Chuck Beikman Letter, May 11, 1979

Stamped 11/5/79 [May 11, 1979]

Charles Beikman to Tommy Beikman

Dear Tommy,

I think it is a great idea to build a porch on the front of the Trailer. Because I had the same idea wrote down on paper. It seems that you are reading my thoughts. And I do hope you make it as big as possible. Maybe you can get Chester and Paul to help you build it. Make sure the trailer is on solid ground and this will be its permanent place. I also have an idea of building another two bedroom[s] on the other side of the trailer with a bath and shower. It will accommodate seven or eight people. I had that drawn on paper but I rather wait until you looked at it. Get Chester and Paul. They can pick up a lot of loose materials from construction sights [sites]. This will save you some money. Ask the man in charge of the building science if he can have all the bricks that is left there, half bricks or whole bricks. Even shingles if you can get a lot from one place you clean up the ground around the construction sites. Talk to Chester and ask him what he thinks about it. I have you spent 95% of your time with the Creamers!  I hope in return that you will split your time in half to spend a little more time with my brother Dale. He mentioned it to me in a letter. He don’t know what you are doing except for when you tell him so try to spend a little more time with Dale and Chester as much as possible cause they are the main ones who got the money for the Lawyer if you remember. I know Billy Creamer has helped you and I know your grandma has got you a ring for your birthday. So don’t [you] think that you owe them your obligation to be around them so much. I know you wouldn’t understand what I’m trying to tell you, when I get there I will explain it all to you so that you can understand it. Maybe I am asking too much out of you. If I am let me know. Give everybody my love and kisses. I know you know that I love you. Running out of paper. Be good to yourself and curb your appetite. Charles E. Beikman.

Written by many as dictated by Prisoner C. Beikman. Austin #550