Law Office Report 40, July 17, 1978

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B-4 d (27)

[Handwriting: “To Terry B. [Buford] or Carolyn L. [Layton]]

Law Office Reprot #40
July 17, 1978
from June [Crym]
page 1

1. Attached is letter we received from broker Bedford is negotiating with on O’Rorke’s house, the product after 2 days of visiting the place and making an appraisal.

[Handwriting: “JG”] 2. Leon Perry’s uniform business license tax – see attached notice from Public Utilities Commission. This notice says “as long as the Highway Contract Carrier Permit remains in your name in active status, the liability for the quarterly fee will continue.” I thought this was all taken care of.. Someone should chec[k] with Andrew, Ronald, and Leon, and maybe Evelyn’s mother

3. Here’s a portfolio summary on [Eugene] Chaikin’s stocks – anything to be done – any profit in cashing in?

4. Here’s another letter sent us by Marietta Davis. Doing nothing on this end about this, just sending for your info in case you never received the copy she directed to Guyana.

[Handwriting: “JG”] 5. Childrens Concession Stand bank account – reported on law office report #35, item 11. As I understand from Mildred [Terri Buford] on the radio, the signators on the account were Neil and the lady with the hairnet. Please have a letter drawn up addressed to Bank of America, Ukiah branch #128, re account # 1283-04573, asking for balance, signed by signators.

6. James and I met today with Pat [Richartz] of Charles’ [Garry] office to discuss possible FOIA on (1) the interference with the radio traffic by unknown “cordinator”; (2) the breaking into of our crates by customs; (3) the surveillance of the mayor from mississippi last year. This to be done in conjunction with Walter’s current work on the IRS audit against Anthony, in which he has been sending monthly letters itemizing harrassment. The first letter itemized the Banks situation. Regarding the FCC inquiry, considering Walter’s previous letter to FCC, c[o]py attached, she suggested first we check with Walter to see if it makes any difference in re FOIA if Tom;s license is in his name, not in P. T. in other words, on whose behalf do we write, Tom as an individual, or Tom working with P.T. She preferred that Tom write as an individual first, aksing about the incident; and that Walter write to FCC as a followup to his 6/29 letter, asking for verification that a file exists and the contents of it, under FOIA. See what we get in response. Re customs search, have Pete write and ask why the Treasury Dept replied to his previous letter saying that any information regarding the incident was exempt from disclosure. See attached previous reply to Pete’s inquiry. Re mississippi mayor [Unita Blackwell Wright], she recommended we contact the lady and ask her to write, saying that she was concerned for herself as well as us. This last one I would not proceed on without verifying first over the radio with Mildred because the lady may have already been approached by us previusly…

[Handwriting: “Note: Debbie B. affidavit, #7”]

B-4 d (28)

Law Office Report #40
July 17, 1978
from June
page 2

7. Debbie B. [Layton Blakey] affidavit – attached is affidavit, reported by Dr. Dr. Bedford as told to him by LA member to have been passed out in a CR meeting by Dr. White last week. This is only part of the packet; Marthat may be sending the full packet – Tom was xeroxing it and put it under her door and she is gone to Pete’s place right now – we dont know if she will get back in time for reports. The rest of the packet consists of the Examiner article with her picture, Yolanda [Yulanda] Crawford’s old affidavit from the CR petition, and stuff that was attached to the Cobb and the Katsaris suit as exhibits, the pass out material that CR puts out. The affidavit of Debbie is the new stuff, and I am sending you [Handwriting: “3”] copies.

8. See attached report from Kris Kice re attendant care situation, which I tried to report on last time but didnt have enough details. This deals with the question of whether these people who were attendants last year for senior citizens, should claim this as income and reportable for their income tax. Kris has sent this over before, more than once; we have never received any kind of an answer on it. The only people remaining here now who were attendants are Andy, Kris, and Judy Merriam.

9. Serena Hunt – unfortunately Kris Kice was supposed to visit her yesterday so I could put in a report on her condition; she forgot, and forgot also today. From her last visit, which was several months ago, she remembers that Serena is incontenent, she is totally senile and never recognizes Kris or anyone from here that visits here instead things they are people from her past. She gets hysterical and would be very difficult to handle at the airport.

10. Also attached to this report are excerpts from a publication which came around my office today, regarding nonprofit corps and tax questions; a brief examination of it looked like we might find it useful. I am sending you 2, I will keep 1 here for Martha and myself to look at later. It covers unrelated business income; IRS regulatory developments re churches; and a long comment by the senior partner in my office corporate directors’ responsibilities.

