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Jones: (unintelligible word) that the USA nearly used the atomic bomb. [Richard] Nixon almost began it in Vietnam. He gave them an ultimatum, and he said– then was when he’s fighting and leaked the information, he said he realized that he was working for a monster. A state with a monster. And also another time, I’ve forgotten the details of that (unintelligible word), of– offered even early, to give in– the nuclear uh– backing support for nuclear attack under the French. So that– that’s an important and uh– I would like those that’re doing discussion tonight to be sure to study that so they’ll be prepared to pass an examination. The Bakke decision of course is a– a– an unfortunate landmark of reverse, that set us back, I don’t know how long. In that–

Male voice: soft

Jones: Well, then I gotta be going to the (unintelligible word), and then I don’t have to worry with this. Thank you. (Pause) So we shall begin. How many have the uh, required uh, material done? What was the required material?

Voices in crowd

Jones: Bakke decision.

Voices in crowd

Jones: The Bakke decision, the commentary on the terrible, terrible television program on youth crime that revealed so very, very much about how US uses them– the film to propagandize on one of the largest nation networks. There was also some part of today’s news. What was that that you were to be sure to remember?

Voices in crowd

Jones: [Daniel] Ellsberg. Um-hmm [Yes]. The news in general of the morning. I thought it was an interesting and uh, a shocking uh, view of capitalists that they now have had radio contacts, enough US, both sightings that the State Department is calling on joint mobilized effort, not even of the socialist world but the capitalist world, to defend this planet from outer space, in that the extraterrestrial beings will be more advanced, than uh, the U– the U– US system, of course. But now you know that shows the flaw of the capitalist idiocy. Any advanced society, no doubt they started from the same primitive primordial beginnings and worked from the one-celled ameba up through the monkey stage and walked like human beings and crawled out of the sea originally, so they all had their divisions on that planet, and worked through those divisions of color and the divisions of nationality and developed one worldgovernment. Now it’s hardly likely that a people so sensitive and so willing to empathize and have understanding, to communicate across barriers, is going to be any danger, and the stupid sons-a-bitches, it shows how narcissistic USA is. Obviously, they’ve been around, there’ve been sightings everywhere, even the– the dean of the U– Notre Dame University, Father [Theodore] Hesburgh saw– saw ‘em with his priest associates out on Lake Michigan or some little tributary of Lake Michigan, and he was all shook up – he was the former head of the US Civil Rights Commission – and we’ve had these sightings over and over again. If they were going to destroy us, they could just (pfft) and do it. (Short laugh) They’re probably looking at us like we would look at a uh– a– a test tube of maggots. (Pause) You know?

Crowd: Murmurs

Jones: They’re– they’re– they’re probably watching us like you’d watch maggots to see which ones are dangerous and which ones might be able to develop out of the larva stage into something that could fly and be at least worthwhile to somebody, and they were obviously never visiting the Soviet Union. I know this is strange that the Soviet Union’s not reporting ‘em. And China is not reporting the sightings. The damn people are watching the capitalists. (Short laugh)

Crowd: Murmurs
Jones: China has reported no UFO sightings, USSR– ‘cause I read the science maging– magazine USSR couple of months ago, and they said that they had never seen any sightings, so either capitalists are guilty of hallucination, which– the Soviets say they uh– also believe that there’re extraterrestrial beings because of some mer– certain– uncertain radio signals and uh, codified radio signals, but it’s most fascinating that the most uh, important place to the space beings is USA. That’s where they’re seen every other day. I’d watch them too, wouldn’t you?

Crowd: Agreement

Jones: All of the poverty, crime, and viciousness that was shown in the golden years, the horror of it, uh, the horror of US youth being destroyed with dope and racist genocide, and they want to spend millions of dollars to prepare the capitalist world to defend itself against outer space. (Short laugh) That’s just like a little dog baying at the moon.

Crowd: That’s right.

Jones: But it shows the ignorance of capitalism. It shows the total ignorance of capitalism. You see it every day. They don’t have the intelligence to even hardly govern themselves. Anyone with their right mind would know a– a creature, an intelligent being able to transverse through many light-years and many universes to get to this planet, is certainly able to blow it up, and there wouldn’t be one cotton-pickin’ thing that all the capitalists in the world– Wake up, now, it’s a little early, baby, to start sleeping. You’re using the sunglasses now, so come on, now, wake up. (Laughs)

Crowd: Laughs

Jones: Probably got eagle eyes, he can see behind the sunglasses, so uh– just– just stay with it, there. (Pause) (Laughs) I’m– I know there may be other reasons, but I can see behind them.

Crowd: Murmurs

Jones: (Off-mike) Yes, yes, yes. (Back on) So I supposed then the other decision, the– the other– the most important news is Guyana’s uh, role– uh, really indicting uh, strong indictment of imperialism, in view of the fact that it suffers like all Third World nations without a nuclear umbrella, it’s non-aligned, and I have never heard more poignant statements coming out of [Forbes Burnham] the Prime Minister’s mouth. We have advance news– notice because [Paula Adams] one of our young women uh, engaged to the Ambassador [Laurence Mann], uh, one of the important government officials that uh, the Minister of Trade uh, uh, [George] King will be fired and charged with criminal felony charges. He’s one of the top uh, ranking officials in the Gu– in the Guyana government. He being accused of accepting bribes. That shows honesty. It also shows that Mr. Burnham must not have too much to hide if he is willing to get people that close to him. He’s not doing it by military might, he’s going to use the court systems. He’s not doing it from a position of a dictator.  He said, heads are going to roll, but he did not mean that in tay– in the terms of a dictator imprisoning people, he means they’re going to lose their jobs, and he said white collar crime is going to go to jail, said I’m tired of people in business and government just getting a slap on the wrist and say go home, uh, no more, no more, no more. He said they’re going to go to jail, just like the choke-and-rob. Uh, here in Guyana, you know what the choke-and-rob means, they grab you around the neck, and then uh, they hold you and take your pocketbook. We were hoping that some people who came visiting us might get it. One fellow even volunteered his services, but by that time, Tim Stoen was gone.

Voices in crowd

Jones: He liked Chr– He liked Chris Lewis so much, and he had some information apparently, but he’d been involved with Chris’ murder and he wo– he said he’d get him. But by that time, Tim Stoen was gone. Nonetheless, Tim Stoen was gone because he was kicked out of the country. That gave us a good sense. We’ve never had good many sense of feeling, they just put him on a plane, said bye-bye. Mrs. [Kathy] Hunter, or Mrs. White Hunter, who is as old and looks about as raggedy as a crocodile, she uh, of course, has just been recently raped by two bl– young black men in uh, northern California. I’m sure our young black men are not so hard up that they would rape the old bitch.

Crowd: Laughter.

Jones: I doubt as most young men, as narcissistic as they are, would spit on her to put a fire out, much less, uh, rape her. But she also was put on the plane and kicked out, so we at least have had a few victories, haven’t we, children?

Crowd: Cheers and applause

Jones: Tim Stote made– Tim Stote mane– Tim whatever his busted name is, Stoen made his appearance in court yesterday to answer our 155 million dollar suit against him for his uh, illegal actions and breaking the rules of law, as a lawyer, ‘cause we’re after his license. We know that a capitalist worships their little license of being a doctor or a lawyer more than anything. Why kill them. Just take their license away from them. Make Tim Stoen wash dishes. That would be good for him.

Crowd: Cheers and applause

Jones: Anyway. Anyway, the only way he could defend himself in the court was most fascinating. He used the dirty hands technique. That means is, they’re– they did things that were illegal, we did, for socialist reasons, we did kind of trickerations, and he said, so they can’t call me illegal because they did it too. (Laughs) So we both did it. (Pause) The (unintelligible word) is, we can stand up proudly and say, whatever we did, it was never criminal to hurt anyone, we did it for socialism, we did it for the end that justifies the means, the only end, the communization of the world, he did it for his own selfish bestiality and brutality, but he had to admit the first day in court that he’d used dirty hands. That’s the only way he could defend himself. He had no other way to defend himself. Now that doesn’t make a very good defense for a lawyer. (Pause) So he’s starting out poorly. Well, let’s see. I think we’ll go into– we’ll see what we uh– How many did listen the Bakke decision, uh, tape. (Pause) Uh– You ought to listen when it comes over, you can train your ear to listen, you’ll pick up some high points. (stumbles over words) I tried to mix it with certain news. What, uh– what did you get out of the news, uh, today, uh, Etta Thompson? What’d you get out of the news? No– no– no grading on it at all. What’d you get out of the news? I mixed a lot of things today, just to see if people might pick up on the certain things, if we put a little light things or different things, to see if they pick up the salient world news.

Thompson: (soft beginning) We been gettin’ the news over there, but for the past two days, I haven’t been able to hear anything ov– from other there.

Jones: Oh?

Thompson: No. For the past two days. We haven’t heard anything from over there.

Jones: Too much noise, is it, or–

Thompson: Well, if you don’t hear it at all–

Jones: The peak– the speakers are lower. Come on, folk, you can’t do that. Would you please report it, when the speakers are low. Please report it. Who did hear it– hear the news today? You won’t be graded on it at all. (Pause) Okay, here’s a– here’s a good singer over here. Tell me– tell me, darling, what– what did you hear? Yeah, one of the gospel theaters, uh–

Voice too soft

Jones: What’d you say, Comrade [Florence] Heath?

Voice too soft

Voice: The Bakke decision.

Jones: The Bakke decision.

Heath: Yes.

Jones: What other little– little thing did you hear that might have stuck out in your mind?

Heath: Uh, I heard you say that uh, it was discrimination against blacks and Indians, and doctors and lawyers, uh, to keep them from entering into university, and uh–

Jones: Yes, that’s true, you got the Bakke decision. They call it that there no longer any quota system, they said that’s unfair to white people. S’ a goddamn strange thing they never worried about uh, anything being unfair to white– white people until we were about to get an opportunity to go to college. They’ve always had the quota system, they’ve been able to go anywhere they wanted to, get any job they wanted to, go to any college they wanted to, take any job they had, live in any neighborhood. Now when some– We have a decision that says that there must be so many blacks and Indians in the university, they say that’s illegal, that’s violating white people’s rights. Well, isn’t that a goddamn shame. I mean, that’s a goddamn shame. How in the world else are we gonna make up for the 300 years of second class citizenship? No, it wasn’t a violation. Now they say, race can be a consideration. That’s like taking a criminal– giving a criminal uh, the opportunity to say, you can commit crimes if you want to and not go to jail, but you don’t have to. I mean, you can be good if you want to – better uh, analogy – you can be good if you want to, and not go to jail, but you don’t have to, we won’t do anything about it. Now, how many damn Mafia members gone be good? If you told him he wasn’t go to jail? They say, race can be a consideration. Well, you know the man’s not gonna be able to make race any consideration. The only– yeah, he’ll make it consideration, he’ll throw all the Indians and Asians and blacks out. There was only one guarantee, affirmative action, quotas. Now what’ve they done. They’ve moved in on job quotas. We knew that’d be their next move. They’re firing back, say blacks don’t have a right to say that they need so many in a union. They never were in the plumbers union, in the first place, you couldn’t get ‘em in the electrical union, and Ti– uh, Brother [Tim] Swinney, he’s a capable genius in machine shop, you couldn’t get a black person until we set up our own tool and die, our own machine shop, you couldn’t get black people into those places. Thank you, uh, ma– uh, ma’am, you uh, Comrade Heath, uh, Florence, you’ve done very well. Now to get that. I wonder if any of the little things, the little points, I wonder if it catch your attention. What I’m trying to do is throw some things on the news that will catch your attention, so that you’ll listen rather than just hear that voice and go bye-bye, you know, so that– when you pass by, something’ll catch your attention. Learn to listen while you walk. You get a lot of it, I’ll tell you. If you let that first impression come in without fear, just wanting to hear. You understand what I’m saying? Don’t think about your problems so much and begin to think about the news. Professor Roller.

