Chuck Beikman Letter, August 12, 1979

From Dad – To: Tommy 12-8-79 [August 18, 1979]

I [would] like to know if Debbie Tushette [Touchette] has wrote you that Rex [McKay] told her that I will walk out of here free and he was going to send me home. Did Rex write and tell you anything about it, I will like to know. I know that Rex is a very smart Lawyer or he wouldn’t be a Lawyer for the Govt. here in Guyana, he has also served as a Judge as a fill in. He is also a prosecutor as well. I don’t know what they have told you, but I will like to know. I was supposed to go to trial in this Session but you can bet your thirty dollars that I will be going until after the suing of the People’s Temple is finished with. Rex McKay hand me a whole bag full of worms. I have a feeling that I would have to send for my oldest brother Dale to come down here if possible for about three weeks before trial starts. I have a feeling there is not very much truth being told to me as a client. A lady that comes to see me has been very good by getting in touch with you and Dale for me. I know that more money is in the picture, so tell Dale I’m afraid that I might be in the squeeze for more money. I have something to say to Dale, but I cannot put it in a letter, but I don’t want you to worry about if Tommy write Chester, tell him I met his wife if he remembers and tell him I got his letter, I like his wife very well, she has taken on a hell of a big task. Tell Billy Creamer to write his Grandmother Cunningham. Tell her I received her letter and really appreciated what she said. Please keep in touch with me on anything that Rex tells you. Keep all of this mail and tell Dale to do that also. Don’t throw nothing away. I know you miss me a hell of a lot, but if you knew for me being in here you must know that I miss you one hell of a lot. I heard you and Chester went fishing and you ate fifteen big fish and didn’t even give me a smell. I am glad to hear that you love to fish and I hope to see the day we can also defy the water and fish. Write a letter every week and mail it. With all my love and kisses. I am dam [damn] proud of you. X Charles E. Beikman

Written by me as dictated by Prisoner C. Beikman. Austin #550

[marginal note: “I received your letter on Friday 10•8•79”]