Chuck Beikman Letter, July 22, 1979

[Stamped] 22/7/79 [July 22, 1979]

From Dad.

Dear Tommy,

I heard about you going Mushroom and repairing your trailer which I am very proud of you which I always had been. Do you remember when I took you into a clothing store and was going to buy you some clothes when certain people was causing trouble between me and your mother? I remember when you told me not to buy you anything that you will need all the money that you got. At your age you knew the value of a dollar. You are right, I did need all the money that I can lay my hands on, but I still wanted to buy you something to make sure you have plenty [of] clothes and stuff for yourself. I am glad that we raised you to care for people and to show love for people. I have lots to tell you when I get home. I am sure you want to know what’s going on down here. I get hold of the American Embassy to go see Rex McKay for me but it seems as though I got to push them a little harder, because it was in the paper that I was going to go the last week in the last month, now I’m going all out to find out why they keep canceling me in Court. Rex McKay is paid in full so there is no reason why I should be canceled from court every time I turn around. Ask Dale to write Rex as he [Dale] is the one that paid the Lawyer fees and find out why they keep putting my case off. It is aggravating for me to keep telling you is this time and that time and it keeps canceling, because this is a big let down to me as well as to you. I can’t find out nothing ask the American Embassy why they keep putting it off. Reply to me and let me know if you have received information in all those matters that I have been asking about. Do not worry about if Dale knows about you telling me about Dad’s death because Dale cares about you and you wouldn’t be no burden on Dale or Chester. Make sure that you have enough money when you go to school don’t cut yourself short on your money so that you won’t be able to eat when you are going to school. Give your problem to Dale cause he can help you because all his family is married and gone. You wouldn’t be a burden on him at all because I know all my brothers better than you think I do. So please let him assist you until I get there. I gave you all my love and also you with the proper age as far as women are concern [concerned]. I do care for Billy Creamer like if he were my own son.

Written by me as dictated by C. Beikman. Austin #5/50. Charles Beikman.