Roller: (Voice too soft. Mic cuts in) I believe this item would be of most interest to some of the people in my class, because one of them mentioned it to me before I heard it, uh, uh, that uh, the Mormon who threw his uh, children out–

Jones: By the way, I didn’t make that clear. Four chil– Four older children, three young babies and the mother and the father, so it was nine. That’s the only thing– and uh, three’s enough, but the fantastic job on that blackboard, but I wan– I wanted to correct that. She uh– Three she threw off the uh, balcony, and I– I think that would be fascinating that your class could pick that up. Four, she ordered to jump, because the– (unintelligible word) prophets and the Latter Day Saints, the Mormons wouldn’t give him the recognition that he wanted, he committed suicide. Strange how they– They must not really believe in their God, because one of the cardinal laws of religion is, don’t commit suicide. We know it, (unintelligible word) selfishly, because to commit sui– selfish suicide is a counterrevolutionary act, but it also appears that the horrible fact, I don’t know why life, uh, mind lives on, because I don’t believe in a friendly universe, at least around us, in our galaxy, and uh, yet I do know that mind lives on from certain facts that I’ve seen, where I’ve seen people uh, agree with me to die and I’ve seen something leave their body, and then I saw a baby born back when it was prophesied to the Pearsons, which were awesome, when she was supposed to be (unintelligible word) child-bearing, that she would have a little boy who would grow up and be abandoned, because it was a woman who committed suicide, and hurt her children. And we saw that, all of us. Do you remember that? We saw that in Redwood Valley. I don’t understand it. But immoral it is. It’s immoral to commit suicide, (unintelligible word) revolutionary act, it’s selfish, it hurts other people. It leaves a void, it leaves a vacuum somewhere, and somebody’s bound to be hurt. You say, nobody cares about me. Oh, yes, they do. It’s something you’re doing that’ll mean more work too, on other people. But all religions say m– it’s immoral, it’s murder, and it’s thou shalt not kill, and if you kill, you go to hell. Strange that this Mormon prophet could do this to himself, and then all that horrible, horrible act. Horrible act. They– they– they make fun of Huey Newton for his revolutionary suicide, and we who are socialist, who would give our bodies for a cause if there was a last stand, and yet, they can’t– uh, they don’t seem to give that much criticism to someone that can have such blind religious fanaticism. They throw their babies eleven floors down. Four are– four are ordered to jump, the mother follows. I’m glad it happened in Salt Lake City if it had to happen, but what a cruelty. ‘Cause that’s one of the most racist goddamn towns. Mom [Dorothy] Worley will (unintelligible word) know, and Loretta [Cordell], and some of us, Harold [Cordell], went through that miserable damn town. They turned the water off on us in the park because we’re a mixed group, and I mean, we had people ready to practically die of thirst, if it hadn’t been for Father, they wouldadied. Edith Cordell can tell you, the eggs were so goddamn hot, we fried them on the damn– we– we dropped an egg on the pavement. And it fried. And then a cloud came over. There’re strange things that happen in the power of mind. A cloud came over and kept us for 110 miles, (voice rises) right over our car, and took us all the way. I don’t know how it works, but I know something sometimes works for socialism.

Crowd: Cheers.

Jones: (Moderates) Praise the name of socialism.

Crowd: Applause.

Jones: And I remember that goddamn miserable town, as long as I live, because we walked two black people up to the– walked up to the lake, and an elder in the Church of Latter Day Saints, the Mormons– we said, we need some water, he said, get out of here, you can’t have no water. We said, what have you done, you folk, you once had to flee the– the mobs of other religions that tried to kill you and they killed your leader, and you got the– no mercy? Boy, I read his ass out, and they still wouldn’t give us any water. So it was only that cloud that protected us, or I think some of us woulda died, uh, the temperature was a hundred and twenty some degrees. 120 degrees, out there in that desert. And we had nothing but bald tires – remember that, Edith? – Where– where you at, Edith? You oughta remember that, I tell you. All of us in that caravan, we looked like a bunch of gypsies, and we had more on the top of the car– there was more on the top of the car than was between the top of the car and the wheels. When we come to California, they saw us, we had all these dogs and all kinds of things weren’t supposed to come through, fruit and everything else, and they saw those tires and said–

Crowd: Laughter

Jones: They always have been a mad folk, and I guess they got– go on through, go on through. And we had– we had seven dogs, Harold had a dog and I had some dogs, they fighting like hell, and they got right to the border, they– they also were wise socialists, they shut their mouths, and we got through quiet, they didn’t even bark.

Crowd: Laughter

Jones: Some of the things that oughta be written about, Peoples Temple, it was funny. Funny– (Laughs) Well, you– you were starting to say, Professor Roller, and I interrupted. (Pause)

Roller: Well, that the uh– the place that you mentioned uh, that uh, he was a Mormon, uh, which is a discriminatory church against blacks, and the uh, uh, fact of uh, uh, that he uh, felt disgruntled because he– some insight he’d had into religion, his church wasn’t accepting, so it was a very low motive, if you can say a low motive for suicide, but of course, most horrible of all, to sacrifice those children uh, just– and– and by a most brutal method.

Jones: Terrible.

Roller: I just can’t imagine anybody dropping a baby out of a window.

Jones: So often they live, too. No matter how high, they end up crippled. I suppose everybody in the United States, it was made awfully graphic on the news, when Dr. Ellsberg said, this beautiful North America, this wonderful North America that we’re so– beautiful filled with so many lovely things, will be made an empty wasteland, a desert. There’ll be nothing there. And he wept. They said he wept, as the reporters left, he wept uncontrollably. Said it’s too late. He tried everything. He put his body on the tracks of a leaky mine in Rocky Flats, Colorado, uh, where they were coming in with the uranium, and now he’s facing another 15 years or 20 years. But he said it’s too late. He said, you can’t reverse the process. The American people, also, nuclear reactors, people are dying by cancer, and he said– and also Dr. Ellsberg said what? In just a little short time, we’re going to have epidemics break out, to what he didn’t even want to describe all the forms it would take. He said so much damn radiation has leaked, (stumbles over words), you lived close, you can be glad you got away from California. We had reactors all around us. If we’da had one major earthquake, we’da probably had everybody killed without an atomic war, because they were right on the fault line, some of ‘em had no more concern that to build them on the fault line. But he said, there’s a definite– not his article, another article, said, uh, a US government report said that there– the closer you are to a reactor determines how much more likely of you having cancer. High, high risk of having cancer. Like just being close, there’s that much leak coming from those reactors, that’re supposed to be powering our industries and bringing us in to a total new era. Another else that uh– the sister right behind you, Nena [likely Herring, could be Downs], you offer advice. Uh, what would you uh– be– brilliant senior does good work on her test. What did you pick up, uh– uh– You– you like to have uh, things like UFOs thrown in, not bullshit, but I mean was there something really scientific being brought out, do you like some of that being thrown in the news, does it make a lighter vein and get– catch the ear? I’ll try to remember to do it. Now what’s that?

Nena: Uh, I’m (unintelligible under Jones)

Jones: Kim Il Sung’s grandfather [Kim Bo-hyon], yeah, that’s– that’s good. I’ll remember that.

Nena: About the election in Canada, the town there, Quebec, Canada. (tape break-up)

Jones: The election that’s going to take place in October, in uh, uh, Canada, yes.

Nena: (tape break up) Thank you. Thank you.

Jones: There is discrimination where, my beloved? There– the race– the racist is Mar– Margaret Thatcher, the conservative leader. Yes, what is she going to do, Nena, what’s she promised to do. Uh, it looks like she’s going to be elected.

Nena: She’s going to uh, (tape break up)

Jones: I just love to hear seniors talk like this.

Nena: She will tell us when uh, she’s voting (break-up and soft voice) have them to uh, uh, move from (unintelligible).

Jones: Can you imagine, someone like this knowing the news, and she was so crippled up, and if she can get the news down and get it, uh, excellents on her test, we’re so proud of seniors getting this information– Yes. We’re going to have the repatriation of all people of color, already they’re banned, anyone from coming in, many families are separated, two and half million people of color, they’re having to barricade themselves in East London because the police won’t protect them. Horrifying news, horrifying news. Thank you, dear. Gerry Bailey. (Pause) Try to get a little of this. Are you hearing it now? Are you understanding it? Does it make any– any sense? Are you listening? (Pause) ‘Cause I’m giving it to you, giving you a chance, ‘cause we gotta get it tomorrow night in the socialist classes, with (unintelligible word). You gotta listen.

Bailey: Well, Dad, an item that– that was of interest of me, although it wasn’t world news was the fact that– that uh, Cleo Wallace who took your place on the uh– the housing board–

Jones: Oh my, yes.

Bailey: (Laughs) –was being accused of the very things that you had exposed, and having been in–

Jones: –not only Cleo. All the way down. That black Uncle Tom director, and the treasurer, that even tries to get our– one of our young women involved in it, uh, who was uh, very young. They– they tried to get her to sign fraudulent papers, to backdate and put people who’d never existed on record, and fortunately, she got a hold of us, but she typed one form, and signed it, they had to bring her– I don’t know why people don’t listen to me and (draws out word) never sign anything. All that mess in the newspaper. You talk about our mess, there is nothing like this mess. There’s headlines in every paper, clear down to– and they’re being charged with crimes. I been telling them, some of ‘em are going to go to jail for ten years. I exposed all that, but they uh– they– they tried to suppress it for a little while, it probably never woulda come out if I hadn’t made it so clear, I dropped it on an editor, and I got the feeling that [Steve] Gavin, when he got out of San Francisco, has done something with HUD up in Washington, DC. I– I gave it all to him. I gave him the whole hot scoop, I said, this goddamn place is a racket, and I gave it all to uh, Mr. Gavin, who’s been a friend of ours, he– he was wri– he called– we talked to him uh, on the telephone, he offering us some advice about news. He had to leave San Francisco, it’s so corrupt, and go to Baltimore, but he’s grossly unhappy. Said he might be joining us. He’s drinking himself to death. Anybody in America, even though he’s a powerful editor and white, Irish, they can see how empty it is, empty empty empty. And it is hell. I mean, there– they’ve got him on everything. There’re all kinds of funds, there’re 150 dollar– 150,000 dollar fund – one fund – that they don’t know where a damn dime will go in. They can’t account for a dime.

Marceline: Could I say that, along with the fact that you’ve, you know, been the boldest and the most courageous socialist and uh, freedom fighter, I might say, that I have ever known, along with that, the fact that the only way to get rid of you was to try to destroy your influence. I wonder if the fact that you did start to expose this might have contributed to the fact that all of this bad stuff started happening.

Jones: Oh, sure. Oh, sure. Oh, sure. There was a triggering mechanism. I was too high. You can’t be a commissioner, and then the commission elect you the chairman of the commission, be the head of an entire housing commission in a prominent, large, and most beautiful city in America, and be a communist? Oooo. What you talkin’ about, honey? Uh, you (stumbles over words). You can be a communist, (unintelligible word), there nothing happened to the communists, there’re a few communists, what they doing? We don’t know them. What’s Angela [Davis] doing? You don’t see her name in the paper. She isn’t leading any groups. She’ll speak to a classroom and have 25 in it. So you can be a communist, they like to say, oh well, we– we’re a free country, got a communist over here, teaching in the class. What the hell they worrying about 25 people who are listening to communist who never talked communism. I have never heard Angela Davis, when she gets in a lecture, talk communism. She talks about the prisoners’ rights over in East– uh, in the Eastern states. That’s nice, we need to do something about the prisons, but (Voice rises) we need to say what caused it. It’s capitalism that caused the goddamn problem.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: (Moderates) And that– that’s what kills me about Angela. Did you ever her talk about Marxist-Leninism when she was in our pulpit? I’d get up and talk right in front of her, and lay a Marxist-Leninist foundation, and we’d sing the national anthem of the Soviet Union, “United Forever,” and by God, she’d get up and talk about the prisoners’ problems. For hell’s fire, these people sold out. The fact of the matter, she told someone recently, she said, I paid my price, I was in jail for 15 months, so I’m not going to get involved anymore. That’s nice. She sent me her biddings. She sent me her biddings. Last night, I had a hell of a time. Oh, you’d’ve enjoyed it. I knew that the Enquirer was listening. The Enquirer, this little dirty rag sheet or Star, is going to do some dirty shit, it’s run by the CIA, editor, and it– you know, it’s in every supermarket. They’re getting ready to do a dirty on us. And so they accused me the other night of talking to Lieutenant Governor [Mervyn] Dymally, they don’t know our codes worth shit, ‘cause they– they– they think– they thought Yvette– they went and called Yvette’s mother here, and said we were talking abo– about Yvette, and that shows us one good thing they do– they don’t know much about our codes. I’m very happy, because Yvette means something uh, entirely else. If they– if they hadn’t been able to break Yvette, they haven’t broke very much. So they– they called her up and they just insisted we talk to her, ‘cause they heard us, but they also heard us talk to some other folk, oh my. I called them up in the middle of the night, and said I was Jim Jones, (false bonhomie) oh, hi, Jim, how are you? We– we– A lot of us love you here in San Francisco, we’re behind you. Haven’t been able to find their ass, I mean. If I thought if I called them rate– late at night on their unlisted phone, I’d get them to answer the phone, we really love you and we just standin’ by you, and here (makes sounds of phone circuits).

Crowd: Laughter

Jones: So I– at least I thought we’d put some interesting people in the entire (unintelligible word), you know, when we go down.

