and the rest of her body came out. Any doctor can tell you a baby born under those circumstances is either born dead or with brain damage, but my daughter Kaywana has been checked by doctors & is said to be far ahead of her age in progress.

[Paragraph crossed out] Pastor Jones gave a message that he would protect Mark Rhodes my little nephew for 1 year. In that year, Mark was aged 2 yrs. He was in a large tub by himself unattended & the tub overflowed & if it was not for Pastor Jones he would have drowned. Also Mark was playing on a two story balcony & would have fallen & been killed if not for the loving power of Pastor Jones.

Jocelyn Carter


I, Lexie Davis, attended a meeting in 1976. He had called a member from the audience, he was reminding her of a heart condition she had. I was feeling extreme heaviness in my chest, arms & hands, so heavy I could hardly lift them up. When he was talking to this other member, he then turned to me all of a sudden and said I am saving you of a heart attack in 8 minutes. Right then all the heaviness and pain left & I have had no recurring pain since then. 1976

I, Lexie Davis, was a witness when Rev. Jones predicted that Louise Callahan [crossed out “would”] lived through a stab wound in the head. He told her to stay close to him before it happened and not to go to [illegible word]. She didn’t & sure enough she was stabbed. The doctors gave Louise up at Presbyterian Hospital. She pulled through as Rev. Jones predicted & she has resumed daily activities normally.


[Peoples Temple form attesting to miracle]

Date: 8-12-73

I, [First name illegible] Pierce, hereby agree and consent to the use of my picture and recorded testimony in the publications and other communications sponsored or otherwise influenced by People’s Temple Christian Church or Jim Jones, it’s [its] pastor, for whatever purpose said church or pastor sees fit.

I signed this freely and without duress because I believe in the Human Service work of People’s Temple Christian Church.

Witness: Rita J. Tupper

Compassion[ate] Pastor Jim Jones called me out told me how I was crippled from a fall fifteen years ago. He told me of the dogs I had had ears [years] ago and gave these names. He told me my spine have been injured, and I had pinched a nerve in my leg making them numb. He told me what my Dr. had said about my condition. My back was bent way over, and I could not walk or even take a step without crutches. My eyes had become so dim

[page 2 of testimonial]

that I could barely see shadows. He told me to look at him and as he held up various objects I could see them from the back of the room. Then he commended me to straighten my back and I did so then he told me to walk and take a step unassisted by crutches or people – I did this and then he said Run – Run – Run, and Praise his name I ran around the room like a child –