Procedures For Notification of Next of Kin

Procedures For Notification
Of Next Of Kin Of Deceased
From Guyana

  1. Take the name of deceased as received from Delaware.
  2. Check Card Box in Miss Day’s Office and pull card for deceased. If no card, make a notation next to name on list. If there is a card but no next-of-kin information note that also on the list.
  3. Select likeliest next of kin from card or passport application. (Begin with widow/widower, childern, parents or other adopted/blood relatives or legal custodians such as brothers/sisters over 18 and go on to grandparents, aunts/uncles cousins etc. Call a friend as last resort.
  4. Give the person called information as follows:


Notification to next of kin once body identified at Dover.

A. Remains of                 have been identified by U.S.A.F. mortuary authorities, Dover.

B. You should have your local funeral home contact one of the following morturies in Dover to arrange for shipment of                  remains to your area.

Give at least 3.

C. When you contact your localmortician, you should be prepared to furnish him some sort of proof that you are the legal next-of-kin or are so empowered to act on behalf of the next of kin.

D. If asked about costs, timing, etc., response should be “the mortician will be best source for this information”.

  1. List of morticians in Dover area. Give at least three and on next call use next three and soforth until starting at the top again.


Mr. Ford
Funeral Director
Ford Funeral Services
601 S. Heald Street
Wilmington, Delaware

Mr. Michael J. Ambrouso
1175 S. State
Dover, Delaware

Mr. Donald M. Durham
39 Parkhaven Drive
Dover, Delaware

Faries Funeral Directors
1250 S. Governors Avenue
Dover, Delaware

Ferguson & Hayes Funeral Directors
140 S. State
Dover, Delaware

Minus Funeral Home
222 N. Queen
Dover, Delaware

Reese Funeral Home
870 Forest
Dover, Delaware

Howard C. Stevenson
403 W. Division
Dover, Delaware

Torbert Funeral Chapel Inc.
Reed & Bradford
Dover, Delaware

Trader Funeral Home
12 Lotus
Dover, Delaware

Pippin Funeral Home
119 West Camden-Wyoming Inc.
Wyoming, Delaware

  1. If people have no money for shipment tell them the following groups have offered possible help. (See Below)
  2. On questions concerning personal effects:
    1. On the body – Military rules say such effects go to whoever receives remains.
    2. In Guyana, we don’t know now.


Bill Eisen, Park Presidio Neighborhood Association
291 7th Avenue
San Francisco 94118
(415) 668-2233
10-4 M-F has answering service for other times
for San Francisco Northern California area – Next-Of-Kin

Originally posted on March 31st, 2021.

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