Crowd: Laughter

Jones: Oh, one of ‘em’s got a television program, a morning show on ABC-TV. (Laughs) His wife said, I love you, we– we know how badly you’ve been treated, we’re behind you all the way. Let’s see. (laughs) Let’s see when the Enquirer say– (laughs) says they talked to other than Dolly, that’s their– one of their secret alliances, they air at six o’– six o’clock in the morning. I didn’t call their name. No, I knew I wouldn’t have to, ‘cause everybody knows his voice, they hear him on television every morning. (Pause) ‘Cause I talking to Thomas Fleming, when they tried to blame it on Dy– Dymally, they’re trying to bring Dymally down, and I wasn’t about to tell them it was Thomas Fleming, ‘cause I’m not gonna hurt good people who’ve been a good friend. But some of these folks, I haven’t been able to find them. Boy, they asked me for everything, and they didn’t mind me doing everything, bringing their buses everywhere, backing them on everything, the moment we got our first lies in the newspaper, they were gone. And I called him late in the night, I called him late in the night. I talked to him about a baby, a little w– youngster that needed a corneal transplant. (unintelligible word) Nobody has to get (unintelligible word) involved, you won’t have to show your connection with the church, you can do it privately. And I know that you’d like to help a young man, ‘cause they won’t, they won’t do nothing, said it’s a corneal– we gone do something about it, little (stumbles over words) Indian boy out here in the community (stumbles over words) corneal plan– transplant, and they’ll be able to see. But we can’t afford it right now, we gotta get our people to freedom, time we get some of these do-gooders to do something about it, so I– I just went into that, and then I– then I needed to talk (mumbles) ‘cause he felt a little guilty, you know, and he was sleepy–

Voices in Crowd

Jones: I just wanted to make the story a little more interesting, that’s all. Hell, you know, it’s just communism, (unintelligible word) said, let’s make a whole communist movement. Hell, you may be surprised, another couple three weeks, you may find folk trying to get in here who never had– who never would’ve dreamed of getting in here. (Pause) You agree with that? I– I thought you’d all enjoy that.

Crowd: Stirs, light applause

Voices in Crowd

Jones: You–­ you enjoy that. I think– I think tonight I shall call a– a, un, they’re saying, I’m a friend of Idi Amin, I think I’ll make a call to Idi Amin.

Crowd: Laughter

Jones: (Laughs) Give ‘em something to talk about. Goddamn. I’m getting tired of hearing about cancers and beatings (laughs) and all this shit. Just give them something to talk about. We don’t care how much they talk about us, though, we’re glad for the many here that woulda died of cancer that are he– now healed. We’re glad for that. ‘Cause we’re socialists, and we need some socialists.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: Aw, shit, that’s great. (Pause) Well, well, I think that uh, if you have any questions, because you’ll have the same requirements tomorrow on the test. To know the news of last Tuesday night, the news that I have uh, screened today. Now all of today’s news. Did you hear all today’s news? No, no, you didn’t have to. But tomorrow, you got (unintelligible word) test, ’cause we’ve already gone through all the rest of this, haven’t we? You ought to be able to write on the Bakke decision right now, wouldn’t you?

Crowd: Yes.

Jones: Perhaps you need a little talk on uh, the uh, Cuban– uh, the socialist commitment here on uh, anti-corruption, I give you that. You need to know their position on imperialism, I gave you that. I think the history of Korea is damn interesting. And it’s the strongest kind of communism, you’ve got to have a strong central benevolent leader. He’s been that. You remember one interesting thing, I think the most interesting thing. The United States poured more bombs on that little country than fell between 1939 and 1949, by all nations in World War II, and levelled every building in North Korea, and under the honorable leadership of Kim Il Sung, the communist leader, the agrarian leader, they built back every building, and there’s not one scar of war left, in just 30 years. Twenty-five years. Twenty-five years. That’s a hell of accomplishment for people that had just dug out of the caves. They had been inou– they had been oppressed by the Japanese and by the old czar, they’d been held under the Chinese, they had not developed a thing, and then to be bombed into the– out of existence, and rebuild in 25 years. Then the his– the interesting history, as my son Jim [Jones Jr.] said of his grandfather [likely James Thurman Jones, could be Walter Baldwin], that communist heritage there, they uh, tremendously friendly people and a tremendously disciplined people. In fact, many of Guyanese say we’re closest to them of any. And they said that we would’ve fit into their community extremely well. But we have even gone a step further, that they said they admired us for, their ambassador said. They have not been able to eliminate the money system, and they’re fascinated that we don’t exchange money. And they said, the chap almost wept. He said, that’s the ideal. So you don’t have to pass money between people. That’s the ideal. He said, that will finally eliminate the barriers. So we ought to be grateful for the fact that in spite of all the hell that we’ve had raining upon us, we don’t have to pass money between each other. There’s no price on our head anymore.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: We can all go to that medical department and get our care. We can all get our food. The unfortunate fact, though, that in that process of communization, some have forgotten that things still cost. You may be seated. They cost. And we waste. And we– everything that we buy from the outside world still requires money. You don’t have to use it, but I do. And I have to get it to meet right now better than the million and a half dollars of supplies that’ve been ordered. Not unessentials, essential orders. So for Christ’s sake, think of ways of making money, like Kim [likely Brewster, could be Fye] did with that marvelous broom and that brush the other night, and the soap that Etta’s making. And we appreciated Norman [Ijames] coming in and giving– he rented a work– I don’t know if he’s working in some way to help fix uh– so we can form it better, because we get that s– uh, that soap formulated, it’ll be uh, uh, in proper form so we can sell it, that’ll be a means. Every way we can make money. You got to think, but most of all, save it. Don’t take food just to waste the damn food. We got to all be guardians. Don’t see anybody take it. And you’re wasting it when you’re waddling around here like a duck, too heavy, you’re wasting it when you dump it inside you.

Crowd: Stirs

Jones: Oh, come on, now, come on.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: (Speaks off mic) Hmm? Oh, yes. All right. (back to mic) And by the way, we have a doctor, a dentist, Dr. Ng-A-Fook, the Chinese who’s come, so many think– so many think uh, he’s a little– uh, he doesn’t believe in pain medications, there’s been a lot of reactions to uh, medications, and sto– a socialist ought to take pain. There’s not that much pain, I never have used any Novocain, that’s sort of a– but he is the best denture maker, the best plate maker, and he fills– his fillings are the best. And he’ll be putting– When he comes again, I hope that nobody slugs him.

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Well, we– we had a little incident, the sister, uh, of course was, as most things, Mark Twain said that, uh, when they said he was dead, he said, it was a high– it was high– it was the­– the story about his death was highly exaggerated. But, uh, the man did get struck– Oh, Lord. Ken Norton [aka Gerald Richard Grubbs] made it. Look at this, honest to God, have mercy. Isn’t that something. Isn’t that something, something, something. That is one hell of a chair.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: That makes my heart feel good, doesn’t it?

Crowd: Applause

Jones: Look at that chair. That’s a better chair than I’ve seen. That’s better than we bought back there, with little cushions on them in San Francisco. Put it– open it up, and show it– Hold it up, hold it up in front of the people. That’s a– Isn’t that something else? Something else.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: We should have that modeled when people come in, the delegations come in to visit. Or we put marks on, so we can show our brooms and our gun– uh, things like that. No, no, not our guns. (unintelligible word), that was a mistake, don’t (laughs) I forgot, heh-heh, you didn’t hear that, I was just talking, ‘cause I didn’t know better.

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Cleave [Swinney] will never be able to pop your eyes, all he does. (Pause) It’s wonderful, yes. Oh, they don’t mind. They’ll be happy for us. We can break through with some– making something like that, Guyana would be thrilled. Yes, they will. Oh, we get it done. (Laughs) Uh, Cleave made about everything. One thing he’s going to have to do is go to the boats. I hope you people in the machine shop, he’s got to go to that boat. That boat is not being taken care of, so we get down to business now. Uh, I said I was afraid that this would be the case, the captain is not doing the right job, uh, because he doesn’t feel the owner’s close, and Cleave got on that boat, Richard [Janaro] is a nice sorta guy, he didn’t want to get any feathers up, and Cleave don’t give a damn about feathers. He got on the boat, and he said he saw that damn mess, and uh, they’d uh, not taken proper care of the ge– gears and broke– uh, broke, what, a shaft, and uh, ground the gears and set our ship down when we coulda made 40,000 dollars with two orders. I’m sending him in Monday, and uh, we can uh, maybe Richard can help with other things in the business, he can get out here and get a little rest, and uh, be with his children [Daren and Mauri], because he’s a little preoccupied with family right now, but we’re going to have to uh, get uh, Cleave there, and Helen [Swinney] uh, got to get in to– ‘cause we’re gonna have to get somebody stand on that boat and we’re going to have to decide here tonight who’s gonna run that boat, because– I want somebody training for that captain shit, I don’t want to have that kinda shit, we lost 40,000 dollars in shipments, and then I was told– Cleave come in here and he was furious, I never saw his blood pressure so high, he said they told him not to tell Father because he might fire the boat crew.

Crowd: Responds.

Jones: Um-hmm. Cleave don’t operate that way. Don’t tell Father, ‘cause it might get him upset. I think I should be upset, by God, if we got that kind of a mess.

Crowd: Applause

Voices in Crowd

Jones: What the hell are we having here when they can’t run a boat between here, and they broke down here, and Cleave in the machine shop, and uh, Tim [Swinney] had to fix it, and then we get it all the way back to the port, by God, and we break it again. Aw, come on now. That beautiful freighter, somebody’s uh– and they’re partying on the boat, and I know one thing, if Helen’s on that boat, there won’t be so much partying.

Crowd: Laughter

Jones: There’s one thing, when you look at uh, Helen’s face, you don’t feel like partying.

Crowd: Laughter

Jones: (Laughs) Hold in there, Helen, hold in there. (Laughs) (Pause) Now, what we gonna do and what we’re gonna decide now, who’s gonna go there, who can we trust into that boat, we gotta get the administrators and CAO’s, Steering’s open to that under Stephan [Jones] and Vernetta [Christian], the secretary, that they come up with some recommendations uh, by Monday we’re gonna have to decide, tonight (unintelligible word) fool with this. Mmm-mm, mm-mmm [No]. What we have to go through, Philip’s [Blakey] already licensed on the country, isn’t he.

Voice in crowd: Yes.

Jones: He’s got a– he’s got a girlfriend now, so he can behave out there, he won’t get– he won’t fuck in every port, ‘cause he’ll come home to Carol [likely Kerns] and be nice.

Crowd: Stirs.

Jones: Won’t you, Philip?

Crowd: Calls

Jones: (Laughs) Go hide, Philip. He never did fuck in every port now, he (stumbles over words)– I assure he won’t do it now. Where’s Carol. I bet her face is red too.

Crowd: Laughter

Jones: She’d hid over there on the other side.

Crowd: Stirs

Jones: Well. I think that’s probably a good start. I know Tim is needed badly in his work. Where’s Tim Swinney?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: That’s what I’m afraid of. But somebody, the engineer, Tim went on the– he went on that boat and they were fucking around for a day and a half, and Cleave finally said, now I want to tell you, goddammit, I own that fucking boat, and I want this thing fixed in half hour. Said (unintelligible sentence) Richard said, you won’t be better off. I said, I own the fuckin’ boat, it’s my goddamn fucking boat, he said, I knew they’d understand nothing else, and they had it fixed in a half hour.

Crowd: Laughter

Jones: Don’t say that. Well, he did– he did. It’s all right to say it when you can get something done in a half hour. Except fuckin’. It ain’t worth talking about when you’re just getting a fuck for half an hour. If you can get a boat while we’re messing around, paying all this price, and Cleave come back, and anxious to make– he can make the plates that they had messed up, and making the– he’s making the uh, crankshaft that they broke. It’s outrageous. It’s just damned outrageous. That boat– they got to get back there, we fortunately got two more orders in their place because we’re good friends of the shipping head here on– in Guyana. But I don’t want this to happen anymore. Mmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. You got anybody else that could work in the draining [training] as an engineer?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: [Dorrus] Soloman? ‘Cause Soloman got to fuck when he comes home.

Crowd: Stirs

Jones: Joyce McIntyre? You better perfume your vagina and keep him happy.

Crowd: Applause and laughter

Jones: You’re off the heat, now, Philip.