B-4 d (29)

Law Office Report #40
July 17, 1978
from June
page 3

11. Lola will be sending a write-up on Rosanna [Roseana] Dickerson: this is the legal back-up to it. Rosanna is legal guardian of Yolanda (over there), Amanda, Jezoss [Jeross] and Masadine [Brown]. Masadine stays with her natural dad in LA now. Jeross and Amanda bear the brunt of Rosanna’s temper, which is terrible with children, and she still beats them as she always did. Most of it is due to the fact that she is elderly, short of temper, and really shouldnt have to put up with these livewire kids who would do so well in a different environment. Up til now we have always been told, not to send them over, to keep them back, and at one time I was told to get legal official court permission to take them from the state. I questioned that because it would involve approaching their dad, who has not been friendly, and to whom Masadine gossips, for another consent. Also, I do not understand, and I am not the only one, why this particular case has to have official permission when others never did. Guardianship is getting to be like a divorce these days; its better when theyre not divorced because there’s no court order to worry about re visitation. Likewise, if there’s no guardianship, then the person haveing custody is freer to move around, ie Dolores Wilson who was cleared to go this week with an unrelated child.

At this point, I was told over the radio t[o] wait.

Now it has been discovered that these children’s stepmother has molested Amanda, on numerous occasions, and this past month Rosanna was diagnosed by a doctor as needing rest, he even recommended she be admitted for psychiatric observation, voluntary admittance. The 2 children have been temporarily placed elsewhere [Handwriting: “(by us)”] from her for her own peace of mind and theirs as well; since she was going to return them to their stepmom and natural dad while she went into the psychiatric hospital. I believe she is not now going into the hospital but instead resting without them around. The decision to be made is, can these children and their grandmother go over, and do we have to fool around trying to get official court permission or can they just go? If we do get court permission, it wont be Charles who will do it because he just wont do that sort of thing; we would have to get an outside attorney to do it. That might not be so difficult, Clarence Wilridge has been helpful, but it will take more time and money. The guardianship is of the person and estate, which means that sooner or later an accounting will have to be filed on the estate; but there is no estate since no welfare benefits were ever collected by Rosanna. Chaikin is no longer attorney of record.

B-4 d (30-32): Duplicates of B-4 d (27-29)

B-4 d (33-34): Letter to Jim McElvane from Fred Johnson re: Temple property sale

B-4 d (35): Letter requesting rate fund fees to Leon Perry from the Public Utilities Commission

B-4 d (36): Client statement for Eugene Chaikin from Shearson Hayden Stone Inc.

B-4 d (37): Letter from Marietta F. Davis regarding child support due from Robert Davis

B-4 d (38): Report from Christine Kice to Terry Buford regarding taxes

Following is the report sent over by Kris Kice way back before Terry went overseas this last time. It is still relevant and summarizes the situation. Attached to this and copies of outline of who and how much and how long is involved. Flo 7/18/78

To: Terry
From: Chris Kice
Re: Taxes

7-10 people were employed thru the social service dept as ‘chore service providers’ working for 14 seniors at 1029 Geary. The provider is paid by social service & no taxes taken out of the monthly check. The provider is responsible to quarterly pay taxes on a ‘self-employed’ status. Failing to do so, involves a penalty.

Some of the cases started in Sept. ’76 others were added later, the last two cases started May ’77. Only Lois Breidenbach working for Virginia Taylor made over $500.00 in ‘76 and a tax form was submitted for her by Harold Cordell in Jan. ’77.

Tish had all the info. to pay the taxes in March ‘77. Originally she said she knew the law, the taxes could be paid yearly. Later, she said all the info. had been sent over. Finally, she gave me the folders & said she was leaving, turning it over to Harold. I consulted Chaikin a few months ago about this, he felt that perhaps we could avoid paying taxes for seniors who had left.

In some cases, the senior (recipient) & the provider have left. In other cases, the senior is gone but the provider is still here & presently working from the other seniors still here. The five active cases are:

Judy Merriam working for Eddie Jewel Runnels
Lois Breidenbach working for Ruby Johnson: Armella Tardy formerly worked for Ruby, left in Aug.
Teena Turner working for Lavana James: Magdaleen Lyles formerly worked for her, left in Aug.
Andy Silvers working for Joe Helle: Ray Jones formerly worked, left in June
Judy Merriam working for Viola Gadshalk [Godshalk]; Juanita Bogue formerly worked, left in Aug.

In the cases of Lois, Judy & Teena, they also formerly worked for seniors who have left.

Worked for Mae E. Griffith, left Aug.
Lois (Rocki) [Breidenbach]: worked for Virginia Taylor, left Aug.
Teena: Worked for Irene Mason & Love Life Lowe, both left in Aug.

The above dates “left in ___” are 1977.

B-4 d (39-59): Handwritten pages of names of clients and attendants, dates and monetary amounts

B-4 d (60): Note to Terry Buford or Carolyn Layton from June regarding excerpts from a tax publication

To Terry Buford or Carolyn Layton

These are excerpts from a publication which has been circulating around my office this week – very relevant to questions re nonprofit corps, unrelated business income, taxation of churches, etc.

I am sending 2 sets; 1 set will remain here for our reference.

from June 7/18/78

B-4 d (61-99): Excerpts from 1978 Tax Exempt Organizations Conference [B-4 d (90-91) are written on two different pages]