Notes on Garry, Mazor after Temple spying missions


[Editor’s note: This document consists of six pages of handwritten notes by an unknown writer. The context suggests that the first two pages of notes were made in Guyana in fall of 1978 after reviewing the personal papers of Temple attorney Charles Garry.]

Charles Garry

Credit Card Receipt

JFK Airport Hotel
Crocker National Bank
Card # 3738 766891 21004
Approval Code AP 7 $150.00

Hilton Hotel NY 9-7-78


He had $294.00 cash when he came into Guyana

1) Ampicillin – Dr. Garner, 4/26/78
2) Dramamine
3) Hair vitamins and multis

Born – March 17, 1909 Mass.

Passport had Jamaica & Guyana stamps on it

Sewing Kits from 2 hotels

Hyatt Regency, SF
The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Various keys

1) Looks like safe-deposit key #5302
2) House Key – says Florines on it.

Note: Matchbook: Gray with blue lettering “Phelps” on the front flap & “Che” on the back

The Plaza, 5020 Montrose – May be in LA
Reservations 524-9071

The message on the inside reads: 6/28/78

Louise –
Many many crazy thoughts from me to you.
Sincerely – Ruis

Dr. Goodlett gave Gary [Garry] shots.


[Editor’s note: The last four pages of notes in the same hand were written after reviewing the personal papers of Joe Mazor.]

[“Page 1” circled on middle of page]

Western Surety Co. [balance of line illegible]

Letter #1– July 31

Thank you for your letter of July 28 & documents in support of client’s case against Timothy O. Stoen.

Pearl L. Kirby

Letter #2 Aug 30

RE: Claim F22-592

Bond 2186118 TOS

Since letter of Aug 8 and [illegible word] check for $5000 for distribution to your clients – we are advised Swinneys & Mills have dropped their claim against TOS and our bond. (It asked to please return the check.) Secretary of State said there are no other bonds against TOS at this time. Return ck # 163914 sent to you in trust of our clients.

Both letters are to Mazor (over)


[“Page 2” circled on top of page]

They also asked who Mazor dealt with in the State Department.

[Line break indicating new document]

Brought $294 cash & $600 travelers checks – he is keeping an expense list of all expenses for this trip.

[Line break indicating new document]

The people who put him on the phone in SF – Jean Brown, 1 male & 1 black female told him not to say he was an investigator & they all emphasized this as he was leaving. Upon arrival to Guyana writer (Mazor) told immigration orally and in writing that he is an investigator. [Marginal note “black book”]

[Line break indicating new document]

He meant [met] with a guy named [Doug] Ellice, 2nd officer of the consulate at the Guyana desk. Ellice asked Mazor for information on PT – Mazor said he would be glad to supply him with the packet of materials particularly on the movie.

Ellice has been in Guyana 6 wks. at the Guyana desk.

Mazor asked Ellice about CIA agents being kicked out of Guyana. Ellice said he hadn’t heard of any Americans being kicked out of Guyana.

[Marginal note “black book”]

[Line break indicating new document]

USA Jeannie call Pat [Richartz] for contacting PT in Georgetown.

[Marginal note “a note B.B.”]


[“Page 3” circled on top of page]

Ellice asked Mazor to check and see if the people here have their passports. Mazor said he will do it and will meet with Ellice when he returns to GT from Jonestown to fill him in on what he sees here.

Note: On another sheet of paper he has written Sam Taxi. <Ellice> This is probably Ellice’s home address: 38 Belair Springs

[Marginal note “black book”]

[Line break indicating new document]

He describes the GT headquarters house, length of radio antenna – says there is a radio room but he did not go in – GT headquarters keeps in touch with JT every minute.

[Marginal note “black book”]

[Line break indicating new document]

Interesting Point – Jones has led many into believing he isn’t white, he says he’s mixed… Brother Jim.

Jones appointed himself Bishop since coming to Guyana… He is no longer Rev. Jones.

[Marginal note “black book”]

[Line break indicating new document]

Comments: This guy keeps this black book just like every movie detective so he will keep it up-to-date so we may want to get another look later. I think he was expecting company


[“Page 4” circled on top of page]

because it looked like everything was wide open – his bag was open, combination block briefcase was open & numbers set back to 000, his canvas clothes bag was open, shaving kit was open. Papers were fairly easy to get to. He has a few underclothes and 2 brand-new shirts. The usual stuff in the shaving kit. His jacket even looks new. No medication or vitamins but a small bottle of aspirin.

We need one of those small Japanese spy cameras for this kind of thing so we can photo papers, notes & documents to study later and get all the information available. We spent about 20 minutes and I had to make a return trip to get the name of the bonding company.