Chuck Beikman Letter, February 6, 1979

6–2–79 [February 6, 1979]

Dear Tommy;

How is everything. Court tomorrow Tuesday the 6th of February, 1979. We will get the decision then from the Magistrate [Prem] Persaud. Give everybody my love and kisses. Rex McKay is trying to get the money from the Bank. If he don’t, make sure any money you send to Guyana or the man that he wants you to give it to in the States, be aware that for every American Dollar you give him it will be $2.53 Guyana money. Make sure that Dale knows this too. Give my sisters my love. Tell my dad I am all right. I have a little bladder trouble but I have gotten rid of it. I like to hear about how your arm is getting along and if you are working yet or not. Be careful, don’t get yourself too much in debt with that trailer you were talking about. Try to keep track with all your spendings. per month. Try not to be in debt all the time. Work out a budget. Any contract that you signed that you don’t understand will be best to take it to a Lawyer who will explain for just a small fee or even nothing. Keep all receipts that you get for a long period of time. Say hi to Billy and his wife, his little brother and two sisters.

Go ahead and write me a short letter if you want to know anything after this letter. Watch out for any news on radio or Newspapers or even Television.

I have to go now because here is a man coming. in to shave me now if anybody asks about me just give them my love. All my love to you Tommy. I can’t tell you how much I [would] love to be there with you. I know this is harm you, but imagine how much I feel to be kept in here for something I did not do. I think of your mother and brother, I also think of the 914 people who died at Jonestown, that should have never happened. All my love and kisses to you again.


Written by me as dictated by Prisoner C. Beikman Austin #550