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[typed memo, by unknown person code-named “Derek”]


Affidavits sent to the President of the US with explanations on all the charges and to show him what we are up against. They talk about orchestrating a tax thing against us. Even to embarrass him. Any ideas he has on that, forestalling that we wouldn’t mind at all being disciplined, or reprimanded for things we did, but this is erie [eerie] smear campaign, reminiscent of the McCarthy era or worse.

[paragraph bracketed “healing”] Get Philip on the radio and let him ask certain ques[tions], relay it to him, to get it to him. Don’t know how enthusiastic they are, can’t know that they will but get on the radio and interview the press, or pick out some that we think would give a reasonable interview. Some would feel slighted so they would just knock us out of vindictiveness if we did that. For instance I would say when I handled the CA’s [cancers] at no time did I – anyone I was attempting to heal, where I felt succeeded I would always send them to a doctor, always. Anyone I dealt with with terminal CA, I would tell them to be absolutely sure they followed exactly their doctors specifications. We have had reports of all kinds of wonderful remissions & you can take a voiceprint and certainly test that I know I can heal. I know I have a certain paranormal aspect, but that was always far, for secondary to anything else, it isn’t important. We don’t see ourselves as a panacea.

[Paragraph bracketed “What to say on Grace publicly”] Each of these charges I could handle in a way that would not compromise him. I wouldn’t say the end justifies the means. I would think that I would have to talk about a woman in general that the reason I am down here is because of the baby. And how that baby came to be. The woman was suicidal and her husband thought she was going to cause difficulties to the cause on top of it, go out and do treachery. He asked me to do what I could and he thought sex would help her and did. And she had a baby. One of the reports said that she said she was never a believer. Obviously this is odd. Say everything in a general way without hitting her publicly, first. I could approach them that way. Allude to it, but say that I will be going public the next time.

If JJ surfaced in an interview it might waylay, show humility, say I am not even sure of the overall workability of egalitarian philosophies, but I know it is not right for 2 out of 3 babies to go to bed hungry and the reason that we got many of our people out was that we knew that they would go back to their former patterns of violence & suggested it. We wanted them to be a part of a solution where they would make a good image for the United States as well as help in a country that is trying to build a non-aligned society. That would be one reason. We will have news people down here. [last lines of paragraph bracketed: “Description of Jonestown”] When the road is prepared and there is more adequate guest housing. Our people are very happy and very well housed and very well taken care of. We have our own warehouse where they get food, the best of clothes that they need, the best medical care that they can have on earth. What other place can the doctor see everyone each week. The best of educational material, not to mention being out with nature, good clean air, mineral water, and atmosphere free from racism which is so important to people. That is roughly a little bit of the idea.

A summation of the worst parts of the affidavits needs to be ready for the interview so he can go down the list. We didn’t want to get into personalities to hurt them, and we didn’t want to even explain one of the reasons why I am here for the time being, until this thing is worked out. I will not allow her child to go to a person who beats their head against the wall, and threatened to kill herself and the child, threatened to kill her husband, all the other things she did. Rather than hurt, or embarrass her or other members of her family. Her family are all racist bigots and I don’t want to expose my child to that.



[Write-up of Billy Jones for Learning Crew]

14/3 [March 14] late twice this week [illegible word] off Learning. Works well.

4/1 Warned about snide remark

2 April – [illegible word]

21 April – used nursing excuse. Sup[ervisor] says too many excuses. Says Jocelyn. Not in meeting at nurses office – Slept at Mary Griffith’s house during alert, had to go get him [Learning]

6 May – praise for being attentive in Edith Roller’s class

15 May – Still drags in late for school – got into a verbal hassle w/ David Goodwin.

27 May – Praise for helping take down chairs in the Pavilion on service nights.


[Write-up of Tommy Anderson]

Anderson, Tommy

22 April – Sleeping in Rally night

6 May – Praise helped Etta get ashes for soap


[crossed out, handwritten, undated note from Ann Moore regarding renewal notice for drivers license]


[unsigned, undated note from Ann Moore]

I can remember some specific things in the past that others could relate to but I do not know the details. Maybe someone can remember.

1) Liz Forman – lump was on her breast. Doctor verified. Dr.? – She was healed.

2) In LA December 1972 (I believe) Faith Kice was struck in the gut during a small riot by a policeman at PT. She entered Ukiah General Hosp. – had a ruptured spleen. Something happened & they thought she was going to die & then she was healed.

3) Tim Jones (Day) was found in the bathtub under water.

4) Tim Stoen was shot in Ukiah at night. Grace testified to it in a Weds. nite meeting.

5) Lorraine Smith went through the bars of SF Temple during a fire.

6) J.R. Purifoy testified that he was burning alive fighting the fire in SF Temple. He thought on Jim (I think) and immediately a cool breeze swept through cooling him off. (Very strange experience, I don’t know details but he testified to Joyce Parks and J about it.) Only singed his hair and 1st ° [first degree] burn of face.

7) Wanda Johnson’s stove blew up in her face.

8) Karen Layton arm, Don Jackson’s leg – both verifiable by Dr. Kraft – Robert Kraft at Ukiah General

FF-3-207, A-C

[Letter from member in jail]



I know I have no right asking for your help being the trader [traitor] that I am. But all I can do is ask you for your forgiveness and that you could spare one minute of meditation for me, my wife and our children. I don’t mean to bring my wife and her children in this for sympathy nor would I accept it. I know it was a very bad thing I did. I’m sorry it happened not for myself but more for his mother for I know she is suffering just as my mother would of if it had been the other way around. I don’t ask for money nor could I accept any cause I know that there is people that need the money more than I do. I just couldn’t think of me having the church spending money for my case. And I really do mean this.

I am ready to face this head on and serve whatever time I’m given. I’m charged with Murder I and larceny possible life in Prison or worse. I would like to say to the people in the church that to make me an example of a traitor to the cause. Even though I have never coincided with people that are trying to destroy the church and its cause, just to leave the cause for any reason whatever and in so becoming a traitor, as I am is enough to bring something like this upon themselves. So take it from me for I am there.

My wife and I discussed coming back to the church when I have done my time whatever it may be and I hope that you all will and Father – forgive me and accept me back in the church. I made a solemn oath and promise to myself to return whatever the outcome, be it with my wife or without. I know my place in the cause I will die for. Also please meditate for the deciest [deceased] family. His mother especially.

Thank you.

Love and peace, Daniel Rodriguez

[Page 2 of statement]

Please relate to my mother that I am doing fine and that I’ll see her someday. Not to worry because I know the spirit of the conscience is the presence of my God (Jim Jones) and he is the source of my power and my strength to make it through this.

Thank you.

[Photocopy of envelope from Daniel Rodriguez in Santa Barbara County Jail, addressed to Jim Jones]