Mazor notes


Steve Davis, of KGO-TV, doing story on PT in 2 weeks, re perjury & forgery of TOS, mentioning PT because of Swinney deal.

Grace Stoen under subpoena this week because of notary violations.

State Department has letters on us, which commented favorably on our human service; but also has letters on TOS which are not favorable to him.

October 1977 there was report of 2 Peoples Temple passports sold in Tangiers, passports of people who came to Guyana.

Mazor wants to know source on who said TOS out to get him.

Only thing actionable on TOS is bonds question re notary.

Don Freed told Mazor Guyana threw out 2 CIA agents; Mazor checked story out, says Guyana never expelled anyone.

Mazor in referring to the hotel meeting between Freed, Pat Richartz, Ingrid who was to be Freed’s secretary and not know Pat and not be affiliated with Garry’s office, referred to Ingrid as working in Garry’s office and Garry acknowledged it.

Mazor saw police report on Chris Lewis day after Chris murdered. Mazor says he has someone in his office go check on police reports daily and this is how he discovered Chris’  death.

January 26, 1978 Mazor told TOS “talk to me or else” TOS didn’t talk to him.

Chris Lewis was in Mazor’s files in August 1977 as “Jones’ hit man.”

Criminal activities TOS known to be involved in:

  1. monies received for notarial acts = embezzlement, grand theft (this has to do with the Swinney sale)
  2. bribery tape sent to Attorney General’s office, which has TOS, Harold Cordell

There are 12 tapes, 8 hours. Because of Stoen’s  involvement with Freitas, Mazor was afraid to turn them over to the SF DA office. Swinney sent tapes in mail to Mazor, who called in Tim Reiterman, Marshall Kilduff, Dave Rubin and Bob Graham of SF DA office. Mazor made 3 copies of the tapes, 2 for the newspapers, 1 for Graham, and 1 for Mazor. Graham gave his copy to the Attorney General.

The call to Swinney was made by TOS from the Mendocino County District Attorney’s office. 5 years statute of limitations on action.

Larry Lawrence, ex-FBI agent, mandatorily retired, assigned to PT in SF DA’s office. Freitas discouraged it and Lawrence left, now is in charge of security at Mt. Diablo Hospital.

Attorney General sent tapes to Mendocino County DA – Mazor protested, get it out of Mendocino County – TOS country.

Mazor went to the Guyana Desk at the State Department, Guyanian Embassy, and the United Nations and finally got a list of all people’s passports who came into Guyana in the last year.

Mazor reunited the Pettit kids with Mertles – had [SF] Progress reporter and Deputy Probation Officer present. Deanna has physical custody of the kids; Pettit has legal custody. Pettit had to sign statement saying Mertles would not receive State funds for the kids.

Mazor says he’s never had contact with the Medlocks but received a letter last year; someone whose mother/sister ? explained hadn’t seen relative…

IRS looking into Swinney deal because Stoen offered Swinney $10,000; IRS views that as a payment but it was reported as a gift. Sloppy handling. The $10,000 should have been listed as payment but was listed as a gift. The way Stoen puts it on the tapes that Swinney sent to Mazor, in the order of things, is that that is for the property. Right behind that is the call, and another conversation with Stoen, and a meeting with Stoen = chain of events that sounds miserable from our standpoint. Don’t even think he knew tapes were made. Swinney made the tapes surreptitiously. The tape was not doctored – ran it through tests – in the background are 5 or 6 people saying “yeah, tell him,” over and over.

Mazor has affidavit from Don Swinney presented by Marvin “on a certain occasion Jim Jones instructed the boy to steal his mother and father’s passports.

These tapes were turned over when Stoen was in Guyana.


2 – Mazor notes

Complaint was filed with the FCC under subchapter 96 of the Amateur Radio Code; thinks it was probably in the US, not in Guyana. Mazor spent 3 hours with the FCC; pressure from the American Radio Relay League, not from our antagonists. Initial report by ARRL, amateur monitor in 20 meters. Mazor taped us for 6 months, everything. Doesn’t save the tapes. He stopped in January/February 1978. Says he was satisfied no information going across useful to his investigation.

Recommends alternatives – move radio to Mexico. Not Canada because Canada has reciprocal agreement with US. Mexico allows 4000 watts power; FCC only allows 1000. No linear restrictions or no sporadic/harmonic tones restrictions.

Tim Reiterman listened with Mazor to the radio traffic, also automatic recorder, monitored here and there, then quit. Monitored 2 weeks ago, when Mazor was on the air himself.