Crowd: Stirs

Jones: All right. (Pause) All right, all right. Now do you understand the requirement of the news before we go into the uh, matters at hand of agriculture, ‘cause we’ve been uh– we’ve got to have the news. But we also gotta produce the land. Gotta take care of the ships. Uh, this is what I want you to know. Now take a quick listen. What socialist nations are helped– giving help in Guyana? Hear me? And it’ll be on tape. What important event is now taking place in Havana, Cuba? What im– socialist nations are help– giving help to Guyana? What important socialist nation is helping Mozambique? I want you to know the history of that great and beleaguered country. I gave you the history of Mozambique this week, didn’t I? Want you to know that, and uh, you know, (unintelligible word) China. That’s why I– we have to say, it’s– it’s unfortunate in the nuclear age that there’s these nationalistic differences, and the ethnic pain. China remembers the pain of the White Russians, that were paid by the US capitalists to rape her after the fall of the communists– I mean, at the beginning of the communist revolution, and they fled to China. Russia has their fears and uh, uh, all people have nationalistic period to their history. Uh, they remember the Genghis Khan. He got all the way what– to uh, what was it, to the– What was the thing, uh– (unintelligible word) Got right into Austria, Vienna, wasn’t it, to the–? Hmm? France and Poland. Chinese empire that extended that far– far. They’ll be all right, they’ll get to it, China’ll get back to internationalism, the Soviets’ll get back to internationalism. They’re already there, in their internationalism. But unfortunately, they go through these periods of distrust, but how do we know the superiority of communism – that’s important – over socialism, over capitalism? Anybody know that? One simple thing that shows that. Just a simple thing, I said in the news. There’re many things, but a simple thing. The fact that [Jimmy] Carter is so cheap that he is letting the capitalists come back with the same old damn unusable bomb shelters that were sold in the 1950s, and trying to put them on the market and make the people feel that they’ve got protection, and the Chinese have underground shelters that sweep out 100 miles from their cities, and do the USSR, the Soviet Union. That shows a system that cares about people. Capitalism, USA, cares about money, profit, property. What did Dr. Ellsberg say was the last step, he said the last step before nuclear war? They proving they’re stepping there. Anybody remember? The neutron bomb. He said, but it won’t work, it won’t control, it won’t control, it won’t stop it. He said, they can’t use the neutron bomb without reaction from the Soviet– uh, the socialist world. (Pause) You better know what I’m talking about, ‘cause I’m trying to help you what you’re going to be expecting. (Pause) (Blows nose) Come on, (unintelligible word)

Voices in Crowd

Jones: What disagreement did Senator [Edward] Kennedy have with President Carter? Do you know what that was, what has the so-called liberal Senator Kennedy come– done that shows he’s schizophrenic? He voted for Senate Bill 1437, he sponsored Senate Bill 1437, which is this awesome law that nobody now can tell the truth of what the government’s doing, and yet he came out against Carter because he says Carter’s a hypocrite, kept none of his promises, the health and– and the health uh, guaranteed insurance that was suppo– supposed to be provided to US citizens has not been– been done. What has recently been revealed about the CIA and its new director [Stansfield Turner]? Hmm?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Hmm?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Used network news. Yes. Used network uh, news. Got several of them working. Picks up the files of newsmen. So dishonest, he used– a black man doesn’t been know when he’s being used, when he interviews Indians in Washington about their problems, and he– uh, that ends up being passed by on his station manager to the UPI he– uh, general network, and it ends up in the FBI and the CIA uh– and also we know of deputy directors on this magazine, a former deputy director of the CIA’s on this magazine, and it said that the National Enquirer that is doing this smear job on us. Ah, don’t worry about that, we’ll live through that. What do we mean by détente? That means peace between nations. Wake up, momma. Peace between nations. Better get this, uh, you get it right now, if you’d listen. Damn it, I don’t know why you don’t get it. (Pause) What do you know about white market activities in Guyana? We know that they’re cracking down on them. Don’t charge a penny too much to the people. Guyana cares about its people. One penny too much on soap, got a woman five hundred dollar fine. Very, very careful. When you slip into the country with money, and don’t uh, declare it, they also got fines and uh, sentences. One came in with 350 dollars USA and didn’t declare it, and she got fined three times the amount of the foreign currency. That’s a lot of money she had to pay for trying to bring in dollars. You try to take any money out, for this country, you go to jail. And a socialist nation has to– has to do that. That’s the way they keep their economy from being drained, from certain rich elements, taking the money out and putting it in foreign investments and weakening the e– economy, right?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: That’s why they say we will use what we can build ourselves. We will be self-sufficient. We– And that’s why we’re trying to do that here in Georgetown, uh, (stumbles over words) in Jonestown, is to build our soap, make our own clothes, make our own bricks, do our own things, provide our own foods, because– remember what the Prime Minister said, too, that uh, there’s an old mis– misconceptions (slurs over several words) been brainwashed by the white man, they think that they have to have canned sardines. What’d he say tastes better than canned sardine?

Several voices: Fresh snapper.

Jones: Fresh snapper. Right here, and we got plenty of it. What’d he say tastes better and had more nutrition than– uh, what?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Split peas?

Several voices: Black-eyed peas.

Jones: Black-eyed peas. What’d he say had more nutrition, tastes better than an apple?

Several voices: Mangoes.

Jones: Mangoes. He said, let’s get down to build it. Norman was telling me about a lot of uh, peanuts that’s going on in uh, heavy marketing, bringing it by bulk. He’s gonna try to get some of us on the next route. They coming in by bulk from uh, USA, they’re doing it over here in Venezuela, and socialist cooperatives are setting up there. They’re even moving towards cooperatives. We want to get those peanuts, and they’re growing Oklahoma peanuts there. (Pause) I was gonna say, how many tons did you say you delivered over there, Norman? Where is Norman?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Three million pounds. He– So, you see what we gotta– We gotta get on with those peanuts. ‘Cause that makes peanut butter, and they have no peanut butter here, and they have to buy it. All right? What new item now is pushed for greater production in Guyana.

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Yeast. Charcoal. Charcoal. And Amondo– said he’s doing an excellent job, too, Amondo Griffith. Young man without e– even a girlfriend. He’s in there doing [a] good job, he’s out in the meantime learning the charcoal industry and going from door-to-door procuring, and he’s been uh, the excellent mix to– he’s right up there with uh, our Bobby Stroud. And we’re glad for that. We’re proud of him.

Voices in Crowd

Jones: What new item is being pushed– Okay. What– Who is [Anastasio] Somoza? What did he recently say about conditions in his country?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: He will not resign till 1981. No matter how many people he has to eliminate, he will remain the dictator. He’s been the dictator for 44 years, upheld by US capitalism. The Washington Post recently repo– criticized President Carter. What for?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Sometimes we oughtn’t have to have rewards. We give you hour, two hours, we– we got a lot of them built up, we’ve got to now think about production. What– what’d you say?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Playing up human rights and what did The Washington Post say?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Wh– Odell [either Blackwell or Rhodes]?

Odell: (too soft opening) –in the past to it now.

Jones: Yes. And he said linking also, The Washington Post said, was hypocritical and dangerous, bring about nuclear war, linking uh, all of this SALT talk, and that’s what Dr. Ellsberg said today, he said, this is why it’s doomed. Said Carter is not– not capable of administering. We hear this over and again. He said the idea that we would link the entire Strategic Arms Limitation Talks on two Soviet criminals [Alexander Ginzburg and Natan Sharansky] – they call them dissidents, but they’ve been– been committed [convicted] of crimes of Zionist terror in– and this, this, uh, passing state secrets. He said the idea– he said we need to have every minute burning – I didn’t give you all of it – he said every minute of the clock, needs to be burning in the United Nations to find an agreement to stop the production of nuclear war– weapons, to eliminate them from the earth. And not only to stop it now, but to eliminate them, dismantle them, and to stop the spread, because he said, it’s too dangerous, it’s out of control. Said– Why did he say this is the most dangerous country in the world? Why did Dr. Ellsberg– He’s not a Marxist, either. Why did he say this is the most dangerous nation in the world?

Male 2: (too soft beginning) –several things that you brought out earlier this evening.

Jones: Well, I’ll– I’ll get off. He said Chile. We overthrew a constitutionally-elected government and murdered those people in cold blood. And in what else? Indonesia? How many people did we kill, the CIA, our tax dollars that should cause us guilt? Two million people to put in a fascist leader. He knows that because he was in Washington while it was done, and he said he’ll never get over the guilt. And you see, guilt makes a person do right. Guilt caused him to come out in the public and air it, at least. He did his job, he tried to tell the world, nobody’s listening. What is Israel trying to do about– bring about in Lebanon? Set up a– a– no, they’re trying to keep their uh, conquered territory by setting up a false group of Christian fascists and calling them Lebanese. Christian militia. What two European countries are plagued with labor unrest?

Voices in Crowd

Male: Great Britain and France.

Jones: France and Great Britain and England and uh, (stumbles) yes, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom and Canada. And of course, USA and America. Is China aiding any African nations? Do you know one, and how much aid it is giving?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: How much is it giving to Tanzania?

Several voices: Five million.

Jones: Huh?

Several voices: Five million.

Jones: Five million dollars to Tanzania?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Ten million dollars. Ten million dollars to Tanzania. How much is it giving to Zambia?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Ten million dollars. Both. Same place. Ten million dollars. What else is it doing for Zambia, who stood up against US exploitation, Zambia and Tanzania both stood up against the uh– and demanded the liberation of Rhodesia and South Africa, to build a railway network. How many technicians does it have in uh, Zambia, that’s gonna keep them there?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: 750. How– no, more than that. Was it seven thousand five hundred, wasn’t it? Technicians, advisers? Anybody remember? Don’t know, don’t know. I knows it’s seven-five-oh, or oh. Was it seven thousand five hundred, anybody remember statistics? We all remember different things. Ten thousand engineers. I know that. They’re keeping them there. What is you say, Dr. [Laurence] Schacht]

Schacht: (Too soft)

Jones: Sixty thousand engineers. Right you were, but it’s down, they still left 10,000 there. You’re right, that’s what they originally said, and in Mozambique, they’re giving aid to– uh, they’re giving– what was the aid, was the form of the aid? I– It wasn’t spelled out, I don’t recall. Look, uh– Listen to the Mozambique tape, be sure you go in tomorrow and listen to the Mozambique tape, and the Kore– uh, the Korean– North Korean, South Korean tape. And they’re helping uh, other nations. Senegal. They’re helping Guyana, they’re helping Jamaica in the Caribbean, both socialist nations. Explain the Doctrine of Three Worlds. I don’t think I need to do that, do I? Do you all know it? How many know it?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: If you don’t, you better ask your neighbor,’ cause you’ll be asked tomorrow. What Caribbean socialist nations is in trouble and why?

Voices in Crowd: Jamaica.

Jones: Jamaica, because the International Monetary Fund, they let them get hold on their banks and devalue their money, and who’s come to the rescue again, showing that there is a better– a superiority of socialism? Soviet Union forgot their differences for a moment in China, the Soviet Union’s giving them fisheries they need, a large loan, and then China’s come in with a number of assistances to their program. What did China do particularly in Jamaica? Do you know?

Quiet voices

Jones: Well, think about it. (Pause) The Doctrine of Three Worlds, again, somebody back there’s looking puzzled. The Doctrine of Three Worlds, the First World is the U– the Soviet Union and USS– and the USA. The Second World is the European capitalist nations, the Third World is China and the underdeveloped nations. They haven’t been entirely consistent to it, but one thing that may have merit, it’s based on the inevitability of what Dr. Ellsberg says, that nuclear war will happen, and they’re probably trying to get the nuclear war over with before bombs spread to every nation in the southern hemisphere. While this is a zone of peace– You know that this is a zone of peace, don’t you? Where’s the other zone of peace? Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean. So that there’ll be survival, and China realizes that– (unintelligible word) maybe even they realize that socialism will inherit the world, be it Communist China and the Soviet Union, because China will– How many people in China will survive the– the nuclear war?

Male 1: 700 million.

Jones: 700 million. Out of a billion. They’ll lose 300 million. How many people in USA will die in the first three minutes now of a nuclear war?

Several voices: Nine of out ten.

Jones: Nine of out ten. No– Over 200 million. Nine out of ten people, if you were sitting here, would die. Nearly everyone would die here, because you lived in a city. And if you didn’t, you’d be like [Nikita] Khrushchev, you’d li– the living would envy the dead. If you lived in Redwood Valley and had to wake up with radiation problems and the radiation disease coming across the hills, even if we did have the safety of our cave and then, uh, have to be around all those ho– well, you know what. (Coughs) Red necks. That’s good, thank you. I won’t– Everybody knows what a redneck is, don’t you?

Crowd: Yes.

Jones: Why are people suing NBC concerning a recent television show? Born Innocent showed how to rape a young– a Holly– a young woman was raped by seven teenagers, and a young woman, uh, just a few hours thereafter was raped in the same fashion. But it’s not gonna get anywhere, because they’re a big powerful– uh, they’re the right arm of the fascist ruling class, and they’re coming in with high-powered attorneys, but she’s suing them for how many mo– how much money?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Eleven million. She ought to, her daughter’s mentally unbalanced, and they think she’ll remain mentally unbalanced the rest of her life. Who is the president of Tanzania?

Male 1: Julius Nyerere.

Jones: Julius Nyeyere. He gave a brave speech at the United nations, indicting US imperialism. What is the United States trying to do with Mozambique? Like our enemies tried to provoke us with sending Norman in here and telling us that he was a spy. Hope we do something, ‘cause they’ve never been able to get us on a violent crime or to do something against his uh, freedom of travel or something. What were they trying to do?

