Eugene Chaikin letter to Mazor, October 18, 1978


October 18, 1978

Joseph A. Mazor & Associates
Post Office Box 99717
San Francisco, California 94109

Dear Joe;

Thank you for your letter of Sept. 26, which I just received. I was very glad for the clarification of your relationship to us and also to Charles [Garry]. I think that your position is intelligent and well taken. As far as I am concerned it is the best for all. Certainly, by not assuming a “partisan” position whenever you find will not be distorted by questions of influence and the like.

By the time that you get this letter I suppose that you will have been to England and return so you should have some idea of what is to be learned there. Needless to say we are very interested. The source of his [Tim Stoen] funding is of great interest and concern to us all. If there is any way I can help just let me know.

We have set the machinery in motion to get the permits to import the things that you recommend for our security. Although things have been quiet and peaceful we are really concerned with security and will continue to be so. The bureaucracy, however, moves at its own speed. As yet we have had no word back about it. We are pushing. I think that the very best thing that we can do is to wire you when we have the permits (or negative response to our request, if we are not fortunate) so that you can begin to make your plans accordingly at that time. I have been here for some years, and my experience is that they really go slow on this sort of thing. Please be assured that we do not minimize the need for security or the value that your input can provide. We feel that it is a matter of prime importance and I’m dealing with it as fast as local conditions will permit.

I also want to thank you for providing a vest for Jim. We will see that it is used at once. My thanks is personal as well as organizational. I have great respect and admiration for Jim and wish everything possible done to secure him and his family.

/s/ Gene Chaikin