1. American Embassy Reports Ryan’s Assassination
  2. The NOIWON Notation
  3. State Department Reactions and Responses
    1. Situation Reports
    2. State Department Press Briefings
    3. Procedures and Instructions for Guyana Working Group
    4. State Department Monitors Press Coverage of Jonestown Tragedy
  4. Examinations by Dr. Leslie Mootoo
  5. Autopsies
    1. Autopsies in Guyana
    2. Autopsies in the United States
  6. Reports of the Deaths of American Citizens Abroad
  7. Peoples Temple Lists of Jonestown Dead
  8. FBI Opens Investigation of Peoples Temple
  9. A Jonestown Inventory
  10. The NBC Videotapes: Pathway to Oblivion
  11. Guyana: How It Was, a radio documentary
  12. Diary of Mark Lane
  13. Richard McCoy Memos to the Files, December 1978
  14. Guyana Inquest
  15. “A Witness to Tragedy and Resurrection” by John V Moore
    1. Statement of John V Moore
    2. Letter to The Christian Century
  16. The U.S. Government and Delaware
  17. The Dissolution of Peoples Temple
    1. The Court’s Wrapping-Up of Peoples Temple Affairs
    2. The Guyana Emergency Relief Committee
    3. The Peoples Temple Receiver
    4. The Wrongful Death of Daniel James Beck
  18. Identification of Jonestown Bodies
  19. Congressional Tributes to Leo Ryan
  20. U.S. Government Efforts to Seek Reimbursement or Costs
    1. Department of Justice Bills Officers of Peoples Temple
    2. U.S. Sues Peoples Temple for Costs of Repatriation and Identification
  21. FBI Report on Peoples Temple Assets Abroad
  22. Investigation of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
  23. GAO Investigations of Foster Care Children
  24. Findings, Analysis and Inventory of the Peoples Temple Agricultural Settlement, a report by the Government of Guyana
  25. The Death of Michael Prokes
  26. The Jailhouse Letters of Chuck Beikman
  27. The Prosecutions of Larry Layton NEW
  28. Guyana Index
  29. Congressional Hearings and Reports
  30. The U.S. State Department Crimmins Report
  31. Joe Holsinger and His Questions on Jonestown
    1. “The Penal Colony”
  32. The Murders of Al and Jeannie Mills
  33. Ryan v. United States
  34. California Attorney General Report of Investigation of People’s Temple
  35. Real Estate Brochure for Peoples Temple Property
  36. “The Black Hole of Guyana,” by John Judge
  37. The Campaign to Release Larry Layton from Federal Prison