One voice: Too soft

Jones: Provoke an incident, so they’d have some criminal action here, maybe, though we can handle anything in this government, but it would be a horrible thing there. Hmm? Evil people, aren’t they? What’s the USA trying to do to Mozambique? They’re bombing them from– with our aid, the USA shamefully – you need to know that – lifted the ban against arms and giving aid, the Senate voted for it, and now the House of Representatives both voted for it, and gave emergency aid, even well before they passed it, which was illegal. US planes, even with some pilots, bombed Mozambique, 21 villages wiped out in two days alone, and there’ve been more. And the Union of South Africa attacking them, with our tax dollars which should cause guilt, from Union of South Africa, the apartheid racist regime that has concentration camps, bombing them from one end to the other. They want them to strike back, as Mozambique’s a brave Marxist country, has socialized all of its medicine in three years, only three years old. It was in bush, primitive, uh, a colonial nation. Three years, they’ve done that. And they’ve been known to fight back. They been defending the Zimbabweans, they defended the Zambians, they defended SWAPO, and they want them just across their border. And uh, Radio Moscow says it, and Radio Sweden. So that if they do, then USA will go through her hypocritical posturing and say, we’ve got to send NATO in to protect the people. To protect the people, yes. To protect, what does the USA say– Moscow says and Sweden says they have to have? The cobalt and the chrome. US economy will fold. That’s why uh, Yugoslavia said what? And several other non-aligned nations? World War III has already begun. Too much trouble, in the Near East, between the b– Israelis and the Arabs, the Iraqis again were set up today, you heard that, didn’t you. I wish these god– (pause) blessed cats, we– operate on one of them, there’re two toms a-fightin’. Yeah, (unintelligible phrase) tom, I– I think that black tom. Well, get him, and take him, and we’ll uh, fix him.

Cats yowling, chatter

Jones: Pick up that god-blessed cat. Stop this nonsense. That poor– Let the– let the one fuck that is always getting beat up. The capitalist one gets his fucker uh, operation tomorrow.

Voices in Crowd

Jones: He’s all– The only thing that fights here, and I don’t like fighting. Do you?

Crowd: No.

Jones: I think the nice cat that’s always running away should get the right to fuck, and the mean one should get his– get his balls tampered with.

Crowd: Murmurs

Jones: And how many vote for that? Yea–

Crowd: Yea.

Jones: All right. All right. So if you fight, friend, if you fight, better use your balls peacefully. Look out.

Crowd: Laughter

Jones: What the hell are you doing? You onery son of a–

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Does she got balls?

Crowd: Laughter

Jones: Yeah, I’d say that’s– that’s– Uh, who’s the tom picks on.

One voice: The black one.

Jones: The black one does it. He picks on all of them. Where is the sucker?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Well, I want him caught now. I’m tired of it. He picks on every other tom. He gets the– uh– Huh? Well, it’s awful what he does to them, he just grabs them all, all of them.

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Well, he’s the– he’s the gentle one.

Voices in Crowd

Jones: He’s very upset, is he–

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Okay. See that black cat, now– Let’s catch that black cat. That black and white cat. Get him– uh, you got him? You got him? Let me see that onery sucker. Bring him up here, I’m gonna put him on Public Services.

Crowd: Laughter. Chatter

Jones: Be sure you get the right cat. We want justice done, even for cats. Are you the onery thing that does it? Yes. Hold him up before the people.

Crowd: Chatter

Jones: Now, get him put someplace right now, so that fella– we’re gonna have to operate him, ‘cause he’s attacking– he attacked a black one yesterday, he’s attacking uh, a mixed nigger cat today, and uh– you onery. Just ‘cause you’re blacker’n every one of us, you don’t need to be thinking you’re going to be able to go around tearing up everything, right?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: It won’t hurt him. He’ll get– he’ll get fat and eat and lay in the sun.

Crowd: Chatter

Jones: Who is it? Nancy said, my God, this is my cat, what are you doing to him? (Laughs)

Crowd: Light laughter. Chatter

Jones: Nothing. It won’t hurt him at all. He won’t be so competitive, and he’ll relax. He’ll overcome his sexual problem. What in the hell were we talking about?

Crowd: Light laughter

Jones: Shift. Shift. (Pause) If all of them people who’re leaving in the morning to unload the shell boat. Phil Blakey, Carl Barnett, Wesley Breidenbach, Burrell Wilson, Ezekiel Wilson, Walter Williams, Paul McCann, uh, J­– Cornelius Truss, Kenny Reed, Ron Talley, Cleve [Cleveland] Newell, Mark Cordell, John Gardener, Karl Newell, Al Touchette acceptable. Okay. Now you may be seated.

Crowd: Stirs

Jones: The Iraqis. What happened to them today? Something important. They’ve been doing ‘em– setting ‘em up all over, because they’re trying to get the Arab League to build their own weapons, refine their own oil, and quit depending on the USA and get off the do– the dollar standard and onto the gold standard. If that happens in USA, we won’t have to worry about her botherin’ anybody anymore, ‘cause she’ll fall. The Iraqis are also nationalist, but they’re allies of the Soviet Union in their– in the military alliance. What was it? Somebody got s– uh, they shot some more Iraqis todays.

Male 1: (too soft)

Jones: No, that was Iran. The Chicago police are linked with SAVAK– SAVAK, S-A-V-A-K, the secret police that set up the former deputy, uh, the director of CIA is now the head of it, it’s one of the most cruel secret polices in the world, the Shah of Iran is the oil rich millionaire– billionaire, billionaire, many times, owns many airplanes, private jets, many wives and many limousines, Rolls-Royces, so forth, he’s the one, according to the fall, the collapse of 17– 1870– no, 1780 uh, oh, shit. 1979, we have the book over there in the library, don’t we? [The Crash of 1979, by Paul Erdman]

Female: too soft

Jones: You’re reading it. Okay, well, it’s over– it’s in the library. W– It’s an excellent book written by a banker, that the Shah of Iran, finally because of the lust for power and money, will bring a war, a nuclear conflict, but he wants to own all the world. He and the Saud of Arabia [Muhammad bin Abdulaziz] is the richest, and uh, they will bring the reactionary act, the horrible act of nuclear hell. So, they–­ they– they were– they were bombed by– with the cooperation and beat up, with the Chicago police working for SAVAK. Working for a foreign intelligence agency. How did they­– how did they get by with that? Well, how do we know it? Because the man said that’s who paid him. About the cherry bomb. Remember? The one that dropped the cherry bomb got his pay through the Chicago policeman. Hmm?

Male 1: (too soft)

Jones: Hundred bucks, that’s right, a hundred bucks. Thank you. What was resolved– decided– uh, no, what– Who is the president of Tanzania? Nyerere. Brave man. He addressed the United Nations, and so it shows that China is moving away from its nationalism to internationalism, by giving him support, he indicted USA. What did he say of importance? The recent OAU [Organization of African Unity] conference in Khartoum, Sudan– What did the OAU conference decide? You know what that was. Cuba’s right to how– help any nation, some of the Belgrade conference, the Belgrade conference, Yugoslavia, non-aligned nations, said that– that– that Cuba uh, would not be expelled, and in fact, the next non-aligned nation historically will meet of the 100 nations in Cuba. That’s a breakthrough, my friend. What’s happening in Havana? A great youth festival of over 20,000 now, of 140 nations. All of the– most of the nations of the world have got delegations there, and they’ve condemned the policies of US in Africa, the use of weather modification by the CIA. What’s weather fa– modification? You better know it.

Voices in Crowd

Jones: They’re messin’ with weather. Cloud seeding. Other things. Uh, cause earthquakes tremors, uh, tidal waves, and breaking of the ozone. But they haven’t sophisticated that yet. Why is astrology an opiate of the people? Because any religion that says this is– has to happen or fatalism that the stars is going to determine your events, that is contrary to Marxist-Leninist principle. The dialectic says man in– determines his destiny. Nothing’s fixed. Nothing’s an absolute. Right?


Jones: You believe that?

Crowd: Murmurs

Jones: You better, or you’re not a good socialist. And all religions say, that the Lord– Wasn’t– When Nell Smart was saying, she was saying, look at all this. Even with Proposition 13– Wake up! Proposition 13, they said over the TV and the radio, that uh, first to go are going to be the minorities and the women. So what do you think about this? When the empty stores and people who– Nena Downs told us about it coming in, Jessie [three in Jonestown, likely Jessie Jones], the empty stores, the shelves are empty, what is this? And the black folks say, (sarcastic voice) it’s the will of the Lord. It’s testing. The Lord is testing us. But after a while, when we get through, (cries out) hey, go over to Jesus, we’re gonna have a mansion over the hilltop. And it’ll be a white man tellin’ you what to do.

Crowd: That’s right.

Jones: (Moderates) You ain’t gone get no mansion, they­– the other folks said it, there’ll be a cabin. There’ll be a cabin, if he– if there was one, if there was a heaven, you’d be in a cabin, and there’d be a plantation owner, and he’d be white.

Male 1: (too soft, speaking about environmental determinism)

Jones: (cries out) This is our earth. We. Minority people, Third World people, we will make this our heaven, this is our earth.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: Ain’t waiting for no heaven in the sky. What’d you say about environmental determinism?

Male 1: (too soft)

Jones: Yes, they’re using environmental determinism to what?

Male 1: Parallel the dialectic.

Jones: Paralack– Parallel the dialectic. Okay, now you can uh, listen to this tape and you have it down, plus the tape on the– uh, the uh, s– the position of the Guyana on socialism in support for reunification of Korea and what the USA has done there, and then you want to listen to the documentary on Korea and Mozambique. You got me? You listen to this tape, you’ll have it all. And that’s all the tape you’ll have to listen to. Listen to this tape, you won’t have to go back and listen to the last uh, Tuesday night’s tape, you listen to this tape. And you’ll have it and ask some questions. All right?

Crowd: Murmurs

Jones: What happened in the recent meeting of the Ku Klux Klan in California? Ku Klux Klan uh, were not arrested and all the people– the peaceful that protested, what town have the Ku Klux Klan taken over? Oxnard. Now every major city has a Ku Klux Klan chapter and a Nazi chapter. Here’s a headline tonight. A young Nazi’s fate, a teenage admirer of Adolf Hitler, killed a fellow high school student, and he will be kept at juvenile home while authorities decide where he will be placed for rehabilitation. I’m sure if that was a black young man, there would not be–

End of side 2

Side 3

Jones: Dr. Ellsberg, you ought to have that, that’s on the blackboard too, if you listen. That’s what I ha– gave you tonight. So that’ll be– That’s all you’ll have. Now. What happened to the Ku Klux Klan? Yes, (unintelligible word). They– Several of the protestors were arrested, none of the Ku Klux Klan. What happened to a young boy today? Pina? It’s on the blackboard. Read it tonight when you leave, or in the morning. It’ll be there still in the morning. Don’t erase it for the first uh, two, three hours. Like, can that be arranged? (Pause) Young boys are being put out in the heat wave, 99 degrees, die of cardiac failure at 17 years of age, this boy was beaten and brutalized, and there’ve been 70 other such cases at the– at the military base in North Carolina, and several in the San Diego. They call it uh, motivation training. Motivation to be brutal. Motivation. Terror. Sadism. They find him hiding, where? In an abandoned what? What?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Abandoned guest hall. Scared to death. Emaciated. Looked like he’d been through a concentration camp. And remember that uh, documentary on youth crime, the congressman (unintelligible name) called for concentration camps. Work camps, he calls it. That’s what Hitler called ‘em, work camps. Do you know some recent statements made by Guyana’s leaders about events around the world? Do you know some events in Guyana and show that the country is moving towards more socialism and self-sufficiency? Listen to the tape, that tape on Guyana and its policy papers about imperialism, and you’ll have that. Okay? According to Ellsberg, what did the President Nixon do in 1969 to end the Vietnam War? Threaten the use of atomic bombs. Who– what was Ellsberg said uh, were the dangers of 30 years of nuclear testing? Well, uh, and not only that. Not only that. (Chuckles) Testing, but radiation leaks. He said all kinds of diseases. He said there’ll be epidemics that people will not know. He said, perhaps the Legionnaire’s disease and things like this are just one of those unknowns that’re breaking out. Who is the leader of North Korea? Kim Il Sung. How is he regarded? He’s looked upon as a god. A God which is necessary, people worship, people have to look up to personality, there oughta be more respect here. When Mother [Marceline Jones] walks in, Dad walks in, I don’t want it, I hate it, ‘cause leadership is pain. I haven’t had a happy personal thought for I don’t know how long. I’m in a prison here, I’m in a prison, I’d like to’ve died in a jail cell over nothing but a protest, because that’s what I want to do, but that’d been uns– that’d been selfish, because I owed it to the children. I know some of you don’t think you got any service. Wake up over there, young woman, and look around here. This– this is where the happening is. (Pause) But there has to be respect for leaders that DFP, somebody that dictates the will of the people. Who are the people? The working class, proletariat. Who are the oppressor? Bourgeoisie. Who is the petit bourgeoisie?

Scattered voices: The middle class.

