Notes on transcription of Mazor tapes – I

[Editor’s note: Because it is written as notes, this document is in a rough format, and therefore has been edited for spelling and punctuation.]


[Word deleted by hole punch, likely “Rough”] TRANSCRIPTION OF MAZOR TAPES


Investigational properties, values in RWV [Redwood Valley] etc.

When DA’s office was first contacted, it wasn’t all upset until the threats came in…

Andre, who stayed with the Mertles, they wouldn’t let him go to school, and they talk about abuse of children

Mazor: They’re accusing you of all kinds of stuff

Mazor: …, Then you have the 20% crackpots, who read about PT in the papers, take actions on their own, don’t know shit about PT, like the guy who went up in the Texas U. tower and shot people [Charles Whitman], these are the most dangerous. Professional killers, you wouldn’t have to worry about. The radical groups only operate within a few hundred. It is the 20% that are the dangerous, to PT and to all in world


357 Magnum meet him at …

What are your work hours? (Not always day off on Sundays) You volunteer?

You’ll have to develop security precautions, everyone on premises. I don’t know how many of you guys were in military, say, take 5 guys and that could be good security [blank space] training. They would rove for 2 weeks.

A lot of things being investigated were done by your conspirators, all health dept. investigations, like Walter Jones’ complaint.

Before you find out what conspiracy is about, see what the negative stuff we had, we were interested in anything we could find. When we heard a charge that you are getting armed, we wanted to make sure that you weren’t buying arms from a military armory/stolen ones, so we opened all your crates in Customs, everything, and we looked closely. In the long run, it did you a favor because it cleared you of a messy rap, because nothing was found. It would have been nasty if they hadn’t been checked and then they would’ve come here to find out, and investigated. As it was, it stopped a nasty investigation,. Sorry about the damaged stuff, but it was necessary, you see. Otherwise, the government would have been very involved and then the Guyanese gov’t would have been alienated because of US closer involvement, so you are better off in the long run.


Melvina Green told us about the lady in the nursery [nursing] home, woman had a son somewhere in Texas. Melvina put her in a convalescent hospital, woman wasn’t taken care of, had decupidi [decupiti], Melvina told Jack, [Beam] who made arrangements for her to come to SF, live in the church, with 24-hour RN care. Question was about property sold, with $20,000 going to PT (Jim said that PT paid out more than that in her care, and attention given to her), Marci [Marceline Jones] to follow-up while in US, to bring her over to spend her last years here. Mazor asked who prepared deed? TOS [Timothy O. Stoen]? [Charles] Garry said he was pissed off because stuff comes under investigation, and then he hears about it from PT. Jim said he had given instructions that Garry be given all the information.


Something about aerial photography, you wouldn’t get a problem for me – Mazor – all I saw was a group who built a community in the jungle. Obviously you made $30,000 honestly at some point. M: Get licensed for 5 weapons, for “protective security”, 5 regularly licensed, the rest volunteers.

Cobb would have sisters get on knees, and have them say, “I am a white bitch.”

Once you licensed, we’ll get equipment, go through your contact at Ministry of Info, within a matter of 30 days, I don’t know who you’ll train, but at least get started, get some other problem resolved and then you can build more homes. The first step is to get somebody out there.



When the group was out there, it was for harassment, why wait for 6 days to destroy if you can do it in one? It was just to keep people from work. If they didn’t do you in right away, then they didn’t intend to do you in.

When we came in, we had every intention of doing you in in one hour, we had set up that we would do it in one hour. Nobody who came in here would expect the barricade. They’d say, let’s do them in and get out of here, or they’d say, let’s sit out here and harass them. Obviously they knew that somebody was in the radio room and that was communication with the outside world, they were afraid they would get caught. (“What purpose would it serve to harass us?”) M: Well, how long did it take you to unwind as a group? It took weeks, and then for the next 3 months, you were walking around with your head upside down.

For security, get 2-3 people out every few days, it did a lot of good, I saw them up and down the woods, and up front and in the back, it’s not a big deal. Some person could be out there for 2 months, and nobody would know they’re even there. We’re all oriented to think that everyone sees far more than they see.


What weapons did we have? Cutlass, no good with distance of 500 yards. Bow and arrow? We have plenty, but they don’t work in jungle.

When they got home radio, called out “Heil Hitler,” psychological.

If they had been out to get you, they would have shot at you, not over your heads. The couple of times they misjudged their distance, and came too close to you, were mistakes. They had more fun with you.

Jim: We came through more sensitive. The gov’t and counsel were unfriendly as hell, we thought we were goners, when the government came back, they were friendly again.


Sounds to me they were taking accounting of you, situation at time was warranted

Jim: A small group in Guyana didn’t want us here, the Moscow-oriented party, PNC [Peoples National Congress] is nonaligned, PM Burnham [Prime Minister Forbes Burnham] likes us. We don’t like the apanjat [“To each his own”] of the PPP [People’s Progressive Party].

M: To be perfectly honest, I’ve looked at the State Department file, I’ve seen it and there is nothing in the file about it, nothing from the US consul. US consul is right next to Soviet consul. What they don’t discuss in offices, they discuss on front porches, that’s the name of the game. Everybody knows everybody’s business. People here in Embassy on the same as anywhere else, everybody knows, the US and USSR phones are tapped, not just conspiracy against one government, all are tapped, the same as in the US. There is nothing about any activity of any group against you in the file. Somebody would have said something to somebody about it. Somebody would have said something.

Jim: It could have been a radical group.

M:  If so, all the more reason not to hurt anyone, nowhere to go if heavy violence. They knew, if any were killed, no one wanted violence then, can’t see that the Americans would want to do it.