Chuck Beikman Letter, January 26, 1979

[Stamped] 79-26-1 [January 26, 1979]

Dear Tommy,

I am all right. I think about you all the time and everybody else there, Dad, Brothers, Sisters and other relatives. Tell them that I don’t think that they have it as a disgrace for what I was charged and locked up with because I know that the state paper is going to play it up big in the Newspapers and Television. You said that they all respected me here, that all of them were waiting for me to be home with all of them, and time would tell by the way they act towards me. Because I am very sensitive in picking up bad vibrations. Cause If not I would rather not be there, which I know there is some who do care, if not they would not be trying to get money for my Lawyer. Find out if my brother Jim is still living away from Beach Grove. The case is coming along all right. By the time you get this letter you should hear some news on the radio about the case. Tell everybody to keep listening out, so even if you don’t somebody might hear and tell you. I would talk you about other things I would not say now. Right now nothing except about how you are getting along, your job, just keep me informed about the good things. Stephan Jones when we go to trial we talk a lot together. Steve is [a] very sensitive and very wise man he told me some things that he told you. Steve and I get along very well. I have seen Charlie Tushett [Touchette] and Mike Tushett and Deborah Tushett. Charlie is looking very healthy. Paula Adams is still here. She can go if she wants to but she is staying here to help sell stuff so that we can pay the Lawyer. Lee Ingram is still here, Calvin [Douglas] is still here, Philip Blakey is still operating the boat making money. Joan [Pursley] went back to the States but I am not sure about Robin [illegible word] [Tschetter]. The fellow that drives the tractor is still here. I know I haven’t get any reply on how much money was raised for the Lawyer. Check on it and let me know. I will also like to get a reply from Billy Creamer and Gertrude Creamer which I haven’t got yet. Get hold of Becky’s Grandmother. [interlinear note: “Give my dad a kiss on his forehead.”] Becky always wanted to know how she was getting on. If she is still alive tell her Becky used to think a whole lot about her. I send you all my love and I care from you just as if you were still a baby. But now I realize you are not a baby no more but you are old enough to think for yourself. I have several people here to tell me that you are a fine outstanding fellow.

x Charles Beikman

Written by me as dictated by Prisoner C. Beikman. Austin #550.