Possible Areas for Relocation of Peoples Temple in the Soviet Union

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MEDITARENIAN [Mediterranean] CLIMATES: East Coast of Black Sea, extending somewhat into Georgia on the Caspean [Caspian] Sea. Some of the area has heavy rainfall, over 60 inches along the east coast area. The area is fairly heavily inhabited, 125-150 per square mile in some areas, and 60 to 125 in others. Armenia and Georgia have the only areas that are described as “mediterraneian” [Mediterranean] climate.

There are other areas which are dry, irrigated and they grow rice and cotton. One of these is in the Azerbaydzhna SSR between the Casbean and the Black Sea. The other is in the Uzbek SSR and the Kazakh SSR generally Southwest of the Sea of Aral. These are low areas, 2000 feet or below, which is good for the seniors. They must have a long warm period because the growing seasons for cotton and rice usually stretch over 120 days. However they are “continental” in the sense that they are inland and the claimant is not modified by a large Body of water, therefor we can anticipate that the days in the warm season will be very hot and the winters will be fairly cold. [Footnote at bottom of page: “I imagine that they can be fairly windy at times”] However the heat and cold will be dry because it is a semi desert area. The largest city in the area is TASHKENT which is a very large, modern city, quite new and with a highly heveloped light industry. Historically these areas were controlled by the mongols over a period of many centuries, originally by the “holden horde” and then later when they broke up into separate “Khanates remained independent nations till being conquered at last by the russians in the 19th century. Originally they were Moslem (still exist some temples and other historical artifacts) but by now must be a pretty heterogenious population. This area is just to the North of the Afghanistan Border. They are just north of the eastward tip of the Hymilayan mountains (the further extension being the Pamirs. [Footnote at bottom of page: “to 24,950’”] The latitude is in the vicinity of [illegible handwritten insertion] degrees N. (about that of Fresno, Cal. Bakersfield, [handwritten insertion “Redding”] CA. I wouldn’t be surprised if the area is in many ways, including climate something like Bakersfield were cotton and rice area also raised by irrigation. It may be somewhat colder in the winter because there is no northern mountain protection from the North winds coming off of the Steppe in the winder – but is is likely as food as we will find there. Annual rainfall under 10 inches. medium pop on ave 25-60/ sq.mi. Veg desert shrub/short grass [Footnote at bottom of page: “where there is a little more water – to 29” there is grass and some grazing. Most of the irrigated areas are along two rivers that flow from the mountains in the south, north into the Sea of Aral. One is called the Yaxarter ofr Syr Dar’ya, the other the Amu Dar-ya, if I can make out the Map.]

Political evaluation;

I think that they will much rather see us in the Tashkent area then on the Black Sea near the Iranian border, or in Armenia. The armenians have always been independent and I doubt that they are still much trusted, and the Iranian border is quite sensative.

I do think that it would be good if a party of us could go and look when we get into serious negotiation, or maybe before, but we should look in the winter because that is when it will be at its worst. Maybe we could swing something for February?

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15 Republics, ten divided into oblasts (regions), krays (territories), Autonomous SSRs or Autonomous Territories. In the Russian Federative SSR some of the Oblasts and Krays are further divided into Autonomous Oblasts And Nationality Okrugs (districts)

Tashkent is right on the border of the Kazakh SSR and the Uzbek SSR. Languages all belong to the Turkic group. Lots of Russian slavs settled now in the Dar’ya river valley. Airfields at Tashkent, nearby Chiumkent.  The next major airport rt the NG Map is about 500 mi north. I have been about 500 miles due south, on the other side of the mountains in the city of Peshawar, Pak.  Tashkent is actually in a somewhat hilly area that is full of major streams and rivers coming down from the nearby mountains.


Armenian area has permitted the influx of over 200,000 aremnians fro other parts of the world, including USA, in recent years.

There is also railroad throughout the area of Uzbek SSR ajd Kazakh Ussr connecting the Caspian Sea and Caucassian area on the West, Russia to the North and Connecting on the east with the trans Siberian RR by way of Alma Ata to Novosibirsk. There are parallel auto roads, however there is also a RR line across the desert connecting Gur’yev on the N of the Caspian with Nukus and then Bukhara in Uzbek SSR. There appears to be a large desert that it crosses.

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For decision re Children of parents that are not formally married.

“Single parent ” births.

Deception as to marriage.

Marrigage to others.

Embassy will require a marriage cert and passports for Gloria and Tims child. Gloria has Malcoms [Malcolm’s] birth certificate. It has neither body prints not [nor] photo. Simplymakes reference to the names and nationalities of theparents, and a notation of when and where born, and sex, andrefers to the signature, qualification and residence of the informant. eg.g “as per information paper signed by P. Farinha, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.”

She is thinking of marriage and reregistering the birth of the child as having been done here, and ignoring the first certifivcate.