Interviews with Survivors in Georgetown

During the final two weeks of November 1978 – as the remains of more than 900 people were airlifted from Jonestown to the United States, as Guyanese and American government officials struggled to handle the crisis, as relatives and friends of the deceased hounded the U.S. State Department and FBI for news – some 87 survivors were quarantined in the Peoples Temple headquarters at Lamaha Gardens or at one of several hotels in Georgetown. There they were interviewed (some survivors would use the verb “interrogated” or “harassed”) by Guyana police and American media. While none of the police interviews are available, several interviews by television reporters have survived. A sampling of them appear below:


ABC News: “Jonestown”: Interview with Mike and Tim Carter, 11/25/78 (Parts 1 & 2)

ABC News: “Jonestown Massacre”: Interview with Mike and Tim Carter, 12/1/78 (Parts 2 & 3)

ABC News “Jonestown”: Press Conference with Stephan Jones, 11/21/78 (Parts 1 & 2)

Templo del Pueblo Jonestown 1980 [1978] Interview With Mike and Tim Carter and Michael Prokes (see also, video below)

(Editor’s note: This website thanks Aliah Mohmand for these transcripts.)


News Conference With Stephan Jones After Jonestown Massacre (MSNBC) (8:15)

1978 Special Report: Jim Jones Son Stephan Speaks Out After Massacre (27:34; start at 5:52 for press conference)

Tim Carter – Michael Prokes – Mike Carter – Templo del Pueblo Jonestown
Spanish TV show on Temple, post tragedy interviews (8:41)


Jonestown An Eyewitness Account (Interview with Stanley Clayton) (10:01)

Jackie Speier talks about surviving Jonestown massacre in 1978 (9:24)