Mazor has been asked to report on the project on specific areas:

  • deed situation on Swinney property
  • Vincent Lopez – Mazor says he’ll give good report to Probation Officer.
  • Tish Leroy – forged grant deeds under direction of TOS and informed Marvin she forged his deed; he is empowered by Secretary of State to offer her immunity if she testifies. Neva Sly passed Mazor’s and another polygraph test that she forged powers of attorney, in dealing with SSI and SSA checks of rest home patients in Mendocino County.

Charles told Mazor Tish said TOS told her he saw the Swinneys sign the deed 2 years before he notarized it. Neva disappeared 3 weeks ago. A year ago Neva said she was afraid for her own safety because of Don Sly. Mazor questioned her truthfulness when she brought him “censored” letters received from Mark Sly in Guyana. She did affidavit saying Charles wouldn’t let her talk on phone patch with son.

Mazor has Peoples Temple on microfilm on his computer. Wants names and addresses of Neva’s relatives in San Diego, Mr. and Mrs. Hargreaves [Hargrave].

Phil Tracy contacted Mazor, took Mertles to the DA office; the Mertles had come to Tracy and he took them to the DA and sent them to Mazor; this started the Pettit episode and the rest because the Mertles’ home was the phone center for everyone. Mazor has $1 retainer agreements with all of them.

Mertles dismissed their lawsuit,  notified their lawyer Danenburg, and 1/20/78 Mazor wrote to the Mertles asking why. Mazor sent copy to Reiterman and Steve Davis. Reiterman called up Diana Mertle and read Mazor’s letter and she hung up on him. Mazor brought Steve Davis of KGO-TV in on the TOS notary bond issue. He heard that Walter Scott had mentioned Jim Jones when the Housing Authority thing went down. Sources of the Housing Authority said JJ involved in the $200,000 theft at the Housing Authority. Steve Davis interested because he’s covering the H.A. case generally. So Mazor invited Davis along, showed him letters, re the notary bond, checks received on payment of the bond. Davis is waiting for Mazor’s return to states for final story.

Re TOS bank account – Mazor knows the bank, the amount and date of deposits, but doesn’t know who wrote the checks yet. He knows it’s a financial institution out of the Bay Area.

Klineman called Mazor re Conn.

Operation to get the children: Mazor went to Ed Daley, World Airlines, the same guy who evacuated Vietnamese refugees. Daley offered 727 with standby crew. Mazor went in with Venezuelan guides, ex-poachers; found nothing and went home. Paid poachers $2000 a day. Went back to the States, got list from Immigration of every person who had entered Guyana. He financed it all himself to retrieve the children.

Investigation conducted with regard to material and PT actions in Mendocino; give reserve police officers-sheriff got high-powered weaponry – this investigation is still open. Sheriff (Reno Bartlemei) refused to cooperate with ATF people.

FBI has file on JJ; Mazor read it. Indiana has rap sheet on him. SF DA saw the FBI file on PT. If do movie, Mazor will have to give us access to his computer. The alleged New West break in is on it.

Mazor knew Katsaris a long time; doesn’t believe Maria’s story about rape. Thinks there’s more emotion than fact; doesn’t believe entire episode came down that way. He isn’t interested in getting her back; sees her as an adult capable of her own decisions. Mazor gave PSE examination to Katsaris. He stopped working with Katsaris because Maria an adult and he doesn’t have any business messing with her to get her back. Katsaris came to Mazor through Klineman, before TOS filed Katsaris lawsuit. Mazor does go after Moonies; last year in SF airport. Katsaris wanted to do a moonie trip on Maria, but there was no court order and Mazor would not touch it because it was too close to kidnap.


Mazor notes – 3

Asked if he knows a “Pat in Georgetown” – does not acknowledge.

Says TOS doesn’t have much Guyanese government contacts; TOS’s trouble is that he lied to the local police. Mazor had lunch at Douglas Ellis’s [Ellice’s] home.

Mazor has documented records that TOS was on CIA payroll in 1960-1964-1965.

Lee Seid, former attorney with San Francisco Neighborhood Legal Assistance Foundation, now attorney in Mazor’s office, checked and found that TOS’s only employment is concerning us. TOS has office space at 1700 K Street N.W., Washington (this is the National Press Club, where through Courtesy Associates you can rent a space at $25,00 [$250] per month to keep office address, rent goes up to $500 a month if you actually occupy space there.)

Mazor mentions Bob Chilmedas a lot.

Re: Banks:

Canadian Dominion or Bank of Toronto. Mazor did bank checks on TOS, EBC [Eugene B. Chaikin], JJ, Marceline and others for Canadian bank accounts. Has bank statement for TOS, showing withdrawals and re-deposits; where did first deposit come from – Canada microfilms 5 years on all checks. Initial deposit was $200 to $400,000. $280,000 withdrawal over a one-year period of time. Lots of check drawn against account. $25,000 average. Account closed. Doesn’t remember when closed. Was a trust checking account, not a savings or time certificate.