Jones: The middle class. The small businessmen that’re not waking up to the fact of who they are. The doctors and so forth. The damn parasite lawyer. I think I’ve just about (unintelligible word)­ Who, uh, who is the leader of North Korea? I got that. Okay. Wha– Life in Georgetown will be more comfortable thanks to a contribution of– from the Chinese. What is it? Hmm?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: New turbine generators. So there’ll be no more white-outs, uh, no more electrical failure. Who was it escaped from Italian jails? Red Brigade. They’re something else. When they bring about a socialist prime minister in Italy. Italy is moving left, and not right, contrary to some who would’ve called it a terrorist act. Marxists have to determine what is the difference between terrorism and armed struggle. Hmm? The bombing that occurred on Wall Street, was that an act of terror that injured and killed so many, 140 or 150?

Crowd: Yes.

Jones: Financials, yes. Because it was senseless. It only turns the people against uh, the revolution. It wasn’t against an institution, it didn’t have meaning. But when you kidnap a prime minister who is a lackey of US capitalism, and demand that he– or that you’ll free him in ransom for just so many people, political prisoners being released, and they don’t do it– do it, you s– get a moral lesson across, that capitalists won’t take care of their own. They won’t even– you can– Remember that millionaire, uh, Paul Get– J. Paul Getty, his own grandson [J. Paul Getty III] was kidnapped, they cut his ears off and he wouldn’t pay ‘em a dime. That shows something. The whole world sees that capitalists don’t care about their own. Aldo Moro was the biggest lackey of US imperialism, but the USA said don’t give a dime. The Italian government wanted to do it, they even– the Social Democrats, they turned his own wife [Eleonora Chiavarelli] into a Marxist. (Pause) Said it was a revolutionary act, wasn’t it. Unfortunately that he was executed. (Pause) Very well, they would not have it so easy, but at least uh, there’s some been– I mean, there’s a lot of pressure, but they seem to know how to get out of jail. I never saw anything like them folk. (Pause) How does the Canadian co– economy compare with that of the United States? Hmm? (Pause) It’s worse, ‘cause the dollar is the only place in the world that has more value. It’s worse. It’s having more of an economic problem. So how much of the wealth is owned by the USA? Please don’t have talking when I’m giving you the news. That’s unfair and unjust. My voice is like a sore all the time, I think you forget that. I don’t like to talk. Seventy percent of the economy is owned by USA. At least that. Where am I at? Why is the US holding a 24 million dollar loan to Chile? Because they want to look like they’re window dressing. Chile has got three high governmental officials, they were in DINA, and now they’ve conveniently changed the name of DINA, the secret police, to some other name. Does anybody know what it is? (Pause) Find out. I’ll leave that mystery. You find that out, and maybe Teresa’ll [Teresa King] put that on the blackboard. And the fact is that General [Augusto] Pinochet, the head of the Chilean military junta himself did this thing. But USA’s acting like they care, and what did they do? They uh, called for three murderers to be sent back. Three little lackeys– and they’ll be sacrificed, they’re governmental officials, Chile will finally sacrifice them, because capitalists don’t look after their own. And then USA can say, we care about [Orlando] Letelier, their foreign minister of the– of the socialist government of Dr. [Salvador] Allende, being eliminated, bon– blown up, right on the Washington Embassy Row. In a car. Remember? With a US representative. They don’t care who they kill. What other terrible thing shows that USA just posturing when it talks about uh, getting to the bottom of bribes and payola? Uh, [Eugene] Chaikin?

Chaikin: (too soft)

Jones: No, no, say– I’ll move on. I wasn’t making myself clear. I’m talking about the Korean scandals, the KCIA, using Rev. Sun [Myung] Moon to pay off congressmen and the senators, [Leon] Jaworski, a moderate, he not a flaming liberal, he said, I resign, it’s all window dressing, I refuse to be used, it’s just a play. Said they’re not going to prosecute these senators. How many senators did he find had been involved in accepting bribes?

Crowd: Scattered voices.

Jones: Thirty some. Congressmen equally, I don’t know how many of them, but what do they do? A black Senator [Edward Brooke] who was just black, done nothing but lied to his wife [Remigia Ferrari-Scacco] in a domestic court, they bring him before the Senate Ethics Committee because they want to get rid of one black. Anybody can’t see that there’s black genocide in USA is blind.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: Black Senator Edward Brookes [Brooke] and he looks whiter than me. And the head of the Subcommittee on African Affairs in Congres– wake up, Rich Janaro, and listen very closely and get it all down, ‘cause I expect an excellent plus from you. Okay. What did they do? Congressman [Charles] Diggs, the uh, chairman of that committee, faces 175 years for misusing his own money. How in the hell do you do that? Not taking any bribes, not taking any payola, blacks going down, Atlanta, Georgia, says I’m being destroyed, the mayor, Maynard Jackson, I’m being destroyed by the Atlanta Journal, they always use the press first to destroy them. How many more can you think of?

Male 3: Dymally.

Jones: I’ll give you a bul– I’ll give you an article. Ebony just come out with all the black leaders. They’re all gettin’ it. Every blessed one of them, all getting it, because genocide is already begun. Dymally again, yes, he’s gonna get it with us, they want to– Chisholm– Shirley Mae Chisholm, she’s not gonna– she’s not gonna be able to run. And– and Jordan. What was the first name? Barbara Jordan. She was so articulate, being the Aunt Jane, introducing President Carter, she thought she’d have no trouble, she’s being smeared so badly, and they intimidated, that she is afraid to run for office this year. She’s resigning.

Male 3: Yvonne– Yvonne Burke and (unintelligible name)

Jones: Yvonne Burke, yes. Okay, there– Well, there whole number of them. (Pause) Okay, what (draws out pause word) uh– How is US supporting the white Rhodesian government economically? By the way, what they didn’t tell you, that Chile already got 250 million dollars aid. It’s just 24 million dollars that uh, they’re holding up. It’s always just hypo– hypocrisy. Chile couldn’t even be in power without USA backing. Trickeration, yes, thank you. How is US supporting the white Rhodesian government economically? Lifted the ban. Congress and the Senate. And they were doing it secretly anyway, through the CIA. What statement did Dad read from Carol– Carolyn Kirkendall, that gave him great encouragement? Why? You find that out. They’ll put it on the board tomorrow. Dick Tropp. I’d like that put on the board tomorrow. Can you go back and get that, Teresa? He can recreate it. So we can look at our guilt and know ourselves. Lot of people didn’t look at themselves. I only got three papers after Ca– Carolyn Kirkendall. What did she get? Her se– Her– Her– Her friend gave her just 15 minutes, wanted to cover kindly for her, people do that, but it’s elitism, so we gotta stomp it out everywhere, right?

Scattered: Right.

Jones: And I hope every– everybody has uh– is concerned to stomp it out as they– as she was. As comrades. Oh yes? Huh?

One voice: too soft

Jones: You can put it on your test paper. You may, you may, you may. It’s gotta be on the test paper. You can put it right on your test paper. Everybody should put it on your test paper. I think that should be a requirement. Thank you, my son. Put it on your test paper. What do you feel guilty about? What did Dad just say, what is– did Dad like leadership? Why we have to have a strong leader, the DFP, to dictate the will of the proletariat. What did Carolyn Kirkendall say? She had to report that she was getting what she considered favoritism, and how she had uh– What other things? Do you remember? What’d Dick Tropp say? Intellectualism, he took comfort in intellectualism, and always putting himselves above the– the working class, then in some was finding excuse for his uh, anarchy, and he said, people like him should be shot at the end. By the way, the one who I appreciated very much, got a lot of helpful poin– pointers out of it, uh, Pauline Groot. But there’s one thing you’ll want to know of Pauline. You gave me a lot of uh, important things, important things, but never think Dad’s naïve. Never think he’s naïve. She said he was naïve on a number of points. I’m not naïve. I know exactly what things are. I’m just trying to still break through the barrier. You understand? To break through the barrier, by saying (breathy word) why could somebody do this? I understand perfectly well. Unless somebody is a communist, they cannot understand me. (Voice rises throughout) And if they’re not willing to give of themselves, I represent such a threat to them that they would kill me in a minute. People are subjective, too. Some little thing that happens to them, uh, in this organization, they blame it on me. Something imposed upon their will, that’s why security should watch me, ‘cause I’d love to be able to pass through the great unknown. Because people here, the worst thing could happen to this great revolution that even Marcus Garvey couldn’t bring about, the first people that ever left the United States successfully in protest, the worst thing that could happen is that the leader be killed by somebody here. And there’s enough hate here to do it. Oh, yes, there are. ‘Cause people caught up in the memory of what one wrong. They never remember the times I got people out of jail, even some of their own loved ones, even themselves, they never remember the times I risked going to jail myself, what, for their own damn foolishness, I was willing to die in jail, be tortured, whatever for them, they don’t remember that. But one goddamn little thing that may be a mistake, (voice drops) they remember that.

Scattered: Right.

Jones: And sometimes it’s not a mistake. They don’t see the trees for the forest. Hmm? ‘Cause you remember that too. I’m gonna expect you to recreate that, so you listen to that closely. Think I’m about through. Shift again. What recent events have taken place in Iran? Well, I told you that. What has NAACP President Benjamin Hooks said about trends in the USA? Terrible. That’s on the board. Go over and read it. Teresa’s got it. Has Carter maintained– it’s on the blackboard in the school– what has– has Mar– Carter maintained his high level of popular– popularity, can you explain how the New York Post under that white racist, what’s-his-name, uh, magnate, he’s only buying up newspapers and TV, Rupert Murdoch, uh, the evil man. He attacked his daughter. His gran– uh, his grandmother. His wife. He attacked his cousin, Hugh. He attacked his closest aides. Did you hear that today? Be seated. It was terrible. Attacked his little girl as being uh, uh– sick, wi– reading comic books while state officials were there? I kinda admire that. (Pause) Goddamn state officials. (Pause) Minute later, his uh, dau– his brother’s [Billy Carter] made a buck off of his opp– opportunism, being a brother of the– the president. What’s that got to do with uh, a president’s success or failure? I think Carter’s problem is that he’s a religious man, he believes in God, he– that’s an opiate, so he cannot realize the dangers of the human potential. Neither, in view of the selective assassinations of Kennedys [John and Robert] and Malcolm [X] and Martin [Luther King], that at some point, he’s probably going to back off because he’s afraid they’ll blow his brains out. He already has. He’s schizophrenic, he says, I’ll stand by him– by Andrew Young, yet he says I don’t know what I’m going to do with Andrew Young. Remember what Andrew Young did? Said there’re thousands of political prisoners in USA. He’s the black ambassador. He has been told not to speak at all now by the wo– by Carter unless it is cleared by Carter. He must not issue one word. Now, if he had a man– if he’s a man of character, he’d resign, wouldn’t he?

Scattered: That’s right.

Jones: Jaworski, rather than be a puppet, resigned. That lawyer, who was supposed to be uh, investigating the Korean scandals of bribes to white congressmen and senators. Compare– no, (mumbles to self)– Do you remember what Dr. [Fidel] Castro recently said about President Carter? And they’re using it to go after Carter. He said he’d prefer that President Carter be the– re-elected because even what’s next will be worse. And the Car– And Castro shouldna said it. (Pause) Everybody makes a mistake. Great man, but he made a mistake. Because that’ll be sure that they– they’re gonna get Carter. Hmm? Don’t you think? Maybe you have another point of view. You say maybe you see somebody better? Who? Ronald Reagan is gaining pop– popularity, they think he’ll be the next candidate. And Castro goes on to say that Reagan is a uh, a– a moral opportunitist– opportunist, he’s a degenerate, he is– he will bring nuclear war, he was uh, uh, involved in some of the decision-making that uh, suggested nuclear war, uh, the panel that met with Nixon in to use nuclear bombs in Vietnam. Castro shouldna made that. He better keep his mouth shut about USA, ‘cause it’s going rightwing fascist every day. Compare the pre– preparation– And Dr. Castros’ a great man, you that are new need to hear his interview. Brilliant man. With Walter– Barbara Walters. Compare the preparations that US has made for its citizens in the event of nuclear war. What has been done in the USSR and China? If you know about– we ought to feel honored the National Enquirer’s attacking us. By the way, it has an article this week attacking a man– attacking Fidel Castro’s calling him a torturer who came in and beat people in the night and uh, uh, whipped them and be– killed them and put them in boxes. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Huh?

Crowd: Yes.

