Tax Package, May 10, 1978

[Editor’s notes: This report was transcribed by Heather Shannon. The editors are grateful for her invaluable assistance.

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B-4 c (11)

TAX PACKAGE [Handwriting: text is circled]
from June [Crym]

[Handwriting: “To Terry Buford” “A copy of this was given to Tish [Leroy]”]

1. Enclosed are W-2’s on Maureen Fitch, Lew Jones, Tom Partak, Jane Mutschmann, Larry Layton’s one at the Security place, and Rochelle Halkman. [Handwriting: “others added at last minute.”]

2. I got a package of completed returns to be mailed, all short forms, yesterday from you; on a few of them the return address is P.O. Box 893, Mission Village. Some of them have W-2’s which have the P.O. Box 893 address on them, so I would assume that those should have the tax return marked P.O. Box 893 also. But there are some which have W-2’s with local addresses yet tax return is marked with the Guyana address. These are: Aaron Hendricks; Darrell Keller, and Laura Johnston. Is it all right to change the tax return address to the San Francisco P.O. box or is there some special reason you are directing these to Guyana? They all get refunds, the highest being Laura, with $562. and $128.

3 . This is to let you know that Nat Swaney and Willle Reed received State Franchise Tax Board extensions of time in which to file their returns, til October 15, 1978. No word on the rest yet.

4. Regarding the long list you sent over requesting “retirement information” referring to pension, csa, and social security income for 1977, many of these people are noncommunal and we do not have a record of who their pensions or csa or whatever were with. The communal ones – well, I found out from Robin that she sent her cards over to Maria [Katsaris] on the people who are overseas; those cards kept track of the checks turned in–but even they werent complete, depending on whether the person turned in the check or even received it. Also. her records were limited and only covered about 6 months; James has the other half but he has the same problem because not everyone received checks each month or even turned them in. Both of them had only record of those checks turned in and recorded.

I am wondering – do you want an official notice from the person’s pension or union or whatever like a w-2 telling how much that person received for the year? If you do, then I will need more info about where to send away for such info. Also, I was thinking you needed this stuff for 1977 taxes, but a lot of these people I am already receiveing returns from you on, already to go in to IRS and FTB [Franchise Tax Board], so I assume there is not the great rush there is on the taxes—even if there is a rush, I need more before I can get what you want. questions,

I am referring to Tish’s long 6 page typed list of names and questions, both front and back filled, starting out with the list of people she wanted extensions on and ending with Peter & Mary Wotherspoon;

B-4 c (12)

from June
page 2

5. I have searched higand low for rest home records here; and so has Betty; I can find nothing on 1977. I have gone through the 8 file cabinets piece by piece, there are just old stuff, NO 1977. Betty has serched her files in accounting office; nothing. We have nowhere else to look. What do you suggest? Do you still need more?

There is one duffel bag going out with this shipment, in whch is a bunch of stuff which Lillie recognized as that which she and Tish worked on last year, also some checks… You will recognize it when you open it. However, it is all old. Nothing for 1977 th at I could see.

Jean Brown will be sending over anything on Lynetta [Jones, Jim Jones’s mother]. (correction, there may be 2 duffel bags after Lillie gets through weighing it -)

B-4 c (13-14): Duplicate of B-4 c (11-12)