Tish talked about her function as auditing church accounts, there was a certain amount collected, deposited, and turned over to TOS. Eva’s notations and TOS’s notations on what he got and what he deposited showed a $57,000 discrepancy. What he showed in our account and what he received from Eva. He said he would explain but he never told her. The dates on this were mid 1974 or Jan-Feb 1975; two times she did initial audit work. TOS explained to Tish he had been in trust of accounts for certain accounts. She accused him of doubletalk, carelessness, not stealing. She does recall $300,000 time deposit. (Mazor remembers there was another account in another person’s name in Canada bank.) The initial one in 1974 – would have been $200-300,000. Time Certificate. Tish handled time certificates – kept them on calendar. TOS had made a time certificate in his own name. We have a board meeting and she confronted him on it, because it could cause us tax problems. TOS never collected time certificates on time. Mazor asks if Tish had difficulty collecting on the certificates – Tish says she would calendar them and TOS would let them run over and we would lose interest. Mazor says if you put time deposit and borrow against it, bank will not pay off till loan is put back. If checks were written against the account in deposits made to bring back up to total, you would see time deposit paid 2 to 3 days after deposit is made.

$280,000 and more ran through the account in 1 1/2 to 2 years.

TOS suggested the Canadian accounts, saying interest was greater in Canada.

EBC knows nothing about the time certificates; he was in Guyana.

Mazor says TOS was using the accounts for other interests outside of PT – will discuss this privately with Charles Garry. Eva found TOS with satchel full of checks and cash – he said he forgot to give to her. Mazor says if we take deposits and compare to Tish’s records – can see payoffs made 2 to 3 days after deposits.

Royal Bank of London has Canadian Branch, Dominican Canadian; also has branch in San Francisco and Georgetown.

Georgetown house bought from Canadian banker, TOS was close to him. Mike Cartmell was also involved in bank accounts.

Mazor has affidavit from Cartmell against PT re monies that Temple collected in County/State funds, or trust deeds.

TOS rent at 300 Montgomery costs under $325 per month.

Road D, Redwood Valley, Mertle property was sold by Valley Enterprises; money came back to Valley. No problem. Richmond Mertle property it is in lis pendens and Mertles have not paid their income tax.

TOS local bank account received 12 checks from South American bank; deposited to his account, from the Caracas area. Averaged $5000, $10,000, $15,000, $13,000. Mazor thinks it’s TOS  investment money being returned to him from some South American business venture. Thinks TOS took money made in 1976/1977, invested in South America, now has quarterly investment returns. Outside US jurisdiction, no tax problems, is paying over $1500 a month for office expenses. Stock with Whittier Sutro?

If CIA hadn’t used TOS in early 1960s, he wouldn’t have developed contacts he’s now using. The Guyana banker is a member of Rotary International, a CIA front. Any contacts to Guyana banker now? He’s in Canada now.

JJ remembers Sandy saw black woman coming to TOS home, driving car with Texas license, which was traced to Texas based colonel, in security, Robert Coleman ([Terri] Buford remembers privately this information was given to Fechhimer)


Mazor notes – 4

Garry is authorized to engage Mazor, but Mazor says he has a conflict, wants to work it out, will take 90 days. Involves the Privacy Act and the National Banking Act. Mazor wants a telephone trace on TOS phone bills since early 1978, when he was with the Mertles.

Mazor talked to [missing name?] about the Banks episode; recalls that Conn is an IRS informant and figures he did it for the money.

2/24/77 there was meeting at Mickey Touchette’s residence. Olivers, Touchette, Mertles, Neva Sly, were there, and Mertles talked to Swinneys on the phone, and Cobb. Meeting was called between Mertles, Touchette and Cobb. Mazor filed an Interpol report on it.

9/77 meeting of the same people.

TOS connection with the Eureka Research – Mazor more interested in connection with Stanford Research Institute, a government agency. TOS name appears in Palo Alto.

Asked re East Lansing Michigan – Mazor says yes, TOS name is on computer bank re Latin American nations.

Mazor says there was no governmental agency involvement here by US when we faced invasion at the project; the US must first clear operation with Ambassador, rule in effect since 1975. Have to go back to Virginia for final approval. It was no American operation.

Re Canadian banks again: we/he [words overtyped] knew he had arranged for time cert deposit of $300,000 in Canada but we didn’t know it was in his name. Garry asks if anyone authorized him to deposit the $300,000.

Mazor wants us to supply sample handwriting of TOS so he can send to FBI crime lab.