Jones: Said that 27 were killed one night, I was a prisoner in Car– Castro’s Cuba for 14 years. (Calls out) What it doesn’t bother to say was that he was the head of the CIA there, and they let him go for two years till he started meddling some more. And they put him back in jail. But it makes it sound like a torture chamber. So, look out, baby, we’re gonna have a new blast. And there gonna be some folk with us. (Pause) A young man who thought he’d made it by playing both sides against the middle, that has a television show. Oooo. I sure imagine they’ll be uh, che– checking– they check out every voice. What has been revealed about prevention of heart disease, cancer, and strokes. Hmm? The harder you work, and I don’t mean just as sports and bowling and just ordinary sports of uh, uh, the– the simple sports that– name some other. You gotta swim hard, you gotta strenuously run, you gotta work hard every day, and you sweat out the impurities, it’ll save you from cancer, heart disease, strokes, blindness, and everything else. A lot of you folk avoid work, boy I wish– God, I’ve never felt so good as I did Sunday unloading that uh– that wagonload of wood. You don’t know what you’re missing. Your stomach, you don’t realize how tight it is, you don’t know how your joints are, you don’t know the pressure rings around your head, you oughta try it. Some of you don’t know how to do it. Well, try it. You’ll see, you’ll see. Won’t you. How many enjoy hard work, it’s– it’s– it– you– you– you don’t worry as much, it’ll lift the depression off your mind. Goddammit, it’ll do it. Your sadness and pain, that you feel for the world and our people back there, you got to have a moment of relief, I wish some people’d let me have it. (Pause) What centuries– What countries are attacking Mozambique? I told you. What has the Pentagon US military wasted 477 million dollars of the taxpayers’ money this year. Where? How? Hmm? Well, that’s just one loan alone. Union of South Africa, the dread apartheid regime where black people have to be in by sundown, and receive one-twentieth of the wage, and live in concentration camps outside of the village, you’re not allowed to walk on the sidewalks, not allowed to go to the theaters or the shows, not even allowed to drink ordinary beer. They have a form of liquor that’s called uh, rat gut, mostly alcohol that burns holes in their stomach, and they die before their time. It’s a process of genocide, to eliminate them early in life. They’re not even able to get meats, they don’t have enough money. According to some psychiatrists, US public is losing respect for President Carter. What are the reasons for saying this? I told you. I told you, didn’t I? Now you have all the questions, though be ready for it. Now, shift. (Pause)

Crowd: Murmurs

Jones: That’s not too much to listen to tomorrow, is it?

Scattered: No.

Jones: And to go back and listen to North Korea, South Korea, and uh, the tape about Guyana, the tape about Guyana and its position on world imperialism. It gives various names of the leaders of Guyana and what they have to say about imperialism. (unintelligible sentence) (Pause) Okay, now, you may be seated. Where are– and what the agenda of problems?

Voices in Crowd

Jones: I want to deal with everything. I don’t believe in hiding anything under a bushel.

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Danielle Mitchell [Gardfrey] was talking to Youlanda Smith and she said if she had the chance to go back to the United States, she would, and if she had the chance, she would uh, go to live in Texas. Anthony Hicks and Tracy (unintelligible name) [Tracy Stone] report this and say Youlanda tried to cover for her.

Voices in Crowd

Male 1: Okay everybody that’s a witness to this, come up, come up, (unintelligible word) everybody on the floor is the jury (unintelligible word) now–

Jones: I– I could told this, because I always look at your face, you never smiled at me, never once. Your dad [Guy Mitchell] is one of the friendliest, your mother [Beverly Mitchell] have cheered my heart, but you never smile, you never speak, you wa–

Woman 2: (unintelligible word) off your face.

Jones: (Cries out) Get that off your face, because you’re no better than anybody else here. Even though your dad is a supervisor of the highest rank, we have no elitism, so you better get yourself together. You who have heard nothing apparently and want to go back to racist Texas. Have you heard of the flash floods that killed today nine, washing out people, even washed out tonight in the last moment of news, washed out President [Lyndon] Johnson’s grave. (Pause) That’s how much flood waters. Not to mention the damn racism, the Ku Klux Klan controls the Houston police and the sheriff’s department, has done it for years.

Male 1: You better stop– you better stop frowning up.

Jones: You better learn to smile, ‘cause you got the most unhappy, nasty looking face, and you’re a beautiful woman. There isn’t no sense in this. I never once– never once have had you smile. I’ve never seen you smile. (Pause) You tell us why you want to go to Texas? While all of our black people are suffering, the jails are crowded, and 163 or 173 people calling from the jails into Dr. [John V] Moore, the Methodist white superintendent, middle class, that was here, he said, help them if he can, he’d even give money to help a man, crow– trow– uh, crowd into a cell that was meant for one, 17 there, or I don’t remember the exact figure, I think it was 17 in the– crowded into the one jail cell. Black man. Tell me why. A lot of whites are wantin’ to come, too.

Danielle: Um– (unintelligible word)

Male 1: (too soft)

Jones: Said there’s such a housing sh– She said on the uh, radiophone, that Dr. Moore said there’s such a housing shortage in Reno, Nevada, that great sports center and the brilliant lights of Reno, that people are having to live in their cars. White people. (Pause)

Danielle: Um. Uh, I didn’t say that uh, that I wanted to go back to Texas. What uh, me and Youlanda was down there talking–

Jones: Where is Youlanda?

Youlanda: Right over there. Okay. Uh, Danielle sa–

Male 1: Okay, wait, hold it hold it hold it. (unintelligible word.)

Danielle: Okay, uh, uh, me and Youlanda was down there talking, and then so uh– and then so uh, and then so I said that it wasn’t nothing gonna happen ba– back in the States or nothing like that, uh– uh– uh–

Voices in crowd

Danielle: No?

Woman 3: Go ahead. Talk to Dad. Talk to Dad.

Jones: Uh, she said she wanted to go what? I didn’t hear it. I missed it, because somebody asked me a question.

Voices in crowd

Danielle: I didn’t.

Voices in crowd

Male 1: (unintelligible beginning) take the mush out of your mouth and say just what you said. What did you say?

Danielle: Dad–

Jones: I’m not indicting you. Uh, everybody’s innocent until proven guilty, but do you admit that you are unfriendly person?

Danielle: Yes, Dad.

Jones: Why do you not speak to me? I’d give my life to you. You don’t do it. You can walk right by with anybody, your mother’ll speak brilliant, brill– beautiful smile, one of the most beautiful radiant smiles, uh, not you.

Male 1: (unintelligible word) why don’t you speak?

Danielle: I don’t have a reason.

Male 4: (unintelligible word) grateful?

Danielle: Yes.

Male 5: Don’t you like being here?

Jones: Well, whether you like being here or not, can’t you be kind? Do you think you’re better than the rest of us?

Danielle: No, Dad.

Marceline: One of the reasons that you don’t speak, probably, is because this is your way of saying, I want your attention, Dad. I’m pouting. (Pause) People that don’t go around speaking to other people are really saying, I want your attention.

Male 6: That goes for peo– people that walk around with long faces all the time, uh, uh, manipulating, is all– is all you’re doing. You’re manipulating some attention–

Jones: We haven’t had– we haven’t had any of this, wanting to go back to USA. We haven’t had much of this. I can’t uh– I– I– I– I– it– it floors me, I talk– I talk to (unintelligible word), and who’s a great brilliant white scientist, and military genius, economist, computer RAND specialist, and he says he cries under a tree that all of beautiful America’s gonna become a wasteland, a desert, there’ll be nothing left standing, ‘cause atomic war is about to happen. What the hell do you think it’s uh, gone do, it’s gonna miss Texas?

Danielle: No. No, I didn’t even say uh, that I wanted to go back.

Jones: Well, what did you say? Where are the witnesses here? I don’t want to be taken up with unnecessary time.

Youlanda: Okay, uh, Danielle said– we was out talking and so then Danielle said, well, uh, if she– she– if she went back, she gonna take (unintelligible word) uh, they still get you (unintelligible word), so then– then Danielle– then Anthony say, y’all bet– y’all better shut up, and so then, the next day, Danielle went– Okay, we had got in an argument with Danielle. Anthony kept saying, I don’t know the words, but– but I was covering her ass, ‘cause I shoulda reported it too.

Jones: (unintelligible word) each other. ‘Cause of– they– they had somebody foolish enough to think they can get back to USA, and try to go through the jungle, like somebody just got lost, not trying to go to USA, for 25 hours, they coulda died, a tiger eaten ‘em up, a tiger passed them, uh, brushed against them, we had 25 hours of nightmare. You people– I– I wouldn’t think you’d like to have us settin’ here, going through that anxiety and pain and worry and fear. And that– and that person was no way trying to go to the United States.

Woman 3: Why would she try to cover Danielle? (Pause) Did you say something you think that– you thought that uh, she might tell on you? I mean, did you encourage her?

Danielle: No. I– I didn’t say nothing about going back to the States.

Jones: Well, tell me why you would say, if I went back to the United States in the first place. Why would you even say that? What would be the reason for the subject? You got all the things to talk about–

Voices in Crowd

Danielle: I don’t know, uh–

Jones: You know, if you’d be more positive, your mother’s came to the jaws of death, save you from cancer.

Male 1: That’s right.

Jones: And she’s sick. (Stumbles over words) She has a lot of problems, so she’s not– not that. But you think you be positive and give her uh, joy, you could help with that?

Danielle: Dad.

Jones: She’s a good woman. A very good woman.

Voices in Crowd

Male 1: And Danielle, you– you– you should– you walk around flighty, you know, you– you– you– you come off like you– you’re too grown to be with some people or you– you act very– you act like you’re too grown most of the time, and– and you should– I’m just giving– you know, suggesting that you stop being so flighty and be a little bit more friendly to more– to more people. And– yeah, and stay young as long as you can.

Crowd: Murmurs of agreement

Woman 4: Danny, you have a nasty attitude. And I don’t know, why you want to go back to Texas.

Danielle: I didn’t say I did.

Voices in Crowd

Jones: You said, if you would go back. I– I– I don’t ever say, if I went back. Only thing I said here to you one night, so some of you people seem to think I enjoy this, I don’t enj– I would, if I could be like people here, could walk out and sit down to a movie, and set in the TV and watch it, but when I– I– I’m sitting every night on the damn radio. I walked out of that radio at what time this morning. Eight o’clock? 8:30?

Male 1: Eight o’clock.

Jones: After all night. Now, I– I can’t– and that’s why I said, I was saying to somebody last night, I– I– I even­– I’d even hate to see people fall in love, because they fall in love, they’ll forget the problems of the greater family. You can see ‘em preoccupied. One of the best person, I said, he’s great– good man, preoccupied because he’s worrying about his love life, worrying about his image. Jesus Christ, what uh, a menace it is. But I cannot ever take any time for myself, I can’t relax from the pressures, I’ve got to give you news. How do you think I felt after all night trying to give that damn news. Had people pass by here, talkin’, just like magpies, just talkin’ like a parrot. Not listening. I only give that news to try to educate people so that they’ll be equipped. If they’re not equipped, if they don’t have knowledge, they won’t be sensitive, they won’t be loyal, we won’t stand together and protect our babies and our seniors from harm. We’ll never be worth a salt of revolution, if we don’t have knowledge. Jesus Christ. But I have to be the one person that’ll stay, and there’re some others, but very few that’ll forget the loves and attachments and all that, burn the midnight oil, and forget recreation and indulgence, and think about– but it’s on my mind all the time, [Jim] McElvane, McElvane. What the hell– That– that goddamn attorney, and get a new attorney, I have to talk and consult the new attorneys [likely Mark Lane and Don Freed], because I don’t trust the one I got [Charles Garry], ‘cause he’s too damned old and he thinks he’s in love. Damned old fool, got him a toupee at 70 years of age, and then he puts in his damn uh, rights, uh, (stumbles over words) lawyer in the street court– courtroom, and I don’t know what the dumb fool said. And tells how he defends his cases and tells how he manipulates the jury, and I– you think he’s gonna represent some of– person of mine going to the court? No. I don’t know what we’re gonna do then, chums, uh, chaps, but if anybody of mine person goes to court, it ain’t gonna be, because that fool is losing a murder trial right now, because he opened up and wrote in a book. He big ego. And he trying to get it up. Every time, I can– I can tell when I call, he’s trying to get it up with his new girlfriend. I can always tell it, because I’ll be damned, he hasn’t got an ounce of sense, and the nasty ass mood and doesn’t think clearly at all. And that’s what troubles you people. You’re not– we oughtna get in this mess, you oughtna be getting this love, because it’s not love, it’s need.

Crowd: That’s right.

Jones: It’s mirroring nece– uh, narcissism, but at least, if you do it, for Christ’s sakes, can’t you lay it down and do your job?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: I don’t ask you to carry all the work here, but feel the burden of this. I want this (unintelligible word) to understand on the tape, too, to be able to recreate it. I want that put on the blackboard. Why can’t we for the moment forget, and remember until every one of our people are safe, forget our own needs. So I’m in a prison, hell. But I don’t talk about going to United States, the only time I mentioned, I said, I would have liked to died in jail. Do you want to die in jail? (Pause) You want to be in jail, where they’ll rape you, attack you, molest you? That’s what I meant. I wanted to die in jail, not take bail, because it’s a capitalist device that only the rich can afford to pay bail and get out and walk on the streets, I’d– I know it wouldn’t’ve achieved anything, but at least I coulda said, here’s one person that does not believe in the system, that will not walk the streets of America, that will not eat its food and pay its taxes, so it can bomb little black children in Rhodesia and burn out villages in Molan– Mozambique. No. I rot in jail. But I had no right to do that because I owe this and everybody else here has the same responsibility, there’s a thousand people– over a thousand people here, and hundreds more that we can give liberty to, make a viable force, and if there was hope – which there isn’t – we could then have them organized to go back or go in this continent and help with other liberation movements, or in Africa. The future is bright if we get our shit together. There’s some young people would care as much as Cleave Swinney who’ll push himself when he was a dead man, carried out here a year ago. You don’t believe in miracles, some of you play that down, you oughta be ashamed, don’t give respect to the office, we carried him out here, he was white as a sheet, and the doctor said, go home and die. We sent him to Trinidad, said there’s nothing can be done, it’s only a matter of weeks. That’s been over a year ago. Working like a dog, going in there, liftin’ a great big thing that he couldn’t get the four Guyanese workers– they– they– it took four of them, he lifted it himself and carried it up the steps. Young people oughta care about these boats, young people oughta care about learning the machine shop, loun– young people oughta care about learning all the uh, phases, the mechanics, and agriculture, but they set back on their ass and talk about le– if I went back to Texas. What time you got to talk about going back to Texas?

