Beauties of Guyana

[Editor’s note: Likely in an effort to save paper, Temple members often used the reverse side of old documents. That is the case here, and the reverse side of the single page of this note was not transcribed.]


[Handwritten name at top of page: “Hue F. [Fortson]”]

For: Radio Room QSO

From: Tom Grubbs

Re: Beauties of Guyana


White shell beaches lined with friendly nodding palm trees.

Placid rivers like the Jungle Boat Ride at Disneyland.

Topical palms lining the roads passing rice, sugar and cocoanut plantations.

Tropical flowering trees laced together with findings. Orchids and other flowering plants grow high in the trees.

Peoples friendly, pleasant faces unaligned by cares and pressures, eyes unclouded by worries.

Georgetown’s boulevards along the sides of park-like Walkways passing beneath their laden with tropical flowers.

Beautifully sustained 18th and 19th century archetecture.

The world’s largest all wood construction cathedral.

The Majestic Kaieteuer Falls, where the Potaro River leaps from the Pakaraima Plateau to cascade 828 feet, 5 times as high as Niagara Falls.

The tremendous [illegible word] of Marty waterfalls against the twittering tranquility of jungle birds.

Mildly cool, clear evenings alive with fireflies, the croaking of frogs, night birds and the distant roar of the baboons (howler monkeys).

Air so clear that on full moon nights one can read a book in the middle of a field with no artificial light.

The rhythmic dances of large banana leaves performing to unheard music carried on gentle breezes.

Fluffy cumulus clouds framed sharply by the clear blue sky.

Splendid painted sunsets untained by air pollution.

Air so richly oxygenated it is almost crisp.

Starburst sparkling crisply through clean, clear atmosphere.

Splendid painted sunsets untainted by air pollution.

The splendor of fresh washed rainbows arching over fresh rinsed green earth.

Swarms of swirling, sweeping swallows performing their sweet dinnertime cries [illegible word]

Simple, honest, friendly people whose lives have not taught them to distrust.

Cheerful calls from native Indians gliding on the timeless river in [illegible word] canoes.

Snowy white egrets standing silent sentinel duty on tree limbs overhanging the [illegible word] rivers.

Following the fireflies down a country road past a cottage from which the melody of Qatar accompanies a voice sending its lyrical philosophy to the stars.


G-1-g-33b [Reverse side of G-1-g-33a, not transcribed]