Filing criminal actions for theft require people to personally testify; Mazor says can get around that, get Bob Graham in DA office to file charges, need one State’s witness at preliminary hearing to put together probable cause.

Jack tells about Serena Hunt in Fresno rest home – Melvina Green told him about her. Her husband was alcoholic, and then killed. Old caretaker took care of her. She was in nursing home. Melvina Green suggested moving her to San Francisco. TOS told Mike and Grace Stoen how to get her out of rest home. Grace and Mike Cartmell brought her up to SF. Melvina told Jack that Grace signed release for Serena from the rest home. Brought her in a station wagon to San Francisco, put her in a room in the San Francisco Temple, had nurses with her around the clock, Melvina called Jack, said old hired hand who used to take care of the lady was hauling furniture out of her house and taking her car. Jack went there, loaded the stuff back and took it back to her house, told Melvina to watch. Jack talked to Serena, asked why not just sell and be taken care of. Serena eventually decided to sell. Jack told TOS and Michael Cartmell; she signed the papers at the Temple. Jack put the place on the market. Who signed the authority to sell it? Jack. Who prepared the power? Chaikin says that Serena executed the deed in San Francisco, signing the property over to PT. Who recorded it? Jack took it to the Fresno County Recorder. Then he went to real estate agent with power of attorney from Peoples Temple to Jack; Jack sold it for $20,000.

Now Melvina Green has gone to the DA in Fresno about Serena.

Who put together the power of attorney? EBC says it was a corporate resolution, and that would have been TOS’s work. Final recommendation: pay the bill.

Mazor asks for list of all who might have signed deeds, papers, property transfers, wants to talk to Kay Nelson about it in Georgetown.

Mazor says, don’t put me on the cross or you’ll never see me again.

Discussion re Caroline Washington being traitor; Mazor recommends she not come here.

Chaikin questions resolution of Caracas situation; Garry said that would be handled with his office.

Garry wants every piece of property that belongs to people still in the states returned.

Mazor says he has diplomatic pass. Mazor’s staff in 1977 determined could destroy entire PT operation by disposing of JJ; estimates that if it happened now, 1/3 of people would leave. Mazor wants Hue Fortson to come to his office for security training; he wants counsel (Garry) permission to release polygraph tests to the press on Tish, Joe Wilson, Vincent Lopez.

Charges facing TOS: Grand theft; embezzlement, bank might prosecute; bonding company is suing for $5000 notary bond. Why didn’t TOS accept immunity; could only grant immunity to those items where his notary stamp appeared, but not from grand theft, embezzlement charges. He’d rather face notary charge.


Mazor notes – page 5

Jim Randolph still up against felony charge.

Says Mertles gave him the blanks with the notary stamps on them.

Also got some from the Temple files. Early 1977, 2:30 and 3 AM, went through the SF Temple and all the office desks, searched. Took pictures of Bus 7’s compartment to corroborate Grace’s story of conception in the back of a bus. Says never used a bus to take pictures. Came down from the roof, on to fire escape, and through fire escape door at third floor. Even if door locked, has lock gun – you shoot it in like a staple gun, pops the lock.

Mazor’s costs ran $25,000 for last year of operation.

Suggests wire perimeter sensor underground, put detector in radio room. Can hear people talk and detect movement. Run wire all around boundaries, and mark off zones. Wire with increment spacing so we can zone out areas. Machine will show when someone has passed over wire; Set at 30-40 lb weight, so small animals can get by. Needs no special license. Called perimeter sensor fence. Suggests we get from him. Will run $500 to $5000, depending on cable length. When you add on buildings and areas, just keep zoning in more areas. Outside detectors can’t pull in zone areas.

Before Mazor came out to interior, he alerted GDF soldiers, to appear here if he did not return to Georgetown.

Says 3 years ago we were infiltrated by FBI agent, who eventually left.

Says there are four or five properties in RWV where in a couple of cases lis pendens will be put on them, tying them up; don’t have to have a judgment before you can attach property. Pre-suit attachment pending hearing. (This is contrary to what Garry told us all along; he insisted no attachment possible, also Bentzman said no attachment possible, without court judgment; but Chaikin agrees with Mazor, says there is such a thing). When Mazor looked into this, he determined it wasn’t worth it from his standpoint because the only items of value were the SF Temple and the RWV Temple, and they’re not easy to sell.

Mazor says he wrote to Garry and ask for the Swinney deed; Garry said he didn’t have it.

Cobb Sr. talked to Mazor; Mazor threw him out.

Mazor says there was a study by international security, 40% of terrorists are looking to support a cause; 40% are in it for financial gain and are professional criminals, and 20% are nuts.


Originally posted on April 25th, 2021.

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