Highlights • Phone conversation between
Tom Adams and Joe Mazor, 9/22/78


Highlights • Phone conversation between Tom Adams and Joe Mazor, 9/22/78 – 4:00 PM

Mazor wants to know if JJ is traveling yet in Georgetown because he succeeded in getting a letter from Lionel Luckhoo stating that JJ could travel in town without fear of arrest.

Mazor has no plans to do anything on his own (like going to London), because he’s already spent two days of his time talking with the press (KGO reporter [Steve Davis] and Tim Reiterman), and with representatives of State Department, and he considers his time valuable. He is going after Marvin Sweeney [Swinney] because MS put him in a bind, but he is not going after TOS [Timothy O. Stoen] the same way. He feels it is our job to get TOS, and it could be done if someone went to London (after checking with Mazor so they’ll know what to look for), to develop a chain of evidence that will show TOS had money after he left Guyana. TOS is the catalyst to our problems, so we need to develop his whole life history, especially in the last year and a half. As it stands now, Marvin Sweeney can probably be gotten for perjury, maybe Mills’ for perjury, and at the very best, maybe Stoen for conspiracy to commit perjury. If it can be proven he gave Sweeney some money so Sweeney would drop some charges, it would be 100% better, because Stoen’s defense will be that he had no money, the church took it all. Develop that in London in August, September, and October of 1977 he had a lot of money in his possession or in his control – 200 to 500 thousand dollars assets. It opens a Pandora’s box for Stoen. Right now the State is interested in perjury, but the State won’t wait too long for other evidence – it becomes old news – so have to move fast on the other charges. One piece of documented evidence – a copy of a bank account in Europe, etc. – could get national publicity. Mazor feels the only way for the organization to survive is to get JJ and Jonestown and back on the road, because it can’t survive without his fundraising ability. Have to get rid of TOS to do that.

Mazor is going to West Germany soon, and other business could be prorated while he’s there.

He knows that TOS used two passports when he went to Guyana. Stopped in Trinidad on the way in January or February, and got a second passport so he could travel on it if his first one was confiscated. A chain of verified evidence should start in January of ‘77 and trace through to Stoen’s living in SF and suing the church. Where did Grace get $110,000? Where did Mills’ get cash to buy the rest home? Where did Sweeney get money? If TOS paid him off, then where did TOS get money? Charles [Garry] told Mazor we were paranoid. Time to get off of our paranoia and get on the offensive.

Got JJ a light bullet proof vest that is effective against a 357 Magnum at 6 feet. Light as wearing two T-shirts, washable covering, but must be worn a couple of days before going anywhere with it, to contour it properly. Won’t cost anything.

Wants to spend a couple of days with Hue to train him to protect Marceline. Free advice.

To clear up all legal problems, put TOS and Grace in jail, etc. should only take three months. JJ could be back in the US within that time period. While in Guyana he says he submitted a twelve page report with the consulate about his observations. Says we were aware he had to be debriefed because he’s a member of a police agency. Gave them an excellent report on the project – the Edwards [Irene and James] are safe and well, etc.


Follow-up phone call to Joe Mazor from Tom Adams, 9/22/78, 10:30 PM

Mazor was told that someone in the Consulate’s office mentioned his statement that Jonestown was having a Russian doctor come out – he said that we knew he was going to be debriefed as he left the country, and that the Consulate doesn’t like anybody down there, and they will stab anybody in the back. He wanted to know if the one who told us about it was a man named [Richard] Dwyer, because when he was there a couple of years ago and last year, there were two people in that office who were smiling but stabbing us in the backs. Said that whoever gave us that info would have to be watched – he was up to no good. It could only have been one of four people who sat in his debriefing, and that to divulge such info was a big no-no for their office.

I said we considered it a divisive tactic on their part, and didn’t give it any thought.

Very, very concerned about the letter Hue [Fortson] was supposed to bring him from Karen [Layton]. I informed him I had it, and he gave me a PO Box to send it to him.

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