Chuck Beikman Letter, January 9, 1979

[Reviewed] Asst. Supt. Of Prison, 9/1/79 [January 9, 1979]

Dear Tommy,

I have received both of your letters and I read the second letter. What you said in the letter, was it a joke, were you serious or not? Things are going slow here as far as the case is concern [concerned]. Stephan Jones was charged along with me for the same offense now. That is a joke the Prosecutor is loco in the head. I would like to know how the money situation is down there, if Dale is trying to get things together. I can’t tell you nothing about the case it could be damaging because somebody can take it the wrong way. I hear you have got you [your] arm refixed, let me hear something more about it. I wrote Ruth Creamer a letter advising her that if anybody else wanted to write to me to put all the letters in one envelope because I am only entitled to one letter a week. I can only write one a week. Tell Dale that I have received all the pictures but I did not see Laurie picture at all. The way it looks life must be [Illegible word] with all my brothers unless the food must be agreeing with their stomachs. Thank Gertrude and Bill Creamer for burying my wife for me. I will like to know what it cost them. Say hello to Billy Creamer and let him drop me a few lines too. His wife also if she remembers me. There is nine people living at the House on Dennis Street and the three in Prison making it twelve of us still in Guyana. Paula [Adams] decided to stay anyhow because she can leave when she wants to. They are selling everything they can sell here in town. The Albatross is working in Jamaica and Venezuela and [lawyer Rex] McKay was trying to get it back in Guyana because over here it can make some money because it can carry a greater load. Hoping that they can make more money so as to ease Dale’s pocket. Tell him and let him know what we are doing. For every dollar you sent here I will get about $2.50. Tell each and every one of the kids and to the whole family that I remember all of them. I love you more than you will never know. Have a little more patience because I am the rat that is locked up in the box. Bury your patience along with mine and think of good. I am in good shape. According to the people in Guyana the lease is going fast. If there is anything you can think of to say to anybody who might want to know what’s going on you can tell them. I will have a stiff drink with you when I get there.

Love, Chuck

Written by me as dictated by prisoner Charles Beikman.  Austin #550