Chuck Beikman Letter, February 26, 1979

26–2–79 [February 26, 1979]

Dear Tommy;

Even though we are apart my love still reaches out to you like a hummingbird hanging around a flower as I love you Tom – my forever, your Dad. Write 41 Dennis Street and find out how much they pay Rex McKay or if he got any money out of the Bank. If you do send any money to Rex McKay make sure it is made out proper in his name, make sure you have the Serial No. of the Check written in a book so that you will be able to have like a receipt. Tell all Creamer that I am longing to see them as I am longing to see my family too, Brothers and Sisters. I will call you from San Francisco, California when I am coming up, then I will tell you when the plane will arrive in Neopolis [Indianapolis]. If possible bring some money with you because I think my pockets are going to be dry. Have me a pack of Camels and cigarette lighter waiting for me because I am going to try to smoke the hump out of the Camel’s back. You said there was a young lady waiting on me, you said she was cold, but this would be all right. Turn the heat up in the house because sure I wouldn’t want her to catch cold without me being there to Doctor her. I am glad to hear that you got a job and that you are happy and having fun. Remember what you promised me when you was talking to me when Mrs. Irvine was there in the Office. I know it’s hard for you to keep a promise when I am not around try to keep your promise that you promise me. It will be for your own good. I wouldn’t tell you this if it wasn’t good, sound advice. I can only tell you from experience through my lifetime. Please don’t drive when drunk. One day in here seems like a week to me, so surely you should be able to wait for me to get out of here which time will fly for you. See what kind of job there is for a forty-five year old man.

Give my love to Billy Creamer  and his wife and his little kids. Truly Yours, Chuck

x x I am sending my kiss on those two exes. It is just a matter of time now in April when I go back to Court. I love all whose concern for me here. I am keeping my health up to the best I can. I exercise three times a day in my cell. They are treating me all right here in Prison. How is Judy oldest daughter Louise. I think they call her Lindy. How big is she and let me know their ages. Ask how Judy is. Give Grandmother a big hug and kiss for me. Please try to answer this letter with all the questions I asked you.

Yours truly, Your love forever, Your Dad

Written by me as dictated by prisoner C. Beikman

Austin #550.