Law Office Report 36, June 27, 1978

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B-4 c (72)

[Handwriting: “duplicate copy”]
[Handwriting on duplicate B-4 c (91): “3rd copy”]

Law Office Report #36
June 27, 1978
page 1
from June [Crym]

TAXES – These are a series of problems and work for Tish [Leroy] and Harold, itemized as follows.

1. See law office report #26, April 20, 1978, item 8 (copy attached). I still have not received an answer on this regarding people who were doing attendant care and filing income tax. Any ideas?

2. James Simpson – have received attached notices from Franchise Tax Board re his operating business as Basic Vegetable Products Inc., filing personal income tax for XXXX. – amount due $54.95 for 1974.

3. Please have Don Fitch complete the attached form – attached is copy also of his income tax return which you filled out and which was mailed in.

4. Received several requets for verification of social security #, or spouse’s social security #, see attached. These should be completed and mailed back. Claudia Bouquet; Shanda & Bruce Oliver; Don & Shirley Fields; Joe and Leslie Wilson., Luna Murral.

5. Notice of overpayment on Elihue Dennis’s tax return; refund due of $695.29. Attached is copy of his tax return. They deducted 1974 return which he had not paid. (I am sending you copies of the tax returns in cases like this just in case you may have difficulty finding the copies I already sent you when the tax returns were originally mailed off to IRS & FTB [Franchise Tax Board].

6. Would you please have each of the people for whom I did requests for extension do the attached powers of attorney, and send back to me to keep to hold, in case IRS requests them – [Handwriting: “MUST BE NOTARIZED.”] Nathaniel Swaney (attorney in fact is Laurie B. Efrein); Burger Lee Dean (attorney in fact is Christine Kice); Esther Dillard (attorney in fact is Timothy Clancy); Willie Reed; Carolyn [Layton] Prokes (attorney in fact is Jean F. Brown); Velma Najawandriene Darnes (attorney in fact is Kathryn R. Tropp); Alvaray Satterwhite (attorney in fact is me); Oliver Morgan Jr. (attorney in fact is me); Ben and Cathy Barrett (attorney in fact is me).

7. Barbara Hoyer/Tim Carter taxes – I asked about this one before; Mildred [Terri Buford] said this week she would check and get back. Attached is a copy of an old memo about the original idea on the situation – since there is no apos. corp. follow through, this is out of date but I am including it because it may remind someone there about the original intent of the situation – she wants to know now if she should be sending over periodic deposits for the support of her “family” – she was working over time to make more money for this purpose, bu but why should she if the decision is no on the support payments and tax deductions – she’ll just end up in a higher tax bracket and have to pay more taxes. Some clarification on this would be appreciated; the year is half over and still no answer – this same thing happened last year.
Burger Lee Dean – notice from IRS re 1975 tax return, $299.69 due.

B-4 c (73)

Law Office Report #36
June 27, 1978
page 5
from June [Crym]

8. Another tax problem: For the past 2 years or more, certain people were on attendant care for disabled seniors, including Tenna Turner, Juanita Bogue, Judy Merriam, Andy Silver. Tish and Ed conferred onthe problem of quarterly tax returns for these people, which is required by the State tax; however, no one ever reached a final decision other than not to do anything. Kris K.-wrote it up several times, sent it over, never got an answer. Now I have Judy Merriam’s records given to me by her; Andy was running around trying to find out from Kris and Jinny Cheek how to file his taxes as attendant care til I stopped him and said wait. Kris has said that it is a loophole situation, where if you dont report, they dont know about you. However, looking at Judy’s papers, I wonder. See attached copies. One of the rationales for stalling was that gradually all of the attendants left. But we do have Andy and we do have Judy, who still takes care of Jewel and Viola. How do we resolve this problem?

B-4 c (74): Statement of personal income tax due for James Simpson

B-4 c (75): Earned income credit for Donald K. Fitch

B-4 c (76): Wage and tax statement for Donald K. Fitch

B-4 c (77): Income tax return for Donald K. Fitch

B-4 c (78): IRS verification of social security number or name for Claudia J. Bouquet

B-4 c (79): IRS verification of social security number or name for Shanda M. and Bruce Oliver

B-4 c (80): IRS verification of spouse’s social security number for Donald J. and Shirley A. Fields

B-4 c (81): IRS verification of spouse’s social security number for Joseph L. and Leslie M. Wilson

B-4 c (82): IRS verification of spouse’s social security number for Luna M. Murrall

B-4 c (83): IRS overpayment of taxes for Ellihue Dennis

B-4 c (84-85): Tax return for Ellihue Dennis

B-4 c (86): Wage and tax statement for Ellihue Dennis

B-4 c (87-88): California income tax for Ellihue Dennis

B-4 c (89): Letter from Eugene Chaikin to Maria Katsaris regarding Barbara Hoyer

November 16, 1976

To: Maria Katsaris
From: Gene Chaikin
Subject: Barbara Hoyer
File 1744

It has been approved by the office to set up a special account for Barbara Hoyer to put her check in. The account should be handled by Maria Katsaris. Every month, one half of her net earnings should be paid by check to P. T. as a donation. The rest can be paid to Apostolic Corporation as payment for the room and board and miscellaneous expenses of herself, Tim [Carter], Mike [Carter], and Terry [Carter]. Also paid from this account should be her medical expenses, the medical expenses of the others, and any expenses that she must have for her work such as uniforms, special watch, or whatever. As we work with the situation, there will be other expenses to be paid from the account so that rather paying all of the money after paying P. T. to Apostolic Corporation, there should be some reserve, say $200 or $300 for these other miscellaneous expenses. The account should be set up as Maria Katsaris Managerial Account for Timothy and Barbara Carter.

/s/ Gene Chaikin
Gene Chaikin

B-4 c (90): IRS letter regarding tax owed for Burger L. Dean

B-4 c (91-109): Duplicate of B-4 c (72-90)

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