Scattered: Right.

Jones: (Speaks quickly) Why don’t you talk– Why don’t you ask– Why did you go up to uh, Di– [Dan] Kutulas ass about bananas, or– or– or Chaikin and ask something about peanuts or Tish [Leroy], who has a fall– full comprehension, or [Jack] Beam of knowing, or Jan [Wilsey] or any of the other farm supervisors, [Jewell James] Simpson, why don’t you try to ask something about how to help make this a community, to help feed us, ‘cause I’m paying for everything that goes in your mouth.

Crowd: That’s right.

Jones: I’m paying when you get sick. And some of you that are heavy, by the way, you eat and waste on that score, and then you end up in that damn hospital. I’ve had several of you. Why are you there? Because you eatin’ too damn much.

Crowd: Right.


Guy Mitchell: I don’t know what the hell you mean that, if you went back to Texas, because you been in Texas and you know all the racial shit that went on in Texas. Do you remember the time when your mother was working up at that doughnut place, and one black man got beat to shit out of him for five cents? For five cents that he– that– uh, a teller cheated him out of five cents, Dad, out of five cents, and he wanted his five cents, and he didn’t argue with the teller, and she called– went outside the door and called the police on him, and they beat the shit out of him, and beat him to the ground, mercifully [mercilessly] for five cents. And you seen it, you were standing right there. And you want to go back to shit like that.

Crowd: Scattered voices

Jones: I’m gone demand– I gone demand people smile here, or we’re gonna make it a Public Service offence.

Crowd: Scattered murmurs of agreement

Jones: You better go home and exercise. I can’t expect you to start it tonight. You been practicing it too long. But your mom and your dad don’t do that. They’ll give you a very civil time of day, no matter how tired. I’m tired of looking at blank stupid faces that think they’re better, or whatever they think, I’m not gonna judge it, but by God, I speak, and if I’m engaged in important conference, somebody passes me, I’ll call out to them, ‘cause I want them to know I care.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: And some of you people just wander by here like, by God, it’s your duty to be nasty.

Crowd: Right.

Woman 5: Won’t you start smiling now?

Woman 6: I’d like to say, it’s quite a contradiction that you could be as interested as you are in black history, probably the best student in the class – Dawn/Don would agree – the best student in the class concerned about black history, and here when it comes down to black people and what’s going on today, you’re nowhere. You have a theoretical understanding of what’s going on, but when it comes down to the practice of your life here in Jonestown, your theory doesn’t fit your practice at all, makes you a theoretical Marxist. You have it in your head, but you haven’t got it in your daily activity.

Jones: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know a few more like that. I remember some theoretical– I was reading the affidavits of what one Jim Cobb did to the white women, bur– beating them down and other women, and saw what the hell they did– he did. He ought– They had it here. Mike Cartmell uh, drive around in these zoot suits, can’t even pay for it, living off– probably end up in jail because they don’t pay their bills. Yeah, I see these theoretical Marxists, theoretical knowledge of black history. You got a knowledge of black history, then you’ll identify with the black seniors here who remember the black history that some of these seniors had or as your dad said, that was beat down. They’re setting right out here.

Scattered: Right.

Jones: There’s Lula Ruben’s out here and all kinds that had white man put a gun on ‘em. You heard their testimony. ‘Cause she– her baby was sick and she didn’t get to work right on the time on the plantation, one minute late, and he pulled a shotgun to blow her and the baby away, but it didn’t happen to go off. By God, I’m sick of tough people talkin’ about all their great intellectual knowledge, and can’t identify with the black people that are right here that went through hell. Hell. People beat down and jailed, you’ve heard them, shot one of our black men, shot down like a dog by the police, shot right without even a warning, shot it– part of his face and his body away. He’s right here. (Pause)

Male 7: I bet you don’t even remember who that was, do you? You remember who that was? He got up about– about two or three meetings– two or three meetings ago, he got up and he gave the whole story.

Crowd: Right.

Male 7: You know who it was? Uh, you weren’t listening, were you, when he got up and talked about it.

Jones: You remember about the black woman that’s here, had her– had to pass by the relatives and while they’d hung one of their loved ones and the K– the white people of the South said if you look, we’ll hang you too. Walk by and l– don’t say a word. Or they were hung by the neck. You remember that? You remember the black woman that was beat down (stumbles over words) on the toilet? In the jail? You know who they are? Can you remember their faces out there? Do you know them?

Danielle: Yes, Dad.

Jones: And a hundred more that were not named, that did not tell their pain.

One voice in crowd: Right, that’s right.

Jones: I– I– I– I don’t want to hear this crap, when people can be nal– talking about the news and could be talking about things that count on helping us, you young people– and many are, coming up some of the best workers, but some of you are walking around here like you don’t know where you belong. Some seniors too.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: Walking around, don’t know– don’t do anything. Just your gripes and your pains. If I meet you, by God, can’t walk an inch till somebody tells me what’s wrong with them. You never tell me what’s right.

Crowd: Right.


Jones: It’s a small minority, but by God, you oughta carry your weight here. People ought to be using their time, because we wasted money and we ought to have guilt, all the money you wasted that we could have the– all the 101 houses that we got now on that map. Where is that map? It oughta be on the wall so people can look at our projection. That isn’t all we got to build, warehouses, Jesus Christ. We got a hundred crates coming in, we gotta have a warehouse built. They gotta work all night to get buildings ready, ‘cause we’re too crowded. We got important things that got to get done. And people could be giving us some help on doing these things, volunteering some time like some other young people do.

Male: I– I just wanted to say one thing, Dad, is that I don’t– I don’t want to hear anybody or see anybody comparing things back in the States to Jonestown about, well, I was never given a chance. I mean, this is just like– just like back in the States. I wasn’t given an opportunity. I mean, people will vamp right down on me, they will do this, they’ll say that, they’ll try to boss me around. I don’t want to hear that crap. I mean that.

Jones: All right. Where is the jury? You know the jury. They’re supposed to have seats up here.

Crowd: Murmurs.

Jones: Okay, good, that’s good. They’re not all there.

Voices in Crowd

Jones: Huh? Jose [Simon] smokin’ meat, the old Indian chief. Why don’t his son [Alvin Simon] set in his place? Is he here?

Reply too soft

Jones: Okay. (Pause) Pain of his speech. You remember the pain in his speech? An Indian, that they won’t even allow to be taught now? Reservations wiped out. All treaties broken. He spoke to his granddaughter, I coulda cried, you could hear it. You couldn’t understand, but you knew what he was saying. White man destroyed our chil– our cities, destroy– I mean, destroyed our country, destroyed everything they touched, and you want to go back? It’s painful to hear him talk in his dialect.

Crowd: That’s right.

Jones: In a language they would even let them talk. It’s against the law in some states for Indians to speak Indian. In United States. Yes it is. Against the law. (Pause) Hmm? (Pause) I– I’d say what to do about it. What do you say happen? The witnesses. What’d the witnesses say happened. It’s a con– cardinal offense here to talk about United States and glorify it.

Anthony Hicks: What should happen to her?

Jones: What did she do? No, I don’t– that’s not your decision.

Anthony: She was talk– She said it– When– when me and Tracy, we was all sitting down with– with our lunchtime, Danielle say, you know, we heard– heard Youlanda was talkin’, she said if she had a chance to go back to the United States, she would go, and if she had a chance to go back to Houston, Texas, she would go to Houston, Texas.

Jones: My God. I never shall forget in that Houston, Texas meeting, we had to walk around to the te– telephone, and I mean the goddamn police stood there and watched us, just wanting an opportunity to blow us away, and I’m doing nothing but talking on a telephone.

Scattered: Right.

Jones: Rioting. There’s nothing but riots in Houston. Nothing but riots. They– That’s again a piece of new I didn’t tell you, I don’t tell you all this stuff– Seventeen– Seventeen Chicanos, Hispanics (snaps fingers) shot by police. They– they fought back, and blacks are now beginning to fight back. But that l– that church, that only building would be to walk out on that goddamn nightmare street, rot all around, drug pushers, dirty, filthy. The only thing that looked decent was a goddamn light in a telephone booth. Nothing so ugly than those goddamn white police. Not a black police, white– All black neighborhood, come in and just stood there, stood there, and one on one corner, another one of the other one, just waiting, just wanting us to do one– wanting us to even frown at them. Anything. I don’t forget that, by God. The last meeting we had in Houston. Where were you, as your dad said, where were you when the black man was beat down for no– wanting his money, his proper money, and he asked for it, and he gets beat by the police, just beat down by the people. (Pause)

Danielle: I didn’t know none of those cops, Dad.

Jones: You don’t?

Danielle: No.

Jones: He said you were there.

Mitchell: You don’t. Your mother haven’t even told you about that. Oh, yes, she has.

Male 8: (unintelligible word) radio say? The radio say.

Low voice

Jones: Yes, I think we should.

Low voices

Jones: You go ahead, sweet. Did the daughter want– the sister want to say?

Young male (likely Keith Newsome): Uh, the man, he– he had– he had bought some and it didn’t work, so he had took it back and uh, the lady cheated him out of fi– uh, it was– it was like, uh, five to ten cents, and uh, he wanted it, and– and she wouldn’t give it to him, and so uh, he said, if you don’t give it to me, I hit you with this belt buckle or something, I guess, and so uh, she started getting scared, then she went outside, got the police, and they started beating him, and they put ‘em all in the car, and Danielle, you were standing right there.

Jones: He needed– he needed– you know how much? Isn’t that something, a black man has to say, I’ll have to hit you with my belt. Uh– What do you suppose he needed, five, ten cents? ‘Cause five or ten cents means a lot of difference to a black person.

Scattered: Right.

Jones: May not mean nothing about you kids, ‘cause you had it easy. But uh, it meant a lot the black people that couldn’t uh– had to pay their bills and put that food on the table.

Marceline: If he’d been white, he wouldna had to–

Jones: He wouldna had to argue.

Marceline: If– if they’da been white, he wouldna had to argue to have gotten it back.

Crowd: Right.

Mitchell: And you ought to appreciate over here, because as many a times as me and your mother had to scuffle, working two jobs, both of us, trying to make it, day and night, hardly seeing one another, and hardly even be having to spend time, well, this is the first time that we’ve been able to spend a little time with you. With all of you. No time in the church, no money, and Dad spent all that money sending all of us over here to freedom. To freedom. And I mean, this is (stretches out word) freedom.

Crowd: That’s right. (applause)

Jones: They came– As you know, this family came from Texas, went to Chicago and saw what it was on their own, and came here. And didn’t I not call you out once through your loved one in San Francisco and healed you of cancer?

Beverly: That’s right, Dad. She was six years old.

Jones: Cancer was in your family, ‘cause we had to uh, heal your mother of it. She’da died of it, she hadna gotten here. Doing fine, doing fine. But our attitudes don’t help her. She had a little infection from the post-operative surgery, but if it hadna been here, it coulda been– she’da died.

One voice: That’s right.

One voice: Thank you, Dad.

Jones: So cancer’s obviously in the family. Well, I– I don’t know. Uh, I– I don’t know. I don’t know how to get it across to people. So let’s just– just make a decision. We oughtna talk all night. We love you, we’ll– we’ve proven that. Jury, decide what– uh, what it is. It’s just a– I don’t– we don’t talk about that. That’s one thing we don’t talk about, going back to racism. That’s like saying we’ll go back and join the murderers.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: When we get our people to freedom, do whatever the hell you damn well please, but don’t talk about that crap in the meantime. (Pause) I mean, our last person to freedom. (Pause) I’m saying to you, sweetheart, I want you to salute, I want you to smile, and you better get used to it, and everybody else here that don’t smile. Now, everybody can smile if they make themselves, no matter how tired they feel. I smile. Right now, I don’t (stumbles over words) I’d have to make it phony, I’m not good at phony smiles, but when I walk by, I smile at you.

Crowd: That’s right.

Jones: And say hi. And I can be sick as a dog, but I say hi. I say, love you, hi, darling, and some–