Soviet Films

[Editor’s note: Several of the meetings between representatives of the Temple and the Soviet Embassy included conversations about Russian-language feature films and documentaries which might be of interest to the residents of Jonestown. While undated and unattributed, the list below likely represents those films in the Soviet Embassy which were available for viewing.]


  1. “Invitation to creativity”
  2. “Artist Ilya Glazounov”
  3. “This is Siberia”
  4. “A tale about the communist”
  5. “On the frontline of struggle for peace”
  6. “Science and technology in the USSR”
  7. “Nikolai Rerich”
  8. “Inspiration”
  9. “The voice of free Angola”
  10. “The berth [birth] of a volcano”
  11. “The Soviet theater today”
  12. “The congress of creators”
  13. “Beware of maoism”
  14. “Young tecknicians”
  15. “The heroic deed of the whole people”
  16. “Artek”
  17. “Comrade woman”
  18. “Deputies of a city Soviet”
  19. “One can speak incessantly”
  20. “Knowledge to the people”
  21. “The flight which became a legend”
  22. “The circle of friendship”
  23. “The dew of Russia”
  24. “How we rest”
  25. “The fire for peace, ideals of communism”
  26. “Trith and lies”
  27. “The Red Square”
  28. “The singing city”
  29. “The talent of the Russian soil”
  30. “The pre-school education in the USSR”
  31. “The wings of the Land of Soviets”
  32. “With V.I. Lenin in heart”
  33. “Three monologues”
  34. “The stories of Soviet five-year plans”
  35. “The path equal to centuries”
  36. “The wooden architecture of Siberia”
  37. “Around the Soviet Union” N N
  38. “Witle love in heart”
  39. “We study in Moscow”
  40. “The course is the ocean”
  41. “The girls of the whole world”
  42. “Aviation on service of agriculture”
  43. “The Antarctic, a white magnet”
  44. “The people of great courage”
  45. “An unusual faculty”
  46. “19 cosmic years”
  47. “The legendary Presnia”
  48. “The step of Russia”
  49. “The ship of science”
  50. “The industry of the Russian Federation in the Xth 5-year plan”
  51. “The story of social assistance”
  52. “The steel main roads”