Misc. Notes


[Editor’s note: This is a rush order for insecticides, placed by Jonestown resident Russell Moten, on May 22, 1978, and apparently fulfilled on June 18, 1978. The order was sent to Georgetown, and – because her name is at the head of the memo – likely was forwarded to Paula Adams. Some of the notations are unclear, but the order apparently included the following]

5 cases Basudin 40 or Diazinon
2-55 gal drums Aldrin
5 cases of litre bot[tles of] Anthio (or one 55 gal drum)
10 gal dr. Chlordane
4 cases of 1-55 gal dr. Folithon
5 cases Dithana
2-55 gal. dr. Triona

These insecticides are critical to is in rainy season. Yet all that you can and the rest can be put thr [through?] the states. See if any available thru P.R. [Peoples Republic] Korea? or USSR? If these will be coming in, or if they have comparable. What is Cuba doing?


We are organizing to send quite a few people to this event. The day after, November 6, there is a reception at the Soviet Embassy which 4 people are invited to attend. If there are any particular instructions or messages, please let us know.

Jean [Brown]

(P. S. Noel is also working on getting a Halloween party together for our children and some Soviet children, if he can swing it. His average is not too good, but the idea is nice.)

GG-1-O2 [Copy of flyer announcing Friendship Rally and Concert with Soviet musicians on November 5, 1978, at the Jack Tar Hotel in San Francisco]

GG-1-P1 [Russian alphabet and corresponding letters in English alphabet]

GG-1-P2 [Several phonetic Russian phrases]

GG-1-Q [Xerox photocopy of flyer for Soviet bookstore]

GG-1-R [Postcard sent from Russia to Jean Brown at San Francisco Peoples Temple; text illegible]