Mazor statement of Sept 11, 1978


Mazer: Sept 11th [handwritten year] 1978

It’s really nothing I can say, I brought you information which, I think of if the people had gotten 6 months ago, you might not have gone through as much as you have, but sometimes communications fall down. Particularly in the legal field; as Charles [Garry] can tell you, one of the problems we seem to have is trying to look at everyone’s complaints as Temple members who have made complaints on the people who are setting here 5000 miles away and not make any judgments but try and get all the information we can and so far we have 52,000 pages of documents which was put together over 18 months.

We have enough information to convict – people of various crimes, purgery [perjury] and serious things like that. It doesn’t mean they’ll go to jail forever, but at least it means that some of the things that the Temple may have been wrongly charged with at least